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Breakingnews.gif Breaking news!
Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous has been formally indicted for Steubenville school hack and making false statement to authorities.
Deric Lostutter.jpg
He thinks of himself as the Justin Bieber of Anonymous,
but that's untrue, he is way gayer

Claim to E-fame: Steubenville, Ohio


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: OpRollRedRoll.

(Allegedly) BatCat IRL.
Now you can donate to support white knight faggotry.

Ever since a of bunch of testosterone-fueled football niggers in Steubenville, OH decided to rape the shit out of some drunk-ass party girl, KYAnonymous (aka Deric Lostutter) has fame-fagged his way into the limelight by doing interviews with anyone who will listen to his stupid fucking story about how he has single-handedly brought attention to a 16 year-old rape enthusiast. For whatever fucking reason, this "OP" was nicknamed #OpRollRedRoll. We think #OpRaepAllTheBitches or even #OpSteubenville would've been a better choice, but logic doesn't exist inside the "idea" that is Anonymous. It is also a known fact that KY quietly sidestepped into the Steubenville drama after being punked by nachash and got scared into winding #OpAntibully down.

Hey Bro, Do Me a Solid?

As most AnonFags do, the second the authorities asked who was responsible for the "rollredroll" website hack, he immediately turned over his "bro" Twitter-favicon.png BatCat, who despite being crippled by being a ginger with the gayest fucking nickname on earth, reportedly remains at large. BatCat has been accused of going the same fame-fagging route of his "friend" as a result by sharing info with the media.

After this series of events was said to occur, an alleged IRL photo of BatCat was posted by a Twitter-favicon.png sock account of Twitter-favicon.png NextSecOfficial (SUSPENDED) along with his supposed dox. Shortly after this, BatCat suddenly decided to "out himself" on his own Twitter by confirming his identity as 22-year-old Noah McHugh from Virginia Beach, VA, and uploading several photos purporting to be of him.

Rumors began to fly around that he was a temp for the DOD, ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) but he denies this, and was more likely to have just been playing paintball with his fellow Virginian friends. Public information shows nothing more than a history of computer engineering, which would explain his ability to hack the fansite, even though he claims that he gained access to it by guessing the answer to the "forgot password" security question. After unconfirmed reports surfaced about his arrest over the website hack, he abandoned his Twitter account and has been hiding from the media shitstorm ever since.

Project #KnightSec

For an extra bonus, Deric the wigger faggot started a group dedicated to White Knighting named #KnightSec indicating that he's not only heroic, but was going to put his expertise as a professional "IT Contractor" who claims to specialize in online security and pen-testing to good use by handling his crew's OpSec.

Unfortunately, it would become apparent that super-faggot numero uno, Deric Lostutter, can't even CSIII as he openly did interviews from his personal cell phone, logged into IRC without being bothered by minimal protection a VPN would offer and sent noods of his baby dick to any anonwhore feigning even the slightest degree of interest. The one old cop had little trouble finding and "raiding" Deric and his equally retarded brother who reportedly answered the door with a double-sided dildo hanging out of his ass.

Deric Lostutter - Champion of Women's Rights and Rapist

Everyone knows, that deep down, inside of every white knight, is a misogynistic asshole just waiting to cum out. Deric is no different as illustrated by his belief that "the only acceptable form of abortion, is swallowing", which he was kind enough to demonstrate.

Deric Lostutter Swallows.gif
Deric Lostutter Swallows.gif
Deric Lostutter Swallows.gif
Deric Lostutter Swallows.gif

I lost my virginity with his hand over my mouth, telling me it wouldn’t always hurt like this, but to let him finish and I would be ok. I said yes, but when I said no, he pushed down harder and ignored anyone my struggles to remove him.


Miss Piper Von Fingerbang

Deric also enjoys BDSM and rape. He raped a 15 year old when he was 20. This is from his EX:

I know a lot of you have seen me going back and forth being upset and posting absolutely insane rants at points, and a lot of you have heard me telling stories about my infamous ex, drunkenly ranting about him in my room on occasion, telling you to “Know your Heroes” and all these things. But now I feel I owe you an explanation. 

