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  • To any employers of KATINA FEHR: She has regular bitchfits over those other wolf drawing artists. They are ALL copying her! She has sent numerous fan raids to war against these artists, publicly bashing and humiliating them. She has also copyrighted the color red and the wolf, so be careful when using either. Oh, and be sure to tell her where to stick it


lol, Katina

Newsflash! It has been discovered that "Kay" is only a "cleverly" devised pseudonym. After ordering a copy of one of the cheapass comics to see it for himself, Joystiq noticed a return address to the name "Katina Fehrs". Posing as a fan he emailed her regarding this. She responded to him:

Hi Kevin!

Im glad that you picked up a copy of the BBA issue #1 and enjoyed it! Erin and I really appreciate the support. :) In answer your query, that name is my birthname, and what I go by "offline." Kay is a pen-name of sorts that I developed when I first started posting on the internet. Though, I'd appreciate it if you kept that on the down-lo if you know what I mean ;)




Nice try, Kay (or shall we say Katina). You've discovered that you can run, but you cannot hide from the all-knowing anonymous! Google searches have unfortunately turned up 1 result...so far.

The wolfaboo herself

I'd like to introduce you all to our new site artist, some of you may be familier with her work and I'm sure you must have seen it dotted around various sites. So please help me in a warm welcome to Kay Fedewa , the creator of the comic The BlackBlood Alliance. Kay came to me asking to contribute art to Feralis and who could say no? Kay has said she is looking forwards to working with us here at Feralis and I'm sure we will lots of quality art from her soon.

Thank you for writing and have a happy holiday!


Tyrant (site owner of Feralis.net)

Cancel that, Feralis has a new owner and Kay = fired lol. And who else would buy it but Estuko, admin of Poopsticks?

Katina Fehr is a crazy Balto obsessed wolfaboo who is notorious for her epic webcomic, "BLACKBLOOD ALLIANCE": the pulse-pounding, thrilling, legendary tale of a bunch of wolves that stand around and talk a lot. For variety, they can also enter the infanticidal RAGE MODE!!1! which makes them dark.

Katina, a college dropout, refuses to regard critiques as anything more than cheap shots at her perfect masterpieces. Though Portal of Evil users have honestly tried to tell her why she is a lolcow AND have offered step-by-step instructions on how not to fail at life, she and the friends who fellate her shE-penis have disregarded all offers of help.

P.S. Her email address is [email protected] But you didn't read it from us.

Despite Blackblood Alliance's fail levels, it would have just been one more bad webcomic if not for Tal-pass Portaxx's epic "redub" of the comic. This parody has made the comic At least 100 times more popular, and Katina has no right to be mad because any redeeming features of the comic (coloring, backgrounds, effects) are done by other people, but she carries an intense grudge towards Portaxx anyway.

Deviantart didn't read this artical

Kay... WTF!?

Is there just too much going on in that thick head of yours? LISTEN TO THEM!
Secret moderator board files, courtesy of the Proboards Glitch of 2008.

Well, we're all pretty much aware of the stick up Katina's ass, but seriously, WTF. Apparently hoards of furfags on her Webcomic forum have been complaining about the "management" (ie, her Moderators) being a bunch of stuck-up, biased, faggots. Hell, it's not that surprising to see that the very people she would appoint to run the show would be complete jackasses.

What is surprising is that half of her fanbase has absolutely no idea how she leaves a complete tyranny of moderators to babysit and antagonize her precious fandom.

Someone's getting fired.

General Lulz


I wish people would STOP making internet drama out of nothing. Just leave me the fuck alone if you decide that Im evil (which, 99.9% of the people who decide that, dont know me and have serious issues with themselves to work out). It's not hard. You randomly want to hate a random person on a random art site who draws a random comic about dogs, YOU are the one who is fucked up alright, so the least you can do is leave that person alone and stop bothering them with your hate comments and mail.


—Katina - her journal BALEETED

This moral imperative comes from a person who admits to siccing her fans on other people in the past, and who attacked a website by posting a thread on her forum. The topic had pictures of herself and several friends, drunk as fuck and apparently discussing rape, which were made into "ads" for Wajas. The forum also filtered "Wajas" to "Poopsticks". Talk about mature! There are a few screenshots of her ads on down below. The forum still filters Wajas to Poopsticks. OH, WAIT. Katina done changed it back! She won't let you talk about wajas on the forum though. She'll just lock the topic and ban you. Oh, Kat! Seems like we've got ourselves a little dictator here, dudn't it? She can't stand competition.

