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Justin Dabrow: a mole-chinned portait of a predator.

Justin Dabrow is a closet pedophile and film director for Captivate Entertainment who's currently infesting the state of California. Originally from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Dabrow graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, and then set off to make it big in the film industry. However, his online activities while attending said school revealed other interests which overshadow his budding movie career.

From an outside glance, Dabrow's cheesy films seem like innocently lame works of art, with crudely amateur angles and effects. But taking into account what he does online in his spare time, they suddenly ring alarm bells for the parents of every child he's ever filmed. This would have gone unnoticed had it not been for e-detectives who picked up on distinctive patterns on YouTube and Facebook, connected several sock accounts to a single disturbing individual, and confronted him about his sick fuck activities.

Internet Child Predator

Asphyxiated little kids get me *this* hard!

Justin is persistent enough with his online child stalking that it catches the attention of many concerned users of social networking. While no in-person encounters are known to internet vigilantes at this time, Justin has, on at least one occasion, publicly commented his interests in youths he sees in passing, such as a former Nickelodeon child actor who would skate past him on his way to college every day.

Multiple Account Disorder

For several years now, Dabrow's main outlet for preying on children to entertain his sexual fetishes has been YouTube. Dabrow creates countless YouTube accounts in which he pretends to be a 16-year-old boy in high school and openly contacts children and young teenagers with a series of bizarre video "challenge" requests pertaining to breath holding, on the pretense of seeking help for a "school project." While Dabrow contacts both genders on a regular basis, about 85% of the time he targets younger boys over girls.

Along with fake YouTube accounts, Dabrow has also had at least 2 fake Facebook profiles which were used to engage children and were discovered upon typing his G-mail email addresses into Facebook's search box. In both instances, he pretended to be teenage girls with fake names and claimed to be students of his old school in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. In one instance, backtracing "Megan Potter"'s profile picture (the name of one of his fake accounts) took you to a news story of a young girl who was being recognized for being an excellent soccer player for her school, despite living with a painful physical condition. It seems Justin will sink as low as he needs to in order to get the material he so desperately craves, even stealing images of courageous kids who went through traumatic events in life in order to lure boys to his hard drive. Be on the lookout for his next profile pic, a girl who survived gang rape and cancer.

The Lure

In order to obtain the breath holding fetish material he so desperately needs, he has to trick children online into filming it for him by presenting the fetish as a "fan request" or "challenge." He utilizes all the common methods he can in order to do so, such as promising more views and subscribers to the kid, or telling them that it's going to help a "fellow student" succeed in school.

It seems Justin has a list of things that sexually arouse him when performed by children. The following message is copy-pasted in both public comments and private messages to countless kids on the YouTube video-sharing platform:

Hey, I'm doing a project for school where I have to see on average who has a greater lung capacity between males and females and saw you did the cinnamon challenge and wanted to know if you can help me with this. I made 7 categories.

1) How long can the person hold their breath while sitting still.

2) Can the person blow up a water balloon or other novelty balloon

3) How long the person can exhale (you do this by putting a straw in a cup and blowing bubbles in one breath as long as you can)

4) How long the person can do a lip trill.

5) How many times the person can say the alphabet slowly in one breath.

6) How long the person can hold their breath underwater (you can do this by filling a small bowl of water and submerging just your nose and mouth.)

7) How long the person can hold a piece of paper on a wall just by blowing on it.(you can try multiple times)

So i was wondering if u guys could make a video doing those things so i can see what u can and can't do,( you can post it , make it unlisted or even email it to me) and try at least one or two if not all of those things that would be great. So Let me know. Thanks!


His public comments also include the typical smiley face emoticons that adults preying on children tend to use so as to appear more young and friendly. Whenever a child would film just one of the requests for him, Justin would continue to bombard them with comments on all of their recent uploads, urging them to complete the entire list for him as soon as possible.

Seems innocent, right? Well it would be for an actual 16-year-old who needed help with a school project. But Justin Dabrow wasn't 16 at the time of these requests, nor was he in high school. He was in fact in his mid 20's and attending college. So why feel the need to lie about your motives and identity?

Justin Gets Busted

Justin prefers his boys blue in the face.

Once several users began seeing a pattern in several different YouTube accounts hitting up all the boys (and sometimes girls) with the exact same verbatim request, they began publicly commenting their findings on Dabrow's multiple channels and on the videos made for him by other kids. Dabrow was eventually contacted in private on his former main predator account (pumpkinfreeze101) and confronted about this bizarre coincidence.

As most closet pedophiles ashamed of their sickfuckery will do, he laughed off the message, maintained he was a teenager, and denied any wrongdoing in pestering hoards of children on a daily basis to film themselves not breathing for his viewing pleasure. Justin was then sent an IP-grabbing link, which he clicked, and a private IP address at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles was extracted. Dabrow was then tricked into providing a personal email address by someone pretending to be a child interested in emailing him a breath holding video, and this email address ([email protected]) was typed into Facebook, which pulled up his personal account, revealing his name and face, and confirming his location as Loyola Marymount University.

When Dabrow was messaged his real name and location on YouTube, all of a sudden every sock account which had been sending out the not-so-innocent requests to little boys and girls were suddenly deleted, as was his personal Facebook. That's a bingo!

If he defended his actions before, why on earth would he delete all his accounts when presented with his identity? It's almost as if he's well aware that tricking children online into filming videos of themselves going as long as they can without oxygen and saving said videos to his hard drive is dangerous and disturbing... and how lovely that a closet pedophile just graduated from film school and is already setting out casting calls for young boys to be in his movies. As we all know, there comes a point in every serial killer or pedophile's life where fantasizing is no longer enough to satisfy, and Justin will strike out at the first child he can get his hands on.

Justin (red hat, 3rd from left) on set for one of his films with some of his precious child actors.

Justin Discovers This Article

It should be noted that when confronted about his pedo activies, Justin utilizes the typical defense of at first deny, and then use the "No, you" method of accusing the accuser of being a pedophile themselves. Proof of this can be seen in the history of this article, which he has attempted to vandalize several times now, but to no avail.

He at first attempted to turn it into a puff vanity piece a few times, rife with inaccuracies, and when that was reverted, he then attempted to turn it into an attack on the author, where he insulted them for their open personal interests, and falsely accused them of being a pedophile who pesters children on the internet to entertain their fetishes like he does.

In another failed attempt, he signed up on ED with yet another account and attempted to add a debit card number to this article in an attempt to have it deleted for containing illegal personal information.

ED Sock Accounts

It appears that Justin's lucky number here is 7, am I right? And there's that commonly-used 101 numerical suffix again.

Justin's favorite commercial.

Pedos Never Learn

No surprise to any, Justin waited for the heat to die down (or so he thought), and then in 2016 started up with the exact same pattern again, creating hoards of sock accounts and bombarding the channel of young boys with requests and challenges pertaining to not breathing. Any account commenting the same type of bizarre breath holding requests is subscribed to nothing but young boys, and most of these subscribed channels have already fulfilled one of his fetish requests for him.

He's back to using fake names such as "Greg Sommer," and he came up with more creative screen names such as "Salad441," "Butterfly Wings212," and YouTube Favicon.png Saninja101, which all use three random numbers at the end just as his previous ones, such as "pumpkinfreeze101."

Justin tricks another kid into getting him off.

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