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Anyone up for a round of the crying game?

Kelly Martin is actually a tranny.

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Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.
A failed attempt at getting the tranny to become an EDiot.

Scott Charles Goehring (transsexually, Kelly Lynn Martin), now Kelly Kinkade, is a long time denizen of Usenet going back to the early 1990s, and a perennial source of drama on Wikipedia. Kelly's a MTF tranny too. Whenever a sensitive situation needs to be dealt with calmly, this darlin' is the one you send to blow it up into a massive drama bomb.

Who is this lady of the night?

Kelly is the founder of the anti-Scientology, anti-Jewess-Barbara-Schwarz Usenet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology, the leader of the anti-Scientology clique that migrated from alt.religion.scientology to TOW when TOW still belonged to Bomis, and the one who lets his artificial vulva be penetrated by Rebecco. At first glance, one might assume that this pair of bureaucratic fucks do not belong in this article, due to being female, but as it turns out, this is not the case. Ambi/Rebecca controls the transsexual articles and edits them so much, some have argued that s/he is really a shemale. Oh, and it turned out he-she-it is! Both Rebecca and Kelly Martin are transsexual, and both were apparently born with male equipment, making them prime candidates for inclusion. This infamous pair of abusive admins have long had a strong influence in Wikipedia's internet court, both having been arbitrators, and both with access to the Mediawiki checkuser function. has discovered that Kelly Martin's birth name was a different, male one and contains a picture proving the sex change. [1] He-she-it also started a lulz-inducing dramafest by deleting a large number of userboxes in early January. In August, Kelly turned his userpage into begging page [2], since h/she was too poor to attend Wikimania.

Kelly Martin is a rape victim!?

On his blog, Kelly states he-she-it is a rape victim [3]. Inquiring minds must know: Was this before or after the sex change? If it was before, did it turn him into wanna-be girl? If it was after, was the guy actually fooled into thinking Kelly was born a woman?


Back before Kelly changed his name from male to female, he founded alt.religion.scientology and was even interviewed by wired magazine; see Wikipedia's alt.religion.scientology article. His anti-$cientology buddies that migrated to TOW are Tony Sidaway and David Gerard both of which are to a degree transsexual like Kelly. It is unknown if Kelly participates in the Project Chanology IRL protests.

Ding, dong, the witch is dead

Kelly Martin, the bureaucratic fuck, got tied up by bureaucratic fucks! S/HE'S GONE1!!1![4] Strangely however, Wikitruth has flushed all articles referencing him. zOMG drama! Shortly after the deletions by Wikitruth, Kelly Martin blogged about what s/he refers to as "the decline and fall of Wikipedia civilization". [5] (mirrored here). And if you think any of this is funny, Fuck you. Just fuck you

Further humiliation

At the beginning of December, despite saying he-she-it had left Wikipedia for good, Kelly nominated himself-herself-itself for the ArbCom election. Needless to say, the Wikipedia community showed him-her-it exactly what they thought of him-her-it. [6]

Since not being welcomed by the main cabal anymore, Kelly has taken to jumping into requests from new users to become administrators and making asinine reasons to oppose. Then from afar on his-her-it blog, he-she-it writes scathing catty blog entries making fun of Wikipedia - and usually right!

Even if he-she-it is a catty unpredictable power-hungry maledog-bitch, at least Kelly hates SlimVirgin!

Further further humiliation: Kelly Martin RFA II, in 3D

As the last hours of September passed Kelly managed to drag "three fools" out of the Wikipedia-en-admins IRC channel to nominate him for sysops. Unfortunately for Kelly, one of the fools was Danny, and like always, his touch was the kiss of death. He was even forsaken by long time cronies David Gerard and Tony Sidaway, who never even bothered to show up, probably because they couldn't drag themselves away from their bi-porn to support him/her/it. As time apparently does not heal all wounds, and his-her-its RFA was promptly flooded with enough opposes to sink it within a single day, a speed usually reserved for clueless noobs or trolls, so fast that Giano and Geogre barely even made it in time. Whoa! The vultures at the Wikipedia Review, expecting a "foodfight of biblical proportions," instead had to settle for a mere windfall of lulzy "oppose" votes. Even SlimVirgin exited hibernation to tell Martin that nobody likes him. Walton One says "I very rarely oppose RfAs, but I think that this candidate would do an astonishing amount of damage to the project." Giano weighed in with "just the normal attention seeking behaviour that we are all...used to" And finally one straight out of Aladdin from one of Grace Note's Brisbane buddies:

Smite. Oh my gods, User:Kelly Martin sounds like a villain, once deposed as the Grand Vizier, coming back to claim their title and their throne, feigning change but staying exactly the same. Geez, some of these diffs could really be compiled into a villain song for Wikipedia: The Musical, possibly titled "You Seething Idiots"; his comments are so poetically uncivil they should be collated into a handbook on How to Be Dastardly: The Elegant Way.... great entertainment, but no. No tools for you.


DEVS EX MACINA 00:25, 1 October 2007 (UTC)

Miltopia tried to reopen the RFA for his favorite girl, but it was sadly not meant to be. Once the Grand Vizier of the Wiki, Kelly now found that his former allies who had once kowtowed to him every whim (Baleet all Userboxes etc.) were no longer quite so loyal. Long time Kelly-hater Mailer Diablo was there to deliver the coup de grâce.

Over my dead body. Will definitely go Sideways with mop, I can confirm that and add three years' warranty to my statement, or your money-back guaranteed. Candidate is one of the most Machiavellian editor I have ever seen in the whole of this encyclopedia. As the instigator of the Userbox Wars back in 2005, he is responsible for all the subsequent WikiDrama that followed, and the irreversible damage and brokenness of the Deletion and Requests for Adminship process and the trust in the Arbitration process being destroyed before my very eyes and being turned into a circus. Wonder why you have the political correctness of !vote and the mantra Adminship is not a vote!? This is the reason. Also has proven to have an extensive history of Cabalism in the admin IRC channel, still remains on such form of communications and very likely to continue. Giano's issue is only simply mere the tip of the iceberg. To hand the mop over and expect it not to be used like a RPG-29 within the fragile walls of the encyclopedia would surely be a joke. Not forgetting the continuous hostility, incivility and combativeness against other editors who are helping to write and build encyclopedia and seeking to drive them out. To promote him as adminship would not just allow him to just proverbially climb the Reichstag, it would be signing your way into the Dark Ages, which must be prevented at all costs!


Mailer Diablo 12:48, 1 October 2007 (UTC)

So in conclusion, karma bitch!!!111

Irony of his image

Despite Kelly being born a man and still looking a bit like a man, there's over 9,000 diesel dykes with extremely short hair that look more masculine and less hot than he does. Basically, if you're a lesbian and you look less like a woman than Kelly Martin, something is wrong with you.



  • Kelly Martin, Scott Goehring, Firefoot (Warrant), Ford Prefect, NotACow, Non-cow, & Karynn.


Open editing may be a good way to start an encyclopedia, but I am starting to think that it is not a good way to finish one.



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