Katina can't stand it when drama comes to her, but boy does she love sending it to other people! see here

She also likes to attack anyone she sees as encroaching on her territory. Victims on Furcadia include: Selucilia and Estuko, who both allegedly had a "similar drawing style," and MiaSarah/Massacre, also a huge fag, (along with everyone who plays on the "game" Furcadia) who had a red wolf character. Apparently she owns the copyright to canines and the color red, and every comic done about dogs/wolves is somehow copying her style and storyline. Clifford's been stealing from Bloodspill for years!


As if her shitty comic wasn't enough, she's now making action figures! OH LAWD I can't wait to get mine! Rumor has it a Bloodspill dildo is coming soon.

After 7chan did a run of lolling about her art, she posted a severely butt-hurt journal BALEETED, stating that she should be left alone, she did not care about getting 5,363 assnosing faves and artshit, and that everyone was terrible for saying she is a bad person. Loyal dog-worshiping fantards left 300+ comments accusing the haters of meanness, lack of lives, and jealousy, because clearly anyone who thinks Balto recolors are a waste of time must be a talentless hack with no friends.

Moar Butthurt

Recently Katina sent Tal-pass Portaxx this message at her deviant art account:

Hey guys (Im just going to address everyone since Tral is going to put this on her little POE forum)

Someone copied and pasted your "crit" post to me through PM. I didn't read alot of it, though I feel I can still respond.

I'm going to be briefer than you because I just don't have that amount of time on my hands.

Thanks for your "concern," but I feel you need to stop obsessing over it.

I would probably have done more than briefly skimmed the first 2 paragraphs of your letter if your had come to me as a friend or someone who genuinely cared in the first place. Obviously your "concern" is false because you felt compelled to make it a public issue by posting it on POE rather than sending me a private letter. This reveals that your "crit" of my work is merely a ploy to get yourself some attention with your POE readers and is not genuine at all. Because of this, I will not be reading it.

You have done nothing but continually disrespect me, first with your parody, secondly when I contacted you directly with a simple and nicely worded request to not use my copyrighted images (i would rather you just redraw the whole thing). You didn't have the guts to respond to me. Instead, you post my private note to you in her joke-forum with attemps at witty or biting public responses (so that you can gain public support for your opinion) and so you disrespect me a third time.

Tral, I'm done giving a shit about anything you say. Im honestly beyond reading anything you write, and as far as taking it seriously - well, that's out of the question. I leveled with you and came to you as an adult, but you couldn't even give me real response. Everything just gets turned into a mocking post for your forum-goers. If you want to be a clown, Tral, then be one. But don't expect anyone around you to take you seriously at your whim.

Also, for someone who finds my work a complete failure, you're giving it an awful lot of attention. If it's a complete mess, it really shouldn't be worth your time....right? Just let me struggle with my own mess and problems, then, and find something else to do. Maybe something productive? You seem very confident that you could do my and Erin's job 500% better. But.. you didn't. You just make cheap parodies, and post amateur-ish drawings in your DA worthy of the same type of mockery that you provide to the Dog Head Girls.

Thanks for the attempt at (whatever you were attempting to do with that letter) but like my comic doesn't deserve your time and attention, you don't deserve mine.



—Katina - Portaxx's journal

Wow, what a self-important bitch! If she'd actually read the thing instead of just going TL;DR (mostly because Portaxx wrote it; she probably reads fan fiction that is over a hundred times longer) she might be able to improve her shit and one day learn to shake off the strong aura of fail that surrounds her. Even Marcus the hedgehog Figured out how much he failed after ebaum's world owned him, perhaps Kay needs even more encouragement than him to be an hero.

Katina is also widely known to have a co-conspirator in the 'plz go flame all the haeters lyke now' business. Esda06 (Real name: Erin Siegel).

Not a furry, you guys!

Katina is not a furry! Only her fans are! Of course, that dosen't stop her from memorizing Disney movies or wishing her dogs could talk!