I lost my virginity at 15, to a man named Deric Lostutter. That name sound familiar to you? You may also know him as KYAnonymous, the so called member of anonymous who brought much publicity to the steubenville rape case and was then raided by the FBI and blown up by the press for being some saviour for rape vicitims everywhere. Brad Pitt’s movie studio supposedly bought the rights to make a movie about his story in Rolling Stone, he was in esquire, all over the internet, and all that would be so utterly interesting to me if he wasn’t a total fraud.

I lost my virginity with his hand over my mouth, telling me it wouldn’t always hurt like this, but to let him finish and I would be ok. I said yes, but when I said no, he pushed down harder and ignored anyone my struggles to remove him. Some may say that was rape. Some may say I asked for it, especially because I dated him for another two years and continued to fall back into old habits with him for nearly seven years after that, But I know that no matter how you classify that, the things he did were wrong. For two years he could call me up, bend me over and send me on my way any time he wanted. He introduced me to the BDSM world and became my Dom, and I his Sub, and eventual slave, (titles and all, not that I was allowed to talk about it, mind you.) at 15 years old. He cheated on me with no less than 14 different girls,  some younger, some older, and I am sure there are more that I never even knew about.

he is a scum bag. I have heard and witnessed so many things that he has done to other women over the years. Disgusting things. And I have kept silent for so long, getting a snide comment in here or there where I could.

But yesterday, after posting one of my usual pointed arguments about his flip flopping on political and social view, and his manipulation of his “fans” he retaliated. He sent his family and friends to harass me, insult me my child my family, threatened very pointedly to expose my cam site to the public, and when I didn’t back down, he followed through. 

on his public facebook page, with nearly 6,000 followers, he posted my full real name, alone with my camming twitter, and a message to his followers to go defend him. Unfortunately for me, though he deleted that post, it was shared across facebook and also screen shot and posted on twitter.

thankfully I did not get the trolls I expected, and I have had so many people defending me, supporting me, and it has lead me to come to this conclusion. I am done hiding what he did to me.

The man is disgusting. And he may never actually pay for his crimes by the laws standards, But I am tired of hiding the things he did to me, and other girls have started coming forward as well telling me stories of the things he did to them as well.

I also want to apologize to all of you. I keep you in the dark about a lot of my personal life. and I am very private about so many things. But I’m done disappearing. I’m done hiding and I’m really done living my life in fear of what the world will think of me. So please help me spread the word. Know your heroes. this man is a fraud, an abuser, and a liar, and though you can commend his public actions, he should be stopped from leaching off the fame of a rape victim any longer and put back into his place of shame.

below are a couple articles about him, on BOTH sides, so you don’t think I’m just trying to make you believe I’m a victim. I am not a victim. I have an incredible life and I have grown so much since all the things he did to me. But I also think you all can see the truth as I do.

this is the rolling stone Article from the height of his fame:

This is an article by Don Carpenter, a Journalist who has been posting the other side of things since this all started (though deric fervently tries to refute despite his lawyers warnings to lay low):

I really hope you all support me, and help spread the word about this man. And thank you all for being there for me through a lot of this, even if you didn’t know it was going on.

KY Anonymous shows his respect for women

How to become the new leader of Anonymoose

Wigger Defense Fund
Master photoshop artist

Basically, if you go the route Deric Lostutter A.K.A. KY Anonymous went, you do absolutely NOTHING to help anyone, in any way, yourself excluded of course. Pretty much, just say, "Fuck this shit, where's Anderson Cooper. I can't hack or troll a motherfucking thing, but I can definitely dox this 16 year-old rape bait for teh E-fame" then do just that. While any, and all, responsible adults know that minor's court records are sealed for a reason, Deric Lostutter said "fuck all that noise, I'ma drop those dox, after recording this phat track about my hard-ass life living in suburban Kentucky" and he did. Like all legit leaders of Anonymous, he was all about taking undue credit and at some point took credit for hacking the football niggers' high-school website. Albeit he should've been V& for dropping the rape bait's dox, it was the hack he had no part of that earned him a trip in the party van.

