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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
KawaiiKittee88's original character, Mighty Tiger, who has the powers of changing her skin color and getting fucked by Leonardo the Ninja Turtle.
This is what KawaiiKittee88 sees when she watches TMNT

KawaiiKittee88 is an Autistic, who makes nothing but stupid avatars on DA and has an original character [1]. She also has this crazy idea of Leonardo, of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame, making her original character, Mighty Tiger, teen pregnant, but this is biologically impossible as Leonardo is a reptile and Mighty Tiger is not real. Realizing this, she can automatically teleport herself straight into her Autism wonderland where she doesn't have Autism, everyone is a furfag, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gangbang Mighty Tiger everyday.


Being a weeaboo, she, of course, draws every single one of her drawings anime style. Most of her pictures involve Pucca, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles having sex with her original character, Mighty Tiger, or some other animu shit. She has also created thousands DA avatars, that all fucking look the same. She uses bright colors to hide the fact that all her art is shit. Of course, when she's not making avatars, she is usually drawing sex scenes featuring the members of the TMNT.

KawaiiKittee88's favorite ninja turtle


The DeviantARTlet discovers ED! Oh Noes!

In the mystical land of DeviantART, KawaiiKittee88 is treated like a fucking god. She has a legion of asshat followers, the size of which rivals that of Tori Sue Heck's.

She was practically unnoticed until she decided to take a trip over to Encyclopedia Dramatica and fuck with some lulzy articles. Doing so enraged Anonymous, so he decided to stop by her ED account and troll the fuck out of her.

Once he had trolled her enough, she did what all little tartlets do - bitched about it in her journal and like flies to shit, her asslickers immediately jumped to her defense and told her things like:

She blocked me and hid my comment because I laugh at An Heros. omg so sad gais why ;_;

The rest of the comments can be found here.


One of KawaiiKittee88's friends vows revenge against ED
Hi everyone. For the past 2 days, a friend of mine from DA was being harassed by 2 guys who were eventually banned from this site. Just because she had been drawing furry drawings, doesn't mean that people should say "Furfag Yiff in Hell" so many times. And also, the same friend happens to have a disability, doesn't mean that one person should say, "The disabled screw up the world".

I never told anyone here on DA before because I didn't want anyone to know much about my life. But, I am disabled, but still act normal like any other person. I was born with Autism. I'm very intelligent and I have been in early intervention when I was little. I'm not severely Autistic or anything, I'm just at a spectrum were I'm actually like any normal day person. With alot of talent.

Now, let me continue. Some of you may heard of this so-called website "Encyclopedia Dramatica" (ED), right? Well, that's where these 2 banned members came from. I tried to do some investigating on the web and I found out that they like to say awful stuff about other people from DA and other places. The site was like Wikipedia, and they had information about DA, but in the wrong way, mocking it. Also, saying nasty things about each member of DA.

I strongly wanted to edit and delete pages of Deviants that were said hurtful and rude about them. I wasn't able to not as a member, so I had no choice but to sign up to that website. I was able to delete one entire page of what they said about pikichu and a recently banned deviant. Making it successful, until then, it was all suddenly posted back on! And then I got BANNED from editing. Making it a 'Blanking Process'. I was trying to stop these guys, but I guess I couldn't.

Then I got an awful email on Yahoo! from this jerkwad from ED with the username of Anonymous saying to me:

(Warning this conversation with this person contains mature content)

Anonymous: Nice try fuckfag. You probably didn't kno this but, Vandalism is Pointless. It's too bad I don't know your DevianTART account, bcuz you would so get raeped right now.

Me: Yeah? I hope someday you'll reget for what you said to all the innocent members of DA, you worthless Nazi. That website has Adolf Hiltler written all over it! Bow to your fuerer! Hiel to him! I don't even give a FUCK what you say about me from Deviantart on that piece of shit site of your's!! By the way, have a nice fucktarded life.

I betcha it's really fun talking about other people's lives that you don't even know what their lives really are outside of DA! The real TRUTH! Someday when you get older, you'll finally realize all the wrongs you have done, and then one day you'll commit a massive suicide or never forgive yourself or do heavy sets of illegal drugs or alcoholism.