“I have always been interested in canine behavior,” she says. “I thought, ‘They seem so human. What if they could talk?”


—Katina is fucking insane

The Ashley Incident

Oh, the irony.

To further prove Katina's butthurt and her tendency to sic her fans on people is a journal made by another wolf-artist, Ashley Foy. In it, Ashley stated that she was sick of seeing other wolf-artists being flamed for presumably ripping off Kay's BBA characters. Despite the fact that what she says is truth, Kay naturally got butthurt over the entry and sent her rabid fans to flame the hell out of it, as well as insulting the artist herself.

A few quotes from Fehr and her ass-kissing fanatics regarding the journal:

Maybe you should stop trying to take more credit then your mediocre artwork deserves by feigning originality that isn’t there. I see plenty of heavily referenced pictures originating from other artists, drawn by a young teenager who see less about growing as an artist and learning the fundamentals of drawing, and more concerned with attention whoring and screaming defensively at those who would dare accuse her of concept theft.


Ultranic-Comics being a hypocrite.

Maybe instead of being so back biting and defensive, you should learn the meaning of humbling yourself and learn from this experience while you still have a sliver of artistical merit left.


—Ultranic again, apparently defending yourself against Kay is OMGBAD but when Kay does it it's awwwight.

As untrue things i mean "she wants to copyright red color!" or "she wants to copyright huge wolves" or "she wants to copyright mohawk" or "She does not care about ESDA, she does not credit her!". And Ashley seemed to agree with them and even push the anti-Kay flamers flame more by her comments... I don't know did Ashley herself notice that, but becose she did that with two or three different persons, i think she knew what she did.


HalfmoonCharm, didn't read this article.

Get your fucking facts straight before you start a flame-war journal against me. Maybe it didnt start that way, but it fucking turned into one and you know it. The day you can provide proof that I "love it when fans attack other wolf artists" and I "hate other wolf comics" and "tries to steal all credit from ESDA" and "copyrighting Red/transparent bubbles/mohawked/red/wolves" and the other horseshit that's made up and been posted here, is the day I won't say shit back. Until then you'd best leave my name alone and stop trying to smear my reputation with lies, unless you want to see me come by and leave a nice response for you.


—Katina (we got your proof, and it's right here).

she did that to you

we should get rid of this bitch being a two faced i hate her

you told her real good


—Wolfkisser, (moar like "Asskisser", amirite?.

The journal comments themselves are full of drama and lulz, and these are only a select few. Just goes to show you how retarded her fans really are.

Hypocritical Irony

So we all know Katina hates her work butchered, satired and critiqued, she'll launch into rabid tirades and run rampant with threats of lawlsuits if anyone takes her work and replaces text. What you might not know is she allows her friends to do the same to her comic, but seeing how they're full of unfunny and stupid it's ok by her. Doing such counts as a game, thus it is good natured and fun. Most of their "remixes" center around rape or sex (as usual for unfunny 16 year old girls) and are vastly inferior to the PoE parodies.

BBA remix gallery

Portax Parody About missing Pics

Katina Supports ripping?

Katina supports theft?

And if that isn't enough Katina seems to accept photo rips as gift art. [1] [2] [3]. What is that? photos found on google?

people work hard on her gift art!

Hell! even Re-draws of her work and characters are welcome, [4] [5] [6] even using her own art is welcome![7]

Kay likes twlightracers mad skills!

Free for all

how to flatter Kay

Well it seems our hero Katina here has let down the defenses and now allows anyone to butcher, trace, referance and recolor her work. The Best part is, you don't have to give any credit oh yeh but you can't make money off of them. Don't believe this? Just ask {[8]] [[9]]SUCH a shame though, we were getting used to wars over the ownership of red and gray wolves, at least we know we can make Oh well, lets see that comic about KillSpill and Swiftblood fight aginst giant bears while using Kay art.

how delightful!


On July 15th, 2007, Katina Fehr made an account on ED as ThinMint in an attempt to vandalize this article. EDiots were quick on their feet, reverting every edit she made to her article and to other articles. After receiving the banhammer, she came into #ED to ask that the images on this page be removed, displaying a surprising impatience and condescension for someone who claimed to come as a humble supplicant for mercy. Because there were no true sysops around, the Arbchat had to be held in #ed, and was mediated by Pokchu and BURK. The transcript can be found here.


