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Welcome to the only board on 4chan where you couldn't say "nigger", even before /new/'s demise.

/k/ (also known among Pink Pistols members as Special K) is the weapons board on 4chan, and the easiest to troll, where paranoid, socially retarded rednecks and FPS fapping 13-year-old fun boys gather to discuss firearms, bombs and how to assassinate Obama. All /k/-users call themselves /k/ommandos and think that all the problems in the world can be solved if everybody carried weapons. The only thing besides the prospect of SHTF that makes a /k/ommando wet is the thought of R. Lee Ermey screaming obscenities at them, while they defend their mobile homes from IRS agents with armor-piercing munitions and claymore mines. They also believe that the end is near and the only way to prepare for it is to grow a neckbeard, stop taking showers, move away from society into a camouflaged shed in the middle of nowhere, booby trap the entire compound and shoot anybody who looks at them funny period.

/k/ Is by far the easiest board to troll on 4chan. This is due to the high concentration of underage b& who post there. You see, teenage boys are physically incapable of ignoring trolls, which they perceive to be a direct threat to their E-penis'. Every troll is a successful troll on /k/ because the hormonally charged teenagers there believe that /k/ is serious fucking business. Compounding the problem is that there are large numbers of teenage boys from both the USA and Europe, which leads to countless threads about which country is better, usually devolving into the classic "I could kick your ass if I really wanted to" style posturing innate to 13 year olds.

/k/ summed up in one picture
This is the signal /k/ommandos use to launch counter-troll missions.
You always hurt the one you love.
Typical tripfag at the range doing his best Unabomber impression.
If you looked at the gun and trigger discipline first, you might be a /k/ommando.
A typical thread on /k/.
Your basic /k/ food groups: troll, ALL CAPS, tripfag, >implyer and Neo-Desu

Demographics of /k/

/k/ summed up in a single picture.
He's intelligent, but an under-achiever; alienated from his parents; has few friends. Classic case for recruitment by the Soviets.


— - Description of a typical /k/ommando

  • The batshit crazy libertarian - The majority of /k/ is comprised of this demographic. The libertarians on /k/ are young Ted Kaczynski's, who believe that "the gubmint is gonna take our guns n' put us all in FEMA camps." One of the most common topics discussed by them is how to kill feds, black people, and ZOG. Another common topic is what to do in the event of an emergency, the answer to which is, invariably, "I'mma git mah SKS n' go inna woods." The libertarians of /k/ usually believe that 9/11 was the work of the US government, as part of a conspiracy to take away their rights and let niggers rule the country; they're not exactly sure about the details, but it's something like that anyway. The libertarians of /k/ may or may not own real guns- it mostly depends on whether or not the /k/ommando in question is 18 years old yet, and if his mother will allow him to keep guns in the basement.
  • The Eurofag - These pansies visit /k/ for the sole purpose of trolling the Americans there. Since Europe is made up of either communist nanny states or totalitarian police states, these guys cannot own firearms. So they make up for their lack of Pingas compensators by trolling /k/, collecting images of weapons, and buying (licensed) airshit. Despite the fact that the typical Eurofag does not have any firearms or any experience, thus not knowing shit, they are the most dogmatic and stubborn debaters when it comes to weapon systems and calibers. The Eurofag is jealous of USA and will take every opportunity to whine, bitch and moan about american ways and politics and will celebrate and cherish every US casualty. They are common carriers of the AIDS.
  • The Australian - The sad puppy dogs of /k/. They desperately want to own guns like the Americans can, but due to their communist government's policies, they are not allowed to. Australians typically post threads bragging about their bolt-action .22 LR target rifle that they have to keep unloaded, locked away in a safe, with the ammunition stored seperatly, at a shooting range a couple of miles away. They also like asking how they can buy a gun in Australia. No matter what they post about though, the thread will swiftly fill up with Josef Fritzl memes and jokes about how much Australia fails.
  • The Gun Owner An elusive creature, often compared to Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. It is hotly debated whether any gun owners actually exist on /k/. Some argue that there once were gun owners on /k/, but they were driven out by tripfags, teenage boys, and the assorted other forms of cancer which now dominate the board. So far, there is no conclusive evidence to prove their existence, and most experts dismiss them as mythological creatures, yet sightings continue to occur every so often. The search continues.