No worries though, because even though he faces absolutely no charges whatsoever, he's raked in more than $47,000 (which will of course be spent on weed, more horrific tattoos, shitty whiskey and a new piece of shit Mac for making the phat beats) under the guise of a "defense fund" handled by the WDL or Wigger Defense League. Regardless of the claim that his beaner lawyer is going to represent him "pro bono", the beaner-jew indeed needs yer Jew gold to defend the impending imaginary trial. Despite his claims on Twitter-favicon.png VinceintheBay and Twitter-favicon.png RustleRadio that the $500,000.00 goal was a "typo", it has yet to be "corrected" and we're confident, never will.

Apparently, it's also necessary to have outside interests and this particular individual's favorite outside interest besides dox'ing minors and spitting weak fire, is fishing. Let it be known he's quite the fucking angler.

Also, Derick is a self-professed "IT Professional/Penetration Tester", so, after he finishes up being "penetration tested" by Kentucky's finest criminal elements, feel free to hire him, as it's clear his operational security skills are only rivaled by an idiot eleven year old.

How to parlay your E-Fame into a non-existent rap career

In da studio.
200 followers from 300 lol tomorrow all that shit will change. Blame bootleg liquor for my bravery. #kyprobZ


It goes without saying that no good deed goes uncompensated. I mean, who the fuck does shit out of the goodness of their heart?!? Therefore, Deric Lostutter decided to take his incredibly original "hip-hop" persona, "Shadow", public after being politely asked to have a look at his computer by the one old cop with a search warrant in his town, which Lostutter, in true Anonfag style, refers to as a "raid".

I'll spare the readers sense of self-worth, and ED's good name, by NOT linking to any of his so-called "Rap Videos". I mean, there's no 40's, grillz, tits or ass in a single video... Just some skinny redneck faggot and a group of dudes awaiting to gangbang him watching his "purdy mouth" spit weak fire on the mic.

How to parlay a failed rap career into an E-detective agency

Lostutter has opened a business[1] where he offers to spy on cheating lovers, help with forensic data analysis (read: he will get his friends to do the work while spending your money on weed), and fix broken phone screens. An enterprising anon (or butthurt Steubenville football fan) has set up a site dedicated to exposing Deric as an unlicensed private investigator, which is apparently a crime in Kentucky or something, and his threats to rape a woman and her kid, along with stabbing her in the face. Those dumb enough to hire this white trash wigger can expect to get threats from him if the client complains, and a plagiarized course on "ethical hacking".

Last Thursday, Deric discovered this article, and decided to claim that ED is full of malware and advising his tens of followers to avoid ED (especially this particular article) ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive).

KYAnonymous versus Encyclopedia Dramatica

As often happens when fame whores Google their own name a lot, Lostutter discovered this article. Instead of taking it like a man, Lostutter decided to claim on both Twitter and Facebook that ED has viruses, and that all his followers should avoid this site, and especially this article ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive). When courageous EDiots went to KYJelly's Facebook page to correct him, he deleted their comments and blocked them from his page. Some "anti-censorship" activist.

The word spread across the web like wildfire, and the Twitterverse is ArchiveToday-favicon.pngstill alight with ArchiveToday-favicon.pngmany people poking fun at Lostutter for ArchiveToday-favicon.pnghis faggotry, including BBQs and many shoops. Our own dear androgynous IRC queen is now involved, so expect lulz.

KY's near death experience at the hands of The Rustle League


As we all know by now, the internet is srs bsns and KY found this out all-too-well on June 10, 2013. After having his mom, Twitter-favicon.png TheRealRoseanne told by Twitter-favicon.png Dantalion_ that his father was funnier, his mom quickly put out her joint and sadly ragequit RLR. Shortly thereafter, in retaliation for Danny sullying his mother's good name, KY reportedly had BTR DDOS'd. While CNY struggled to take control of the console, Internet superhero Danny swooped in to save the day to return the show to the path it had been set for: Complete butthurt autist rage from KY. Danny, being the fair and balanced host he is, gave KY an opportunity to speak, which he immediately fucked up by opening his mouth and saying even MOAR of the gayest shit anyone had ever heard. He was promptly muted by Danny and after a mere 30 seconds on mute ragequit the fucking show like a little bitch. Between the episodes on Friday and Saturday night, resulting in being called a faggot for the 9000th time, KY's big heart and big head, shit all over the inside of his body resulting in a near death experience at the hands of a vicious fucking anxiety attack. Cum on guise... no pics, or interviews right now, anxiety's srs bsns.