Get my point?

Don't you ever....EVER email here EVER again!

I'm threw with you and I'm threw with this SHIT!

Anonymous: *cracks knuckles* god, that felt good.

Alrighty now, 3 points:

1. You're right, it is fun.

2. NO U

3. Now that i do know your DevianTART account, you just wait, your time isa coming, ya RETARD!!1oneoneone! This is for u, cuntface!! njoy!


(*EDIT* The word "penis" was repeatedly said over and over)

And this is what happened. I tried to be a hero. But, I still succeeded 'cause that guy will be getting a taste of his own medicine. And by the way, they said a few nasty things about me on ED of you want to take a look: link

Or Better yet, this is what they actually said:

KawaiiKittee88 on DevianTART (Tart...?? -_-)

An Autistic, who makes nothing but stupid avatars on DA, she also has original character. She also has this crazy idea of Leonardo, of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame, making her original character, Mighty Tiger, teen pregnant, but this is biologically impossible as Leonardo is a reptile and Might Tiger is not real, but of course since she has realized this, she can automatically teleport herself straight into her Autism wonderland, where she doesn't have Autism, everyone is a furfag and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gangbang Mighty Tiger everyday.

That there is not me!! The real me is what you see! I wish that website was BANNED from the Internet so that they can leave us the HELL alone!

Actually, I'm thinking of making that my Xmas wish! lol XD



Living with Autism

How KawaiiKittee88 gets to her Autism world

As KawaiiKittee88 has previously stated, she has Autism. This disorder causes her to walk straight into walls without her even noticing. It has also given her the power to teleport herself to her very own wonderland any time she gets depressed, talks, reads a book, or does anything else that involves thinking. She takes many pills to counteract these bouts of Autism; she fails to realize that drugs are not always the cure. The only known cure for Autism is a good smack in the back of the head and being told to pay attention; this also works on ADD.

Since KawaiiKittee88 has Autism, she wishes to be treated equally, but when she is treated equally, in the sense of being made fun of as any other person would be, she wants to be treated as special and not be picked on because she has Autism, or that her artwork sucks, or that she's a bitch.

Knights in Shining Armor

it was never brought


While KawaiiKittee88 was crying in the corner after being trolled, it seems that a certain tartlet decided to step out of the shadows and defend her; too bad it failed, and that certain TARTlet's name is NewNatenobate. Once he had discovered the trolling that Anonymous had given her, he vowed everlasting revenge against him. It started with this comment:

NewNatenobate- "i feel like finding this guy and wooping his ass!"

Which led Anonymous to reply with:

Anonymous- "bring it bitch"

Sadly, nothing was brought, until NewNatenobate decided to send a note to Anonymous's newest DeviantART account, in which he repeated himself over and over again.

NewNatenobate likes to repeat himself

NewNatenobate's Journal

It now seems that this faggot has been trolled to the point where he has now created a journal, where he tells the world that he has received butthurt and has some choice words for us "Trolls"

NewNatenobate, the Pimple-Faced Knight

I have become Spammed, Flamed and Trolled the past few days. I will not Tolerate such behavior. Here's from me to all you trolls out there.

Just don't use a computer ever again

Does this sound like the life of a troll to you? I can do it to. Say what you want about me but stay away from my friends You trolls have close to zero knowledge of a damn thing you say. Or do you have close to a zero intelligence level? Get off dA! The world already has George Bush and Kim Jong Ill. We don't need you trolls to add to it. People use the internet to escape the problems of the everyday so stop giving us problems for our relaxation time. If I want to hear from an Ass hole I would break wind.

NewNatenobate has many disabiwities

I do believe I have made my point. . . . . . For now.


It seems that The No.1 DevianTART Vigilante is also getting involved in the drama, probably because he hasn't been made fun of in a while or people haven't been paying enough attention to him. So then, it's only a matter of time before he starts to bitch about Freedom of Speech, e-law, or some other gay shit in his journal.

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