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Rina-Chan = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Rina's critics speak out (or something).

"Ohh! Did I Lose?". Dammit Guys, Stop staring at my Salmon ass it's not Funny anymore. I'm Seriously going to tell my Dad if you pervs keep staring at me
OMFG, Is that DizzyAngel or is that a ugly fatass that gave Guilty Gear a Bad name, Thus this is what Happens Kids if you girls don't Exercise and eat right The result of GOTIS
She's like the Saddam Hussein of Cosplay; nobody wants her but Pervs.
"I'm Gonna kick your Fucking Ass in front of the Hilton's Elevator if you want to slap my ass!? You're Lucky all my friends' stopped me. her ass in 2014 PMX. OMG how much her Ugliness has increased it's basically over9000! It's that bad, not even a homeless would want that butterface

Rina-Chan (AKA "Runka-Chunk or Rina-Cunt", Kira E. Buckland Sore-Loser Senpaiirl; formerly known as "KagomeHigurashi") thinks she is a professional voice actress, when she is really a whore and flagrant weeaboo (Fact- She used to be known as Gwen E. Buckland, but she had her first name legally changed to 'Kira' because 'Kira makes people think of a kitty cat'). Born [Cancer] (July 16, 1987-) Rina-Chan grew up in Anchorage, Alaska with her Mother, Father, and her 25-Inch spike-textured vibrator, which she was given to her at the age of 19 due to her bad luck with the opposite sex. At some point, Rina-Chan stumbled over anime voice actors and found that she sounded exactly like tight spandex. Reliable sources say that Rina-Chan is rather HAWT when viewed from the right angle, and if you have any pics (shopped will do) to prove it, your contribution to this article will be most appreciated. Fuck that shit, If you were to (Pohotoshoppedher Pussy, Her gay Fatass Angry Alaskan-Irish daddy might get angry and say "You are fucking my Daughter over 9000!

But even the tourneyfags from the Super Smash Bros. scene don't want to bang her because her high pitched 3 year old voice can paralyze giant gorillas with one word alone. She even has IRL boys from ARASUKA [アラスカ] (Rina-Chan also "speaks" Japanese, Korean, and Spanish completing her weeaboo image) drooling after her all the time (the most notable is Full Metal Mario, or some shit like that). According to resources, they never stop bitching about her, and wears a worn out Mario cap that smells like Garbage, but she still will not have the sex with them, because they are not Joshuas or openly FAT men. Blocked by California White Knights

She somehow managed to get enough "Brainwashed Fans" (by sitting in a gutter begging for change) to start a shitty weeaboo convention in Alaska called Senshi-Con, and the attendance reached as high as five-Hundred Furries. The Po-Po really screwed our freedom of speech up as well as Runka Chubby Bitch here! Rina-Chan also started the "Voice Acting Club", a prestigious and extensive community dedicated to, for, and maintained by voice actors of all ages and genders. Oddly enough, the concept began with a single thread at Newgrounds dedicated to the same purpose as the website.

She is known to constantly drink caffeinated energy drinks and coffee. This enables her to actually speak like a person. It also enhances her "voice talent" by making her sound even more professional. She Actually likes Coffee, but If you were to see her borrow a cup of Coffee please tell her "Sorry, We are out of LSDs would you like Fries with that?" Her Favorite Coffee Kohi [コーヒー] is: Mexican's Bleeding Iced Mocha. Yeah, That's right Whiteys, She kills Beaners for $120 or $1,730 MXNs just to substitute Cream of her coffee. Please let your Mexican know about this and try to escape to the San Diego Boarder and let your buddy stay in Mexico until She dies!

Rina-Chan's group of friends in the land of Sarah Palin, AK-12s, Polar Bears, Horny seals, King Crabs and penguins consist of girls and guys who are uglier and more Horny than her, AND want to fuck with her, or pretend to be her friend to for the lulz (these people are likely faggots, Chocolate and furries).

"Voice Work? More like noise work to everyone

This is Rina-Chan's room...So, you still want to be a voice actor?

Embracing her talent, she found her way to Newgrounds and did voice work for projects of varying notability as well as voice acting her (at-the-time) namesake in Inuyasha fan flashes. She was a huge attention whore and basically forced people to listen to her Manly voice. Thus making her involved in tons of projects. This made her very popular with the boys and she was catapulted to stardom. And this, of course, gives her an ego the size of her birthplace. Because she is the only girl on Newgrounds, and is coincidentally a voice actor, her annoying fucking voice can be heard in EVERY FLASH CARTOON EVER MADE.