Currently hospitilized for possible large panic attack. Severe chest pain. Will update. No interviews please.


B33fin' with Twitter-favicon.png BLCKMSSH

KY owes this man $30,000.

Sadly,KY lost a bet he made to fellow ED member Twitter-favicon.png BLCKMSSH for $30K stating that he would beat him in a rap battle. Unfortunately, Deric's band of fan-boy faggots DDOS'd BTR so that Deric wouldn't have to lose the $30K he "worked so hard for", which resulted in Black Messiah teaming up with Twitter-favicon.png sequel to drop a diss track on Lostutter and his band of White Knighting autists.

The diss track is now a collector's item as Deric threatened to tell on NC to the feds as Deric's a butthurt little bitch.

Furthermore, Deric Ironically threatened to rape Twitter-favicon.png _r3dn3ck's mother on Rustle League Radio the same night he ragequit before rap-battling the Messiah.

Making Anxiety Pay the Bills

Sorry I havnt updated much. Meds have me sick. Will post update later. Thanks.


—converting pity points

Defense fund almost to 33k! you all rock! My lawyer updated the page with a statement regarding the fund! Go read!


—into currency

Maybe i should go kick it in iceland with #assange #snowden #jesus and #tupac


—money well spent

After being confronted on Twitter by some mean people who confronted him with some simple truths regarding his idiocy, and therefore, guilt, Deric's anxiety increased, leading to another (alleged) trip to the hospital. Because the Internet is already supporting him, Deric realized that there was no reason to sell his "cool" motorcycle or his PS2, and instead decided to beg for more jewgold to see a specialist to help him with his anxieties.

After visiting the local specialist (read: massage parlor) and relieving some anxieties (read: busting a nut) thanks to all the donations from aspies on social media, Deric realized that online anxiety attacks, do, in fact, pay.

2015 - 2016 UPDATE

In 2015, Deric managed a record 721 "fund raisers" (read as: Begging for your jewgold so he doesn't have to work at another Taco Bell) Being autistic, but not qualifying for government aid because being a product of inbreeding doesn't get him food stamps, Deric decided that ANY reason to beg the Internet for money, was a good reason to beg for money. After raising over 9000 shekels using such "reasons" as "getting scabies from his cat", Deric figured out that there were indeed people on the internet who were dumber than he is, and would give him money for pretty much no reason at all. After marrying a stripper who clearly had no mental issues or STDs, Deric went to court, and versus a heroin addicted dumpster dweller, he somehow managed to show the court that he should permanently lose custody of his stepchild. The court was happy to oblige, as Deric cannot support himself, let alone a hell spawn. Deric did beg for, and raise the $47 it would have taken to file another dozen lulzy photocopies of poorly MS-painted "documents" to further support his claims of incompetence, but the judge told him to keep his shekels and let the junkie keep the kid.

Professional E-grifter


Deric Attempts to Breed

In 2015, Deric's one living sperm somehow made its way up his stripper wife's polluted birth canal, and fertilized her scrambled egg. Deric, ever the intrepid fund raiser, immediately took to social media to capitalize on his new development, and his cadre of mongoloids on Facebook quickly bought him enough Walmart baby garbage to fill the 8'x 8' room Deric set aside in his rented tract house he'd reserved for his tiny new cash cow. But alas, it was not to be. The fetus, being smarter than the sum of the breeders that created it, decided that it couldn't possibly live in the same world as Deric, and promptly self aborted, leaving Deric with only limited fund raisers ("pity us", "burial", etc) and a whole shitpile of dead baby stuff he's probably trying to sell on Craig's List to further fund his habitual, chronic unemployment.

KY "Anonymous" Now Logging: You

Deric's website, has now enabled Java and is logging IP addresses. This is part of his new legal strategy, "If you can't beat the Feds, then join them!"

He claims his site is logging because of "repeated DDOS attacks", but since Deric the security consultant actually has no idea what a DDOS attack actually is, we should assume he is simple forwarding the info to the same fat donut-chomping cop that raided him in the first place.

Lack of Legal Knowledge

Do I smell a lolsuit?
Those glasses make him look so sophisticated.