Der Mod

There are many snide one-liners we could put here. Instead; Nigger Nigger Nigger!

In early March 2010, moot awoke from his soup fueled stupor and realized that /k/ was quickly becoming just as cancerous as /x/. His solution? A Nazi mod. Immediately upon assuming control, the new mod began banning all of the Stormfags and trolls who were killing /k/. At 07:40 GMT the entire front page of /k/ was weapons related, for the first time in 2 years. The regulars of /k/ were pleased and started to become receptive to the new mod. This behavior continued only until the mod was done with the cancer and started banning people for saying "nigger" or "jew", not weapon-related OP pics, homophobic posts and anything fun in general, in an attempt to transform /k/ into a second Arfcom. The displeasure reached the top when the mod failed miserably to stop the /b/ raid and /k/ was flooded with cameras, tripods and fierce flamewars in reaction to a recently released video of Apache pilots pwning a bunch of sand niggers. The mod has been busy ever since and his only real contribution to the board remains the ban of Svet's tripcode and wordfilter on the black person word. The mod has returned, more totalitarian as ever, in an effort to turn /k/ into OPchan.

Notable Tripfags

Just like any 4chan specialty board, /k/ has it's own army of insufferable, bullshitting tripfags who always ruin everything.

[[GRAB UR SKS AND GO INNA WOODS][That gun is shit. Buy a good gun instead.]]


DR8C0 thought it would be cute to add himself to the list of notable tripfags. Despite being newer than the Tesla Model 3 and posting nothing of significance. Being the stupid fat fuck he is, he didn't even attempt to hide the fact that he was not only adding himself but also thought that nobody would notice him stroking off his massive ego/tiny penis.

The /k/ommando

A poster on /k/ who actually owns a machine gun and a suppressor. As one of the few class III owners on /k/, he is a total dick to those he regards as lowly hobbyists. He is sure to point out how lame semi automatic rifles are when you could have spent the extra $10,000 on a full auto. His trip alone, referring to himself as the /k/ommando alone reflects a fair amount of faggotry.


Some new tripfag who posts with an Ika Musume avatar. Just like a lot of the other brain-donor tripfags on /k/, He/she/it claims to be in the military, specifically the Chair Force but always makes excuses when somebody asks to see his military ID card or a DD214, saying that he's afraid somebody will go all powerword on his ass. Likes to ask snarky, pretentious questions about buying high-speed gear like SAPI plate carriers and whatever the fuck drop-leg double kangaroo magazine pouches are, which is funny because if he really is in the Air Force, he's probably a fucking pogue-ass desk jockey paperbitch with delusions of grandeur who will never use any of it outside the range where he gets laughed at for wearing all that shit.

Duke Nukem



Duke Nukem was the biggest, baddest, most famous tripfag of /k/. All feared and worshiped him. Then, on a night like any other, somebody cracked his poor password of a tripcode, ##nigger. The /k/ommandos decided on this night to take the samefaggotry to a whole new level, causing Duke to RAGE and hopefully become an hero. And nothing of value was lost. Also he claims every gun is shit, but deep down inside he loves them all.
Is currently MIA.


A family man in his mid 40's who will constantly brag about his tacticool son and shitty rifles. He frequents his local gun range and posts pictures as if anyone gives a shit.

Weeaboo Crew

These work as a team to spread fail and AIDS to all.

Marisa Kirisame

A weeaboo basement dweller who RPs as a animu witch girl and trolls /k/ by simply existing. His Pingas is most likely microscopic, like most asians. His love for the Five-seveN is unnatural and possibly illegal in all 50 states. Once left /k/ "for good" and returned the next morning under a different name. When called out on it by Pervasive Fagrant, he switched back to his old name.


Another weeaboo who claims to be a girl. Shitposts all day and then complains that nobody likes him. Confirmed to be a nigger.

Arcueid Brunested

The weeaboo who started the trend. He bears responsibility for the entire plague of faggots.