Since 2004, she's become one of the more prominent female voice-actors for flash animations and other projects. She winds up in a number of projects (despite the fact her voice sounds exactly the same regardless of her role) because clearly, she's the only female voice actor out there.

Eventually, all the fame started to catch up with Rina-Chan. Soon, she would move to Burbank,California and get some professional voice acting roles in video games and anime. But, she has moved back to Anchorage, Alaska as stated here [2]. Even with all this on her plate, Rina-Chan still wasn't satisfied. Although, Nowadays She still Lives in Burbank, CA USA. So, Instead she still hates living with the awesome Snow! Instead she loves: Frozen 100 Dollar bill stacks, mexican bloody iced Mocha, & Hot guys with a six packs! Joey The Penguin she does notwant, even if the pokemon is covered in all Pink! Rumors had it that she cheating on her current BF Ian_Hasselhoff, and going back to Mr Nochi or Kirbnutz!

Rina-Chan said this after doing some voice work for some stupid ass-friend's work. Check the piece of shit here.

Voice acting club forum user and all around conceited know-it-all Azn bitch Hnilmik unintentionally demonstrates some of the same voice acting qualities of Rina-Chan in this audio parody on Newgrounds.

"Brawl Taunts"

In mid-2008, Rina-Chan approached one Kirbopher (famous for creating flash animations that look like they were drawn by a 4 year old. Fact- And offers people to actually PAY him for one penny) with a proposition: three minutes of her talents in exchange for three minutes' worth of animation. Thus, "Brawl Taunts" was born and Rina-Chan reigned on Newgrounds once more. Not one, not two, but THREE movies were made to make fun of a game that makes fun of itself, thus ensuring she would be remembered long after she was dead.

The cartoons contained little to [shit|no actual jokes]. These jokes that were in the cartoon (if you can even call them that) were Racist, incredibly overused and unoriginal. Most of the contrent consisted of gay 4chan memes, homosexuality (which is a requirement for all of Rina-Chan's "parodies" because Yaoi is soooo not kawaii) and basically just showing what happens in the game with witty observations. This is the recipe for Golden Poo Poo.

The Creators of "Bastard taunts" as their non-animated counterparts. Together they have made themselves infamous, by selling themselves out constantly by making terrible, unfunny parodies of things they don't even like themselves, and by voice acting rape scenes, which were based on their childhoods. Here, they bestow their douchebag IQ within this pointless interview.

"The Backalleys" strike with "Brawl Funnies"

Made with God's hands.
This is the biggest favor she'll ever get from a person, she's fuckin' ugly and will never ever be hot enough to actually be fucked by Captain Falcon

With Rina-Chan and Kirbopher been unchallenged and praised. On May 7th 2009, The Backalleys which surprisingly consists of some Newgrounds members wants to declared war against Rina-Chan, Kirbopher and the "Brawl Taunts" "franchise" with a three part flash collaboration project that would be called "Brawl Funnies". The reception to "Brawl Funnies" were both positive and negative, but mostly overall praised and accepted due to the fact that some actual Newgrounders finally had the balls to put Laurel and Hardy (Rina-Chan and Kirbopher) in their rightful place. Rina-Chan and Kirbopher's reaction to this comedic chicken-shit still remains unknown.

Many of Rina-Chan's fans misunderstood the intent of Rtil's contribution, "Rina-Chan and the Brawl Boyz," (which was clearly the short that was drawn the best) and actually enjoyed it for all the wrong reasons. Which made for more lulz

Rtil and the Back Alleys were so obsessed with the spoofs, it constantly pissed off because the spoofs they make are so bad that they didn't meet the minimum standards of Kirbopher and Rina-Chan, which are so terrible to begin with, so they show their hate every now and again by wasting their nights making boring flash cartoons making fun of other retards like themselves. At least some of them actually can draw.

Craptastic role in Lil' Paco

Her only decent role is a psychotic, tweeker angel.

In December 2012 it was thought the world might end. The first piece of evidence of the apocalypse was that Rina-Chan starred in a project that was actually worth watching called Lil' Paco. She portrayed Bon, a tweeker angel with an annoying voice not unlike Rina-Chan's body of work. Unfortunately, the project fell into relative obscurity soon after its release. Rina-Chan's involvement with the cartoon has been cited as the sole reason for its lack of success.