Deric seems to think that because he wasn't read his rights when the party van came that his constitutional rights were somehow as violated as his sweet young anus will be in prison.

Clearly, that is why he didn't invoke his 5th Amendment right to not incriminate himself, and instead wrote a complete confession on the back of a Dunkin Donuts napkin, instead, thus adding even more fail to his already miserable narrative.

In 2016, Deric, running out reasons to beg for money, and having failed at even lowly camwhoring, given his 2" cock turned him into a laughingstock yet again, in all his wisdom decided that LOLAWFARE would keep him from living under the bridge he so richly deserves. He has taken upon himself to follow in the footsteps of lolcow Sue Basko, and is basically attempting in his ass backward, inbred hillbilly way, to sue-sue-sudio everybody on the internet that's ever been mean to him. Unable to afford even photocopies, he's taken to blogging, mostly illiterately, about how his miserable failure of a life is everyone else's fault but his, and begging for yet more shekels with which to file more hilarious Internet TRO's at people that just laugh and ignore him, fueling even more ED updates at his expense.

DDOS'ing ALL the things

With Deric's newfound wealth, in addition to pretending to donate money to the FreeAnons wepay and sending a WHOPPING $20 to Hig's wepay, Deric bought access to a HF skid-booter and has been using it to inconvenience the admin of any site running anything negative, yet truthful, about himself or his pot-loving lawyer.

Deric Will Burn Your Fucking House Down

Deric had his Twitter-favicon.png KYAnonymous account permanently suspended for threatening to burn down the house of ihazcandy. He would have most likely made an explosive using the cow shit in the front yard of his rural Kentucky home.

Media Failure

The most important thing in Deric's life is being famous, and that thirst for attention is what motivates everything he does. Despite the fact that he attacks institutionalized rape within a small community, fights against the scourge of bullying, and gives off the aura of a complete twink moralfaggot anon, those in the media don't give a single solitary fuck about anything he does. Instead, the media is in love with weev, someone who openly makes racist comments on social networking, flaunts his drug use, and is famous for exposing a security flaw which released the private information of millions of people.

Weev can now be found doing interviews on CNBC talking about his new hedge fund, while Deric sits on Twitter with his thumb in his ass getting tarred and feathered every time he makes a comment. In spite of this, Deric's rap career will forever be confined to a soundcloud account and 60 hits on youtube.

The Rise and Fail of KYAnonymous Tl;dr

(See also: butthurt, failure, famefag, v&)

Pride goeth Before the Fail, er, Fall.


A Synopsis for the tl;dr Crowd: In which we see how no preparation, complete lack of understanding of operational security, and generally being an arrogant dumbass leads to an individual getting vanned for things that he likely may not have even done.

The Beginning of The End, Before it Even Begins: Our intrepid an hero creates the "KYAnonymous" Twitter account, (naming the state that he lives in, which is always a great first step in maintaining anonymity) but leaves his geo-location turned ON, then posts his location, repeatedly, and also creates and links his new Twitter account to a shiny new Facebook page of the same name.

A General Listing of What Deric Did After Being Dropped On His Head, Repeatedly, At Birth, As "KY Anonymous" and In The Aftermath:

