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Jumped the Shark

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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Scene from the episode of Happy Days when The Fonz jumped over a shark.
A jumping shark

Jumping the Shark originated from the 1970s show Happy Days, when the Fonz literally jumped a shark in one episode. It was all downhill from there. Since then, the term has been used to discuss TV series. It is now applied to nearly anything that might potentially have a climax. It may also refer to a show that had previously climaxed, and is now relying on gimmicks to keep it moving. The phrase is used by douchebags who consider themselves original and cool because of their early involvement (as fans, not contributors of any kind) with a series which was once obscure but later became popular (e.g. Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Simpsons), because any change means that the creators of the show are evil money-grubbing bastards who don't care about their audience.

Stuff that's Jumped the Shark

Fun Facts

  • Usually when you say something has jumped the shark, it is you jumping the shark, not the thing.
  • At least a million faggots will defend their favorite cult shows by saying it didn't jump. PROTIP: Troll for maximum lulz.
  • Most things on the internet jumped the shark at least 100 years ago, including the phrase 'jumping the shark', which indiefucks have replaced with 'jumping the couch' following Tom Cruise's last blubbering Oprah appearance.

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