Her Reputation as a Tourneyfag

The sexy monster returns to haunt us at EVO Game Tournament
JuriHan is not impressed by Runka-Chunk's trolling. Not even Today she caused Capcom to fall down

Tourneyfags are torn whether to worship one of the only precious females in their sausagefest community, or to bash the living shit out of her. Of course, they end up worshipping her for her talent in voice acting and smash.

As stated before, tourneyfags aren't desperate enough to screw her. Yes, these sad, pathetic virgins who still live with their parents still do not want to do Rina. Then again, she likes being a virgin.

Rina And Dad Have A Moment

DruoxTheShredder uploaded a video known as "Rina And Dad Have A Moment," in which he bitches about Rina's shitty voice talent (ironic, because his own voice acting skill consists of screaming into the microphone Slowly fucking loud, or sounding like a fag, but that's just his real voice,).

It was removed shortly afterwards, followed by another video, where Druox revealed that he removed the video due to people from a forum known as The Backalleys showing hatred toward the bitch and that he didn't make the video to hurt her feelings (also showing how big of a pussy he was).

<video type="viddler" id="b8d25cd3" width="437" height="370" position="center"/>
Mirror of the original video.
<video type="viddler" id="3de0f009" width="437" height="370" position="center"/>
DMacDouble's response video.
<video type="viddler" id="3bc7ff16" width="437" height="370" position="center"/>
Druoxthefuckshit made a new video for her birthday.

Haters Make Her Famous

<video type="viddler" id="bc3fc5b7" width="437" height="370" position="center"/>
<video type="viddler" id="b2ef3624" width="437" height="370" position="center"/>
FireGoron always has something to complain about, right?
<video type="viddler" id="c22b27d0" width="437" height="370" position="center"/>
Let this gallery be testimony of her being a now, and future failed internet stain in anything relating to "real" voice acting About missing Pics

KJ Butchermann

KJ Butchermann.png

Nope, FUCK JJBA I'm saving for AX next month and THE italian dicks for me and some gypsayz for next year


—Ghetto She-hulk voiced as Honoka kaka queen Butchermann

I got an official, final no about the JJBA GANGSTER panel. My heart is broken. I don't even want to go kill anymore Chocolate Staff workers. Thank you guys anyway for trying to make me pay money!


— Hypocrite and Queen Butchermann being a sore Loser that she got Butthurt and Denied by AX Anime Expo

How shit got started

if she ever made a friend with a Black guy even his ass would be tired of her bullshit and a Epicmovie is fine too!

Somewhere in September 20, When an awesome Asian guy was trying to communicate with her. While Her Boyfriend pulled a threat status when The Asian man was asking if she had a Piece of shit boyfriend or not! Then He blocked her and he realizes that she was a creep he unblocked her on Facebook fuckers and then she went bastshit crazy by ignoring Asians and Hispanics because she was Losing her reputation in Equestrian Brony Orgy party! Then she spread some Racist statuses on Social Networks just to prove How tough her ass is......... She yelled and told everyone in Kira's new Alaskan empire Today we must kill all the Chinese men they are not like Alaskans and my first favorite guys to torture the JEWS Banzai Iya Chugoku desu kanichi! This is when the Epidemic happened with her black guy buddy! So, Therefore she spreads her legs for 30 big cock to fit on that one white Vagina! Swearing to her sisters & her Rich Fat guy Pimp Lawyer to destroy all Chinese people and Liberate her ALASKA! She likes Pink, Blue and Neon Stuff now, She even took a picture with people and she drinks Mexican Coffee as a source of Caffienated Vitamin D.


Jesus, WTF did that Black Cat do to your fucking Microphone? holy shit this is unbelievable!

During November 3, 2013 when they made a brain and a party based on one fandom with Egyptian stuff and Black Magic. They finally planned a secret party that opened and ends up in a Pretend Homestuck Party. Reports say that Babies were killed and whatever The morning paper said in November 4th It didn't stop even though it started in Halloween. In March 15, This bitch got fed up with this Asian guy and some of his buddies so She Blackmailed a nerdy gal named "Christine Thompson" To block this guy or else KJ will Cremate Christine's House in Missouri. Little did she feel threatened She was too Stupid to call the Police and When the LAPD Showed up KJ had to wash her face with green pot. The following morning of November 4, 2013; even though She felt threatened other people; that she tries to kill their whole Entire Family if she were to Disobey Queen Butchermann! Then KJ Realized the Chinese people set her up to go to jail! Sadly, her retarded ass didn't go to jail because her Fatfuck dad had money to try to extort the situation in California courtroom! Also, She hates her cats so bad she was being The best fucking owner in the world While pulling a gun on her cat's neck! Shit, it didn't go well because that bitch left the Taco on the freaking table while watching the next episode of JJBA! She obviously found some Big shiny Crystal on her cat's Litterbox and thought it was a shady Sugar! Then she had a weird and fucked up moment of MLP HAPPY MOMENTS for 20 minutes and then she fainted!

