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The KNIGHTRIDAH has a lot of missing videos, if you have them saved please contribute

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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

"you...will copy and paste your way to HELLLLL.."
Jeff irl.

Sometime around late 2007 Jeff Robinson aka JTR154 aka KNIGHTRIDAH graced the tubes with his presence. He started out as a text troll/spammer on the account pazuzu15, whiteknight spamming anyone who dared to mock his "precious" porker wife Heather. Jeff's countless sock accounts slowly became legendary testaments of his butthurt and faggotry. His reputation for flagging down anyone who talked badly about his failwhale soon made him a well known lulzcow to YouTube trolls everywhere.

I'm Kind Of A Big Deal

As Jeff's ego began to grow he felt as if he was an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, despite his reality of being a sad old man with no real dreams or goals in life. Unwilling to change his ways, Jeff started to drift further and further away into madness, stuck behind his computer screen he began to lose track of his life as it was gradually fading away.

Watching his videos and seeing a 56 year old man talk about himself in the third person is lulz in itself, but to see his finishing move is something extra special. Like some bizarro-world pokieman Jeff likes to raise his hand out of nowhere and exclaim his own name, "KNIGHTRIDAH!!".

Tribute To A Legend

<video type="youtube" id="nHFyngNpJcQ&autoplay=0" width="500" desc="KNIGHTRIDAH!!!1" height="405" frame="true" position="center"/>

Pedophilia and furfaggotry

Jeff is well known for being an e-cock sucker who stands up for known pedophiles and furfaggots on the internet (i.e. Riley34470, Wolfeedarkfang.) The reason for this being is that he believes nobody in the real world appreciates him so therefore he stands up for other social outcasts such as himself. Jeff also is a self practicing furfag who has a fetish for cartoon porn. As his many sock accounts on YouTube have the same furry related hentai image on the background. Jeff's fat whale blubber wife Heather supports her husband's fetish and says, "That cartoons are legal but the real thing is not."


Soon after closing his first accounts Jeff decided to make a comeback as his final form, The KNIGHTRIDAH. This basically consisted of him running around in a forest wearing a fucking hockey mask and a ghillie suit. Like a cross between Jason Vorhees and Swamp Thing, he would scream madly into the camera (of which his wife was holding) and cry to the heavens about how bad trolls were and how epic win he was. When he meant REALLY serious business, he would shoot bottles from 3 feet away with his 22 Ruger, and then wave at the camera like a kid on the short bus. Unfortunately for him, and his ego, anyone who viewed these videos just lol'd hard and 1 starred. This made KNIGHTRIDAH rage, and he started to "dox" anyone who made fun of his lame videos, even if he was doing it wrong.


Read these to yourself in a scary voice:
knight ridahh is POLICE. how stupid do you want to be? I'm only gonna tolarate this shit for so long!



We are in the woods, but we are in West Palm Beach BING BING!!


—Knightridah on giving up his location.

well, aren't you special. so unoriginal, leaching off the knight ridahh. try to hard much? I know I screwed up when I posted these vids, You just perpetuate the problem. You are the reason why there is no more vids.

I can understand a fav, but you just pure thieve my vids.You are a genius , keep that in mind as you go thru this life, (karma) is a bitch.


—Knightridah on (Karma) being a bitch.

HEY! Are You Butthurt? I;m Not! Why do they think we care? Its fucking ubserd!


—Jeff is fucking ubserd!

dude, they NEVER bother me, Its us that bothers them! I think I'm going to be a juggalo for a day or two! what do you think? some clown make up sounds like fun!


—Being a faggalo sounds like fun.

Stop talking about him, you fucking ay-nons!



I'm gonna pay my woman to sit a flag shit for me tommow! It will be fun.



your jealousy preceeds you!

your a true scab walking the earth!



I had to report you for being muslim and threating my life and property!

Not sure if you noticed but people of your( religon) really should not threaten anyone! It is to be taken serious.

all your threats have been forwarded.