Quoted from here:

The author is one of only a few who are creating a new genre of graphic novels featuring animals as major characters. Fedewa says only “Pride of Baghdad” about a pride of lions that escapes the Baghdad Zoo during the Iraq War, is similar in concept. "There are no graphic novels that tell the plight of animals," she says.



Actually, I was


—Kay Fedewa, replying to the outrageous claim that she wasn't the first person ever who made a wolf comic

THAT'S RIGHT EVERYONE hers is the FIRST COMIC that feature animals as major characters and show them in a sympathetic light!!!!!!!!

Because Kay created the first animal comic EVAR, she has been soooo nice as to create a website for what she's calling "feral comics" (ignoring the fact that that's the gayest fucking term in the world). And, of course, Kay slapped an image from her own comic right at the top of the site's layout (which just happens to be a minimally edited freebie).

The site lists only web comics created by furries in MS Paint, so don't expect to find anything with writing quality above a 13 year old's Balto fan fic.

Animal/Wolf/Dog Comics/books/movies/and so on that never existed!

  • We3
  • Wolf's Rain
  • Princess Mononoke
  • Ratha's Creature
  • Ginga Legend Weed
  • Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
  • Shiroi senshi Yamato
  • Byakuren no Fang
  • Kacchu no senshi Gamu
  • Blacksad
  • Buckles
  • Top Dog
  • The Fox and the Hound
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Pink Panther
  • Under Dog
  • All Dogs go to Heaven
  • Clifford
  • Garfield
  • Thunder Cats
  • Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron
  • Franklin
  • Little Bear
  • Duke the Super Action Dog
  • An American Tail
  • Sam and Max
  • The Angriest Dog in the World
  • Rantanplan
  • Spot the Dog
  • Black Beauty
  • Donkey Kong
  • Red Wolf
  • Paddington Bear
  • Oliver and Company
  • Secret of NIMH
  • Julie of the Wolves
  • Tail Spin
  • Pokemon
  • Snoopy
  • Heathcliff
  • Marmaduke
  • Rocko's Modern Life
  • Redwall
  • Tom & Jerry
  • Balto
  • Arashi No Yoru Ni
  • The Lion King
  • Usagi Yojimbo
  • Land Before Time
  • Howard the Duck
  • Wishbone
  • Watership Down
  • The Bernstein Bears
  • Plague Dogs
  • Warriors
  • The Silver Brumby
  • Babar
  • 101 Dalmatians
  • Felidae
  • Black Beauty
  • Kimba the white lion
  • Fire Bringer
  • The Sight
  • White Fang
  • Duncton Wood
  • The Call of the Wild
  • Peter Cotten-tail
  • The Animals of Farthing Wood
  • The Jungle Book
  • Massugu ni Ikou
  • Okami
  • Twilight Princess
  • Bolt
  • Off-White

BBA the animation!

As if we couldn't get enough of BBA, Katina has her fans chip in to create an animated counterpart. [10] now even the illiterate can enjoy BBA (for the fifteen minutes worth of plot of course). Soon it will be a majestic production that will rival even the most celebrated Disney films, if Disney films were crude, shaky, unfinished pencil animation with voice-overs mumbled quietly into crappy computer microphones, that is.

But all is not lost guys! Kay's seemed to realize that her fucktarded comic (if you would even call it that) isn't going anywhere! This is bad news for the animators, their version of Jesus H Christ has gone back to dwell in her basement, safe from the impending lulz of the 'netz, ...or so she thinks.

BBA The Online Game


Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any better, there's apparently going to be a BBA online game!!!11!1. Now your desu-dog can be part of the BBA universe!! Katina's been holding out on everyone for two years, but now she needs help beta testing the game because her programmers suck. Who know's what other crazy ideas she'll come up with to try and take over the world.

Kay at Stardock

Kay has recently been hired at Stardock, a game development company in Michigan. PROOF: http://forums.elementalgame.com/367610/page/2

Domesticated Fox Owner

She is also one of the first to adopt a domesticated fox from Russia, and has a page about domesticated foxes. She also used to have a YouTube channel about her pet fox, but from this you can understand the fact that she is able to spend over $8000 to get a pet fox.

Fanart to Kathleen Fedewa

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