Erasing my ass and I blame it on the Yella Guy for my Wapanese Power!

Many Years later, She still craves for Weiß Trunk and mexican mocha still craves even for this day!
Now you guys know that the Runka Chunk Legacy died kind of like Myspace did!

Basically, She went mad like a Super Saiyan when people didn't like that FAT Jolyne Kujo. So she used a magic Voodoo Scape goat when she forget that Anime is a Japanese Invention an idea influenced by Walt Disney! Also, She was pissed like a mother fucker... You can kick her ass in a local Pub in Burbank Irish Pub whiel she Dj like a noob Then, again nobody gave a damn about her Anti-Chinese Fandom. Once again even with all the Asians in the world try to do Ass kicking power they still can't stop the evil power of KJ Butchermann. She can even Drink her Cat's Blood and Urine; while not getting sued and win because She's another word for Füherer. At least Adolf Hitler killed himself, This bitch doesn't know when to stop Dropping the soap & Get Fisted! Thus, We have failed to see this bitch rising up to become the first alaskan Pussy to Conquer the brothers in Kira's ALASKA because she keeps losing against the Japanese ass kicking Samurai Fartos! Then she realizes that the world is round and not flat! Then again she's about to turn 28 and almost 30! She makes the world wonder "how did she win on the contest and had an Depressing Breakthrough in 2013! Then again she takes cats and beat them to a pulp. But seriously though, no one wants to feel like it's important. Then again She lives near 6 Chinese restaurants in the past, Hell even Brothas of the North is not even impressed by her Horseshit Jolyne Kujoh and Juri Han Cosplay! Sure, She maybe the I is the Whitest bitch of Arasuka-Jin but holy shit! Did she piss off the Godfather Mob Pizza guys because she was so high on Weiß Trunk She thought "Let's fuck with someone's Spaghetti and see how they re-acted!" thank you Tweet tweet on her iPhone! Then the Italian gay brothers hate her because they use Android just to piss her off. In fact this bitch can't even speak Italian if the Sicilian brothers came! No one can save this dumb piece of this fat american Gorilla of a Bologna. It's all her Russian sister & Your fault she died If there's a lot of chocolate leftover Pizza and Cocaine Beer and fucking eat 9 month supply of Luigi Tonama's Gelatos her bigot fucking Fatfuck father died. Then, we have to get a fucking Piano Box and no TRIPLE seating for them. Too bad, we have to witness this for 2016 or at least have her ass to bubba!

Oh my fucking god! She lied I thought she hated Coconuts, wtf happened to Italian Mafia? Please get this bitch on PK Fire!

Be careful, She will Fuck your cat up the SKY OMFG so if you adopt & raise a Lolcat, Remember this, when you have a Super ninja Cat remember to make sure to train her/him to kick that Fat salmon ass! Even her friend in The original Japanese would wanna see that cat try and kill her!

Seems legit, Tell me how did you manage to get a Anime Con Free VIP Ticket? How the hell did you try to Fuck all those Black Security Con ops Officer Guys? I guess she forgot to grab a beer!

She is also known to hate Chinese food. She only gives a damn about Sushi, Kimchi, and mostly Zangief Big Hairy Russian Guys! She is known to have 8-Ex boyfriends and none of which gives a damn about her fatass pussy! Which is why she succeeded over The Quan Zoe Chi of Six Guys! Oh shit, no wonder she likes guys with six packs. Just make sure that Guy isn't Chinese!