A faggot who claims to attend the The air force academy and goes on /k/ just to treat /k/ as LiveJournal and shitpost intentionally. He posted pictures of his cock with bullets shoved in his cock hole, which is rare for a tripfag. He claims to be soon married to his girlfriend, which means he will lose all sex expect for when his wife wants a baby (although he shouldn't be allowed to have kids). He likes to brag about how he is attending the air force academy, is getting married, owns guns, will be a CRO, is going for pre-med, going the pharmacy school, getting a 29 on his ACT, becoming a colonel, pharmacist, doctor, lawyer, and politician. He also hated and battled the fag that was XxXEmofagXxX, something that he has done right for once. Some quotes about him and his communism: EDIT- No one has any quotes about him, or even knows who he is. He just decided to add some made up shit to his already enormous auto-biography here. No one writes this much about a unknown tripfag. Note that Anthraxinsoup is a massive butthurt atheist faggot who will start shit threads on /k/ about how butthurt God makes him.


A pussy who washed out of boot camp but talks like he's a 30 year veteran OPERATOR, and claims to be both a Marine and a Veteran of the Armed Forces. If you ever see a post speaking of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in a positive light, it is him samefagging as an anon. He does this to put off the illusion that anyone ever agrees with him/he isn't a cockmongling dropout. He also frequently changes his description on this page in the hopes of making people believe he's not a faggot. The only tripfaggot for whom the mods will get off their asses to ban.

Phil Ossiferz Stone

A Fudd who spends his time complaining about racism on /k/ and then posts anti-black person rants. Tells other people to buy bolt-action rifles for home defense in between posting Playboy scans from the 1980s. He recently ordered a DVD set of gun training for homosexuals and then teased the whole board with it and refused to torrent it. He decided to show it on a web streaming service but deleted his account after few /k/lansmen threatened to report him for copyright violations.

M1A Girl

An annoying and pretentious attention whore that's substituting her lack of tits (she sports a pair of A-cup invisitits) and social life (she has no man) with guns and with trolling virgins on /k/. She spends all her money on guns instead of on makeup, cooking books and kitchenware. It is widely assumed that her hate of men and her extreme penis envy (which she compensates with guns) was the result of her fundamentalist religious upbringing and possibly sexual child abuse. She was banned but has unfortunately reappeared.

Get Some

A Canadian who was in the Canadian military. He loves the AR-15 more than life itself. If you are enough of a massive faggot to want to buy that jamtastic piece of shit you should talk to him.

Pervasive Vagrant

An Asspie. Used to go by OP, in order to be a funny guy and make himself believe that people actually wanted to hold a conversation with him and not the Original Poster of the thread. Was later banned for pervasive vagrancy, which is how he got the new name. He gets drunk, by himself, on nearly every Friday and Saturday in hopes of forgetting his total lack of friends. He then posts rambling threads on /k/ in hopes of filling the social void in his life. Often rages at politics threads in /k/ (despite the fact that for more than a year he himself spammed /k/ with /b/ memes, combos, and other utterly unrelated shit,) at being called out on the fact that his guns are Jew surplus, and at being called a fat asspie. Gets all of his info from Google and Wikipedia. Calling him out on his opinions and asking for a valid source will either result in him ignoring the post or completely leaving the thread.


A total pain in the ass. Started posting in early 2010, though claims to have lurked /k/ for years. Also reported to be a former /b/tard. A douchebag that claims to know everything about camping and survival but in fact doesn't know shit. He has been spotted editing his info on the /k/ article of ED.


A 40-something Muslim terrorist from Bosnia who currently resides in the USA. He claims to have killed people in combat during the 1992 Bosnian War, but obviously didn't. All he does is post shitty livelink movies and changes his ED info. What a faggot.


A fat old loser who spends way too much time on 4Chan. Claims to be the best tripfag on /k/, and often samefags with various replies to bolster this pseudo-reputation. Any thread with BOOF in it will often be accompanied by BOOF samefagging such quotes as "BOOF IS SO GREAT" and "BOOF IS THE BEST" and "I LOVE BOOF". Justifies his self-propagated myth by spamming /k/ with his shitty threads on a near daily basis. Unfortunately 99.999999% of them are nothing more than "HEY GUISE WATCH ME STRIP THIS SHITTY OLD GUN THAT NO ONE OWNS OR CARES ABOUT WHILE I BUMP THIS SHIT THREAD TO PAGE 1 FOR THE NEXT 10 HOURS WITH MASSIVE BLURRY PHOTOS". black person.