—Jeff reports his best buddy on the tubes.

no one likes me anymore dude.

what should I do? have you seen that edramtica? I look like a douche bag!


—Oh, poor guy.

you are the cooliest guy ever on the nets, and your vids totally rock!


—sucking up to trolls again

im 78 and drive your brothers bus, watch out for the KNIGHT RIDAHHH mother fucker!



you fucking little basterd, this is why I don't feel bad about KILLING your people.

your a stinky little faggot, that has no clue how to chord on guitar!


—The KNIGHTRIDAH being racist LOL!

when will you strap that bomb to your waist and run into a crowed of people?

when? at least let us know.


—being racist again...

you stupid little shithead!

you try so hard, and nothing ever comes from it! go away now!


—Jeff crying, because of some troll made him mad.

I guess im old man, but it doesent matter. your cool kid, you know that!



chuck norris wishes he was aush0ckBoss!


—Jeff knows who's the boss.

why bother to comment my page? I could give a fuck less about you or this page



—Jeff apparently could give a fuck less about you

do you remember when you photo shop aushook?

that was some funny shit brahhh. does your mummy love you? probably not, shes to hot to have had you!


Atrocious grammar is atrocious, also WTF?

seems the inferiors are desperate to remove boss videos from the internet


—Thinking he's the boss, lol


  • Jeff is a pedophile, he takes pleasure in stalking 12 year old girls online.
  • He lives off a welfare check given to him by the government.
  • Jeff has two birth defected ass pie sons of which he beats daily.
  • He lives in West Palm Beach BING BING!!
  • Jeffykinz was married to a hambeast before she divorced him for a black person with a huge cock.
  • He is 50 years old.
  • Jeff probably has Alzheimer disease along with Autism and severe brain damage.
  • His PENIS is most likely wrinkled and hasn't been touched in decades.
  • Jeff has gray hairs on his balls.
  • The Knightridah is living off welfare so he can only afford cheap liquor.
  • He impersonated a l33t hacker on several s0ck accounts.
  • Jeffy likes to surround himself with teen aged boys and furries.
  • The Knightridah jerks off to cartoon pr0nz such as hentai, shota and lolicon.
  • He spends his retirement time running around the woods scaring off potential campers and hikers.
  • Jeff could very will be the famous monster known as Sasquatch aka Big Foot.
  • Jeff spends his days drinking cheap malt liquor and browsing 4chan with his boys.
  • The KNIGHTRIDAH likes to wear toilet lids on his head.

Typical videos made by JTR154 aka The KNIGHTRIDAH

The Return of A Drunken Jeff

In late 2009/early 2010 Jeff made a come back video in which he showed his true face without the hockey mask persona of which he usually dose in his videos. In the video he made constant babbling about shit that doesn't make any sense, this is most likely because he was drunk as you can tell by the shit load of cheap beer bottles in his garbage can. In the video Jeff claims that his only friends are his pet cats and a fucking parakeet that keeps on squawking threw the whole god damn video. Jeff spends his lonely days in retirement browsing 4chan and drinking tons of cheap liquor. What a winner!!1! He should really think about getting a part time job flipping burgers at McDonald's or something.

Re- up version in case the video get's removed by one of Jeff's sock accounts.

Family life and the internet

It's no secret that Jeff's dox have been dropped on the internet before. It seems the more you fag up the internet, the more people want to become aware of your personal life and surroundings. Jeff has been exposed as a 56 year old man, on welfare, living with his over 300 pound wife and two aspie birth defected sons. Jeff realized that having his family "exposed" was a threat to him. Out of rage he tried to dox other trolls who have caused him grief in the past. Unfortunately, the videos exposing Jeff and his family have been removed from YouTube. They will continue to be re-upped for great justice, so that the cycle of butthurt can go on. The original video doxing Jeff can be seen below.

How it all started, the flame wars and e drama

Gallery of Failure

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