I'm not Rina-Chan Anymore, however I'm KJ Butchermann of Chinese people

Well fuck me, she likes to play it in hardcore mode, Wonder why she didn't get the Achievement in this video game? Oh yeah, it's reality that's why

In recent days, She cried like a pussy when AX said NO to JJBA So, She decided to say fuck it! She didn't know that her boyfriend likes Black pussy to get some fried Watermelons so he can just sit there and relax while this Fucking whore could cry like a HOLY FICKING SHIT. She made a bunch of Chocolate People wanna jump off the cliff with a KFC Bucket Somewhere in this freaking post, She bragged & Bitch like never before! She even told a bunch of Animators of Le Flash to manipulate racist MLP Brony killer flashes as well as 2013 Halloween flash. It's gone very repetitive in a sense that it looks like A retarded version of Totally spies! Without realizing that she is being monitored she is never going to take us down, even if she tries to hack or Doxx us!This is what a sloppy boob ragyo dumbass. She fucked up every cosplay known to penis equipped awesome human. She even fucked Ragyoz The Badass mother of Ryuko like it's the Sugoi wa anata okin shibo no chisu to taresagatta namune! This is prime example of why you shouldn't allow to teach Japanese to the Arazuka fuckers! She made other Wapanese look so Not KAWAII but Kuso ttare desu! then again Why the fuck did she not cosplay as A REAL Jolyne Kucci that like Scissoring and delicious Boobs and twats! Which is why you should tell her C'mon bitch restrain my buddy one more time I dare you! While Carrying Guns, and load them up with bullets. she thinks this world is like Army of two fortieth day! Then we all know why we shouldn't allow Pistols and Machine guns in the wrong hands of Kira Butchermann! This not only worried society but also made people from the Mayonnaise factory got another 10% Sales-increase in case of the Nuclear War in Alaska! When that happens all the Black Brothas will say "I am Free from mother fucking New Africa, Now I will eat the Chikins with no Ranch dipping sauce, Where's the Fried chicken!" Then now you know it's OMFG we're all gonna eat Cream cheese while running for the The New Call of Duty in REAL LIFE! We're all gonna screw ALASKANS IN THE ASS for our Awesome Twinkies!

She is a depressed woman, In fact she is Alaskan Ninja, It's a fact that people should go against her prejudice ways

| Sign for justice this useless Skunk thinks she is the NSA Agent

When you see that bitch remember to Stab the whore and send it in Anchorage to her daddy. She made the whole world wanna puke into the toilet of hotdog wonders! thus, we wonder if her opponent Kekoachan can really bitch slap and kick her ass! We all want this little King Crabs of Vodka Redbull drinker to fuck off of California! This is what they get for letting this bitch go on Free VIP ticket no pay everyday and went lazier than an average Black guy & steals Coins like a JEW! This has been Occured that She now going to AX for this year because she wants to go titytitybangbang on those Diegos! Trust me, We got kicked out of AX Expo and no refunds by a fat white nigga and she snitched on a Some tall guy because she's that much of a Heartless Pussy that will jack your change she gets from Autographs and Sexual Molest guys for Change! She told the Fat White Nigga that the awesome Monsieur was coming oh my god I'm so Scared!

WTF this is what Stupid Rich people live for in Anime Cons

The Stupid shit KJ has the balls to do About missing Pics

Rina-chan Nowadays

Since this fail whale of an Voice Actress hasn't failed to die, she continues on speading her Ebola through other Dicks, as of recently a retarded My Little Pony Parody Series by an alias Hotdiggedydemon as well as rubbish MLP Parodies played on Ghost's Show, being the closet Brony Ghost is he has retweeted her work and given her mod status on his Paltalks. She has a White Douchebag Boyfriend name Joshua Keen. We all know that Chris Nuts snd Italian Mushroom is so small it makes the AZN Look like a Asian Black Guy! If Someone were to set a Book-keep Between Chris and Joshua you know Damn well that Everyone gonna's see this shit it'll be a lot more Epic than Epic Beard Man! She has dyed her hair Blue to light Navy Blue, She has went to San Francisco and doesn't realize It's filled with Hot guys that won't fuck her pussy! Also, She's so old and Lousy she created a fake British Accent to make her feel Like a Queer Maria she already farted in 2012! Oh and speaking of which, She is such a dumbass in 2012, She didn't vote for Barrack Obama or Mitt Romney, She voted for Kirbopher or most people call him Kirbnutz!