God amongst trolls. Hails from a tiny island of chinkapork and is the anti-troll of Malaysia trolls. Does not post anything related to weapons at all except for the Singaporean Army. Also made Marisa suck his tiny asian penis on MSN for hentai and then posted the chatlog on /k/. Marisa got butthurt over it and /k/ommandos can finally counter troll Marisa just by posting the chatlog. He also is looking after a delectable little loli.

Doesn't post in /k/ anymore and is seen in /int/.


A guy pretending to be a young, attractive, female veteran of the Iraq War. /k/ eventually discovered that he was mining the Facebook page of one Melissa Martin (an 18 year old pothead from Iowa) for pics. In a glorious act of justice, Svet was permab& from /k/ by moot, now posts simply as two trips: "!AP6PiIKnos!!SpMxCIWJzZd".


File:Legal IS BALD.jpg
Tactical male pattern baldness.
File:Legal derp.jpg
Before his hair got fed up with his lies/bullshit and left.

Imagine if you were a balding 23 year old who lived at home, had no education and no job. Imagine that your mommy and daddy pandered to you like a child, and you still sounded like one. Imagine that you were still a virgin and that you had the body of a pudgy 14 year old. Imagine that you knew absolutely nothing about weapons, but were an obsessive radio hobbyist who spent his entire high school career dicking about making friends with truckers and the drive-thru people at McDonalds. Imagine that you are a four-eyed loser with a face that not even a mother could love. Imagine that you had no prospects, but a horribly over-inflated sense of self-importance and narcissistic tendencies rivaled only by Charles Manson. Imagine that you had no friends and no girl had ever shown the slightest interest in you. Imagine that you were plagued with crippling loneliness and depression, and your only coping mechanism was denial.

Now imagine that you stumbled across this website called 4Chan that lets you post Anonymously, even with a name, where you can claim anything and everything without having to provide any proof. A place where you are guaranteed attention, even if you don't belong and only cause problems.

Apart from being all of the aforementioned, he is a notorious samefag. His favourite M.O. is to create a thread asking for general information on one of the few limited subjects he believes he has some knowledge of, then filling said thread with his own replies. This is an attempt to create the illusion that he contributes something to /k/, but it is very transparent and never fools anyone. He is considered by many to be the worst tripfag in the history of /k/ (that's right kids, even worse than Douk or Marisa). Much all of the time these threads will be ripe with images, either pictures of his father's guns (because he doesn't own any because he's a niggerfaggot) or images pilfered from a website used by people who actually own guns.

Famous LMJ quotes:

Yet we still find swords, forged by cavemen. Hmmm.


— - on why stainless steel is a bad choice for knives

Broseph, I was 5'7" 135lbs in Highschool. I played officiated Ice Hockey, played paintball competetively, and was well liked by everyone. To this day I'm still friends with a majority of my graduating class.


— - on how he's awesome and popular and athletic

Milling marks everywhere, very loose tolerances, OBVIOUS COPY OF THE COLT 1911A1 but with a lot of "liberties" taken...I'm sure if they were new, there'd be burrs on the metal.


— - on the subject of the Tokarev TT-33

I post zero copypasta or misinformation. I'm rather well liked here by board contributors.


— - stroking his own massive ego

He brings new meaning to the phrase "Nasally, whiney nerd"


— - Anonymous

LMJ is the last of the holdout tripshitposters, a relic of a time when shitposting and tripfagging were synonymous. He's coasting on his reputation now. Knowing his reputation is nothing on /k/, he posts superficially /k/ related threads, knowing his very presence will provoke scorn and abuse, which is the only DELISHUS ATTENSHUN he can get. Don't forget your sage, kids.


— - Anonymous

black person

A nigger from Africa that ventured to the U.S. to find a cure for AIDS that was given to him by his nigger back in Africa. Only posts on /k/ to show off his shitty Glock and radio in attempts to increase his penis size so that he can match the penis size of the nigger waiting for him back in Africa. His EDC consists of an African passport and African money. It is rumored that this reminds SA Operator of the nigger that is waiting for him back in Africa and that motivates him to keep finding cure for AIDS. Got b& for being a faggot. Famous for LMJ dicksucking because LMJ is the only tripfag more hated than him and will take whatever he can get.


