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Just Be a Fucking Feminist You Shitbags

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I <3 Feminism
Archived Facebook page.

Just Be a Fucking Feminist You Shitbags is a recent Facebook page promoting feminism, much in the same way that sperging out in public promotes Autism awareness. As you can tell by the totally reasonable and welcoming name, JBFFYS is a group run by kind, loving people who just want equal rights for everyone, just like Compassionate Conservatives. It should also be noted that there should really be a comma between "Fucking Feminist" and "You Shitbags," but don't point this out to them, because they don't like being corrected.


The known ringleaders of JBFFYS include a butthurt, man-hating woman who was almost raped and hates all men as a result, a pansexual furry, and a man pretending to be feminist in order to get laid, but it's not known whether the dude is trying to get laid by men, Boys, or Womyn, but serious doubts are called into question about the last one due to his picture on this page. However, it's often hard to tell who's who because all the members share the same account (probably because they're too stupid to remember more than one username or password). Maybe they should stick to something they know such as getting back in the kitchen and making sandwiches, although would you trust a sandwich from a pansexual furry who calls herself "genderqueer" like some sort of politically correct term for "I haven't had good dick" let alone anything from these Nazi Jewish girls? Kind of like Niggernazi Porn amirite? Recent intelligence reports that JBFFYS is just one dude who suffers from multiple personalities, namely ones that are female, almost raped, and totally man-hating who edits with multiple Proxies. So, basically, the dude who identifies as an almost raped pansexual furry little bitch of a man who happens to be genderqueer. Wow, they basically have every single possible anti-Privilege item covered in the fag's description of himself, all they need is a fucking black lesbian and they'll have everything covered!

Any time someone attempts a reasonable discussion or debate with JBFFYS, one or more of the ringleaders will bitch at them, block them, then delete all their comments, lest someone on the page read them and learn to start thinking logically. There is no room for logical debate on the JBFFYS' Failbook page, in fact, due to the proven fact that Feminists are as dumb as a door stop, for example, see BitingBeaver for an example of the intelligence of a true Feminist. Another lulzy thing about this group is that they enjoy blaming all problems of the world on men, including childbirth, as in their worldview children are parasites that should be aborted. On the other hand, they get awfully tissy if anyone tries to do the same thing to women.


mras and feminists arguing at u of t mra event


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