Stalking Frost-Nixon to Rina-Katrina Style to Promote Business

Be careful Tumblr members, She will E-lawyer her Daddy ASAP! This just end She will PWN YOU WITH SCREENCAPS AND HEADSHOTS by logically thinking that Life is like Video Game for Gurl Gaming hackers! She may even hack your shit and blame you for Fucking Her without consent! This has been a day when she went Ninja Stalking [California Cops being jerks for spoiling with the Contract] on Asians or any of her Enemies that tries to play games with her Emotions! LOL Get this she won against someone and that Someone knew that she Procrastinated the Judge. Unfortunately, Judge saw that she was an innocent gal! So, Therefore She's getting on step closer in Taking ED Website down! Also, She is a friend with a German guy known as Psi43. We all know that she <3 Original Nazis and her buddy is a Half-German Nazi from the Fun club! They both met each other in ThebackAlleys from some point of time!

Kawaiikon officially banned RinaChan for Asian Defense and Justice

The other day, Some awesome guy who was pissed by Fucking Rina Cunt Weeaboo Followers went to the American island of Aloha state and tries to contact the Awesome Guys at Kawaii-kon about this Voice Bitch. Little did they heard him, They Accepted that request and in Facebook they Sent the guy a message stating that they have Blacklisted and Suspend this Rina Gal from going to Awesome Hawaii! Then again That state is filled with a lot of Azns and the Half Black US Man! All those Original Otakus knew about the Rina Chubby's Racism made the Five-0 guys look like Half beaten Seals in an Island full of Tigers! It has said that she is banned and Exiled in that Convention place for all Eternity! Thus, we have 1 state that helped people Suspend that fucking Wannabe Asian White Vanilla Chocolate McNugget off of The islands! Thus, that's 1 state banned and 49 to go, good job Hawaii!

Cheating Suspicion in AX Anime Idol

There have been rumors saying that She's maybe a real cheater when she was announced People Choice Awards. This has not been confirmed yet because Caffeine is considered a drug! Like Marijuana, Cocaine and LSD it's a drug. Some disagree and argues by saying she did win fair and Square however, this has not been Valid yet. This is proof that she can be disqualified for cheating by using drugs like Coffee and Red Bull. Some people say that She is an Alcoholic because She was born and raised in Klondike Bar land and Bought $75 for a Bottle of Vodka that you can buy with $25 at other states. There is no Actual Proof if AX Anime Idol were to Disqualify her for her dishonesty and Drug Usage! However, If this were to Change in AX Anime Idol 2015. She would be Fired from being a Voice Actress and Banned Outright for any Anime & comic Convention due to Violation and Cheating Charges. Then Later, Senshi-Con would Consider Kicking her out the place she once Found! she Eventually pissed off the Chinese Community by rejecting any Newgrounds member who is Asian a Commission, and Voice Acting Service just because she's that much of a Super Troll of Homestuck and a Frozen Lemon pepper Popsicle! So, that's why she's a Pink Knight of the Hood! It sort of makes sense why 4 fucking Castle Knights Saved this Whale of a Wigger from The Evil Sexy Wizard! She even Waaaaaaaaaah Chinese Fan when she took a picture with a Chinese Guy which later ended up to be a Drama Sitcom with lots of Voicing!

Things Featuring Her "Talent" that Ruined Japan, Da Consoles and America

Rina-Chan <3s U.


File:Guestbook of Rina.jpg
A typical fucktard supporting Rina-Chan.
The true way of screwing a whore somewhere in 2017! Make her lose like a sore holy shit.... We want this and we know it!

The world is stupid enough to follow her footsteps, it's just a matter of time until her shit reaches more hopeless virgin drones that will try to do the same thing. People like her seems to be the reason why Normal guys would rather Turn or Suck a dude's dick by being Gay! We just hope that will not be the case and let the horror end with the current creature. Yet, There is no end for the Terror when Asians Arrive She will still try to be a Chuck Norris while This Asian guy is basically the the Next Bruce Lee and will Defeat her! It's sad that she is Christian because everything She has done is towards the Sin area of the Bible. Our Only Hope left is MasterLZ's 3 months of Ass kicking with a deadly Microphone to become the next Wolf Howler! So Thus, Thy Fans of Kira Evil Bendejo is gonna get PWN3D, Amen. Words Blocked by California Law The Only Solution is her Next enemy Kekoa-Chan basically a New Gakusai That's gonna teach a lesson about being a Fucking Weeaboo for America! We all know why she became a Alaskan husky and she's cheating on her Diego-Kun with a Asshole named James Bradley!


  • Rina-Chan's Myspace - Rina-Chan's Myspace account. [DEAD NO ONE USES MYSPACE ANYMORE EVEN RINA STOPPED IT]

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