Randomly appearing out of nowhere like most tripfags, he comes and goes at random, usually coming to spew some shit about glorious mother Russia or .22 shooting. Supposedly belongs to a shooting club and owns a 10/22 but magically never has a camera. Started his tripfaggotry as CollegeFag, which sparked the butthurt of anonymous, who decided to spark his butthurt by calling him a nogood hipster faggot, thus he changed his name. He got in a pissing contest with LegalMumboJumbo before his ban-spree, eventually leading to LMJ admitting to being a massive hipster faggot and winning SlavshitFag 10 internets, which he promptly threw at GIRL! for nudes.


A self-righteous and arrogant homosexual from Switzerland who admits this fact in his own trip. Attempts crude trolling techniques which consist of posting a series of expensive gun photos stolen from various online forums and claiming them as his own. He claims to own thousands of dollars worth of class III weapons and machine guns with a SIG 551 being his center piece. This has obviously never been substantiated and can thus this grotesquely stupid trip can be brushed off as a local idiot waving his penis at oncoming traffic in a futile attempt at attention-whoring. Among his deluded rants, he states that handguns are worthless and that a 40-pound 4-foot DP-28 machine gun makes a superb CQB weapon. Is believed to be S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

/k/ Memes (aka How to troll /k/)

In ur thread, hating ur gunz.
Black Lazar, lesser known cousin of White Death, charges his Moist Nugget (That's a Mauser dumbass).

AK47 vs M16/AR-15

Dumb endless discussion that is irrelevant since the Desert Eagle pwns both.


Gb2 /toy/

Banned in Britain

Guns, knives, self-defence, capitalism, individual freedom, fun, etc.

Barrel shroud

YouTube Favicon.png According to fat, dumb, anti-gun, dykes its a shoulder thing that goes up.


The only country on Earth that is better than /k/ at throwing their lives away for stupid shit. A military power of elite Segway operators, inform /k/ that in a conflict between the United States and the People's Republic of China, the United States would lose.


A strip of metal used to load rounds into a magazine, refering to a magazine as a clip is considered sacrileges.


A corruption of "Call of Duty" that /k/ommandos use because they think it sounds witty. /k/ommandos can't accept the fact that it's a video game version of an action movie and will bitch about realism and the guns.


The ultimate weapon to defeat any threat, offered in a selection of awesomely XBOX HUEG rounds including .357 magnum, .41 magnum, .44 magnum and the best of them all, the .50 Action Express. Video game developers not only love to add this gun as a weapon in their games but make it one of the best available, even though there is not a single IRL military, law enforcement, security or other such agency or organisation anywhere in the world that has ever issued it or recommended it for use to anyone due to the fact that it is a heavy, bulky, expensive, high-recoil piece of shit. But you won't convince a /k/ommando of this so instead tell them to attach an under barrel tactical katana for extra brownie points.

FEMA death camps

A troll guaranteed to get at least a handful of replies from the paranoid survivalist libertarians who think that FEMA is constructing death camps to genocide conservatives or some bullshit they heard at the last John Birch Society meeting.


A line of pistols made by an Austriafag curtain rail manufacturer. These pistol's, particularly the .40 calibre model 22, 23 and 27 versions are probably the most fapped over guns out there, you are not a true operator unless you have at least one of these things.

IDF girls

Yet even more proof that /k/ommandos are basement dwellers who have over 20 fleshlights.


Courtesy of /a/, a picture from the animu The Sacred Blacksmith showing a Japanese Katana slicing through a European sword. It has the potential to troll any board on 4chan.


Mudgooks trolling about how their military is better than a tiny island. Every MALAYSIA STRONG post is a repost.


Referred to as a 'mag' for short and not a clip which is something completely different (see above). Faggot, ignorant anti-gun politicians and anti-gun activists believe any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds is 'high-capacity', or as they would say in their retarded, Orwellian, newspeak "Its these high capacity clips than can hold more than ten bullets that need to be banned because they are used with assault weapons which are favoured by gang members and cop killers and have no sporting use”.