  • KY crowd-sourced information and posted it without research or vetting said information, in a rush to keep momentum (and his Twitter Follower count) high and his need for Ritalin, low.
  • Decided that doxing an underage rape victim was somehow a good idea, likely fueled by a dozen Bud Light Lime brewskis and a Pam Anderson calendar from 2004.
  • Went in to public IRC chats without using a TOR, on his home wi-fi. (This seemed like a good idea at the time, because see #4, below.)
  • Realizes that he does not understand how TOR works, and asks ChannelZeroYT to help install a simple .exe file. (Our hero learns, at this point, how to "double click" a mouse.)
  • Never bothers with a VPN. Because, why bother when you're Anonymous?
  • Tells everyone how "secure" he is by copypasta from security blogs that he doesn't understand because they weren't written by Lil' Wayne.
  • Goes on CNN after hurriedly buying an "Anonymous" flag from eBay and forgetting to iron it, (or throw it in a clothes dryer, because in Kentucky they do have those yet. Also, indoor plumbing.) Then blathers about "justice yada yada" to Anderson Cooper who was clearly not impressed and took the time to check his manicure, instead.
  • Makes friends with Roseanne Barr. Because, She is an island of sanity in an otherwise crazy world. (See below.)
  • "Many of the Palestinian people are jewish and became christian after Israel stole their land and homes. They were dark skinned, and so driven out of their homes by a cheney-ized Judeo Christian Bushite America. the jewish american socialists are sending a flotilla from america to break the blockade of the anti-semitic zionists in Gaza! Zionists are German. weird hybrid. In order to defeat euro socialism, Hitler leveraged the rich jewish industrialists against the working class jews. The Russian accounts say that the last trains to Auschwitz were first class, as that is all the leverage left to the jewish oligarchs within the 'reich', (other than the jews like Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler at the top). The scientists of the Reich successfully created a mutant human--a hybrid of Jewish mentality and German Resolve, the Zionist-- He who broke the back of the labor movements and socialism,--- which is the goal of National Socialism---different word for the American Southern Confederacy-the one Anne Coulter loves." - Roseanne Barr, who clearly forgot her morning Ritalin.
  • Makes friends with Noah, a/k/a "JustBatCat", a guy who likes to play dress-up and role play with squirt guns as a SWAT Team Member in his spare time. Clearly, a match made in Heaven.
  • Gets himself doxed for ego and fame-fagging. Goes dark.
    • Starts collecting and inbreeding spare relatives, because that's what they do for fun in Kentucky.
  • (Finally) gets visited by The Party Van, and immediately tells the FBI on his front lawn that "I am KY Anonymous." (LOL 5th Amendment?)
  • After the raid, KY starts a WePay for "legal costs" after stating that his lawyers are working pro bono. (Until we Googled this term, we thought "Pro Bono" was that whiny singer from U2. Clearly, Deric still does.)
  • Deric neglects to consider selling his assets to pay his debts, because why bother when you can beg for money on the Internet, instead?
  • Immediately gets shitfaced and goes on several Internet radio talk shows (with publically available transcripts) and further self incriminates in a blur of cheap bourbon-induced egomania and sheer stupidity.
    • Proves to everyone that the free lawyers are worth every penny he's not paying them. (See Above: 5th Amendment)
  • Cannot use Linux because "command line prompts" do not rhyme with "wigger".
  • Decides that "KYAnonymous™" is now his own, "branded" idea, so he will sell stickers and use the money to fund a Gucci dog collar for his pitbull, "Thor" because every wigger with a pitbull named after a minor comic book character isn't legit until fashionably equipped. Ya feel me, bro?
  • Manages, in record time, to get his very own Encyclopedia Dramatica page: KY_Anonymous
    • (Editor's Note) You have attain a HUGE level of Mega-Über Fucktardedness to attain an ED page via a single day's Massive Failures, usually it takes more time to compile but this one wrote itself.
  • KY, now a/k/a "Shadow Da' Rapper" dun gone and got hisself bitch-slapped into 2014 by NiggerChrist in a rap battle on RL Radio. This really wasn't a Fail, per se, as NC can rap like Lil' Wayne on sizzurp and ol' KY can barely string two words together into a coherent sentence, even on his best day. The Fail therein was KY ever claiming he could "spit fire" in the first place.
  • Threatens NC and sequel with lawfare over their diss track aimed at him. For an "Anon" who was previously screaming "Fuck da' police!" etc. KY threatened to run to LE awfully quickly when he received minor anal chafing.
  • KY, now driven mad with butthurt, and probably hungover, allegedly used the above incident, see #20, above, and self-described as "an anxiety attack", to his advantage, and went to the hospital. Most likely to procure anxiety medications to mix with more bourbon so he could claim insanity when the District Attorney gleefully presents him with transcripts of his own admissions of guilt gleaned from the above mentioned radio shows.
  • Threatens r3dneck's Mom with rape, live on Internet radio. Apparently, rape jokes are funny when KY makes them.

There isn't enough bandwidth on the Internet to list all of KY's fails and douchery until the NSA finishes up their data center, but stay tuned to Encyclopedia Dramatica whose servers will labor under the weight and do their best until China installs Ed Snowden in The White House.




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