Shit gun loved by f/a/ggots who should gtfo and gb2/a/.

Moist Nugget

Very cheap Russian bolt action rifle, perfect for barely-18-year-old faggots who wish to own a gun but mommy won't let them charge over 100 dollars on her credit card.

Mech Thread

Start a thread about why KAWAII DESU~ GUNDAMUs would totally be the answer to every military problem ever despite being completely useless and impossible to make. Guaranteed image and thread limit with a side of shitstorm. Enjoy!

Open carry

Wiki wild wild wiki wiki wild wiki wild wiki wiki wild wild west.


Operator, operator, operator. Operator-operator, operator operator. Operator operator operator.


A topic guaranteed to get 200+ replies. Hot button issues include the typical conservative bait like taxes, global warming and capital punishment.

Sig Sauer

Commonly just called Sig or SIG. Overpriced shit only favored by fanboys.


Once you go slavshit, you never go back (to slavshit).


A gun doesn't need to work, it just needs to look cool.

Vladimir Putin

You would not last 5 minutes in his world.

Whale Wars

Hey guys let's become privateers and fight hippy pirates by throwing smoke grenades at them!

What's in your pockets, /k/?

Take a picture of over 9,000 of your favorite gadgets and tools and pretend you carry them around all day as your "EDC". guaranteed to grow your e-peen by four inches, because everyone will fap to the idea of you carrying a handgun, two knives, a muti-tool, a flashlight, pepper spray/a tazer, a pen and paper and an iPhone as well as backups to all of these because "I'm a l33t tacticool operater who's ready for anything!!!1!11!!one1!!!"


A Chinese soldier with camouflage face paint grinning like a Chinaman who just saw some unoppressed Tibetans.


Cancer killing /k/.

Assault rifles should become illegal copypasta

Posting this copypasta will cause immediate butthurt among /k/ommandoes. Be sure to accompany the thread with a picture of guns being destroyed.

"Assault rifles should become illegal. And I will tell you why. FACT: In 2005, the year after the Clinton assault ban was lifted, murders with assault weapons rose 140%.

FACT: In a 2006 Brady campaign study, they found that 40% of assault weapon owners think there should be NO gun laws.

FACT: In 2010 there were 13,000 minors killed in USA by assault weapons.

FACT: In a 2009 million mom March study, they found that 40% of gun owners would shoot a person just for stepping on their property

There is NO reason to EVER own a assault weapon.

If you sell assault weapons you Should be charged with assistance to murder. Because you DID supply the weapon.

There is no reason to EVER own a semiautomatic gun.

I think I proved my point you dumb fuck inbred redneck dumbasses.


you know it's the fucking truth

Pic related, it's what I want to see on Every corner"

Typical threads

  • Some guy looking for his first gun (thinly veiled troll attempt to get a fight started amongst fanboys)
  • Army vs. Marines dickwaving contest
  • America is best dickwaving contest
  • "i won 2 joyn da milatury"
  • Pimp my gun thread
  • The latest conservative urban legends like FEMA death camps
  • would you fuck the girl from American Guns or Sons Of Guns?
  • Someone posts a news article about some random violence in some third-world country followed by everyone thinking WW3 is coming and having survivalist fantasies
  • Stolen Valor (some guys dressing up as soldiers for halloween or costume parties and militaryfags sperging out for "defiling the memory of my brothers")
  • /ak/ thread
  • EDC
  • Girls with guns (some skanky hillbillies holding a gun in a bikini)

/k/ on Encyclopedia Dramatica

It has already been repeatedly established that /k/ is the easiest board to troll on 4chan and probably the entire internet. The simplest way to do so of course is to suggest that there may currently be a woman / black person / homosexual browsing /k/ or that at one point in time there was one.

But here on ED is where the true displays of immaturity can be found. Simply by checking the history of the page can you see the amount of vandalism the big strong manly man internet tough guys of /k/ sour the page with. Butthurt is the main import of ED but on this page it really shines.

Even more amazing is that all the vandalism suggests that there are people from /k/ that can actually read. Though it is possible their mothers are reading it to them while changing their diapers.

Some legendary /k/ screencaps

/k/ommandos in their natural habitat

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