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It's easier than you think...

American Juggalo culture knows no lows, and as our future an hero MY.gif juggalette_kmk420 spears her way through teh internets like AIDS through Rootbrian, we as a human race learn the impossible; how does juggalette ride lollercoaster?

Answer: pretty fucking easily.

Heroin Barbie and the Great Milenko

A daily regimen of Xanax and Percocet keeps the doctor away in your pocket!
The next Catholic that says birth control is a bad idea....

Erica began life the way she ended up living her teenage years; as a Juggalo whore in training. As of late, wannabe an hero Scott Riley has proved over 9000 times that Juggalos come to no good end, and this is true of wiggers, regardless of sex. She was known to live in a trailer in southern Illinois whilst all the way injecting heroin into her feet, drinking gallons of liquor and smoking weed purchased from Tom Serson; content on doing nothing all day except being a drug addict. To alleviate this boredom, about 3-4 times a week our starlet would put on a show through various networking sites.

It is well known that Erica would also arrange sexual favors on Second Life, having set up her own PayPal account for in-game sexual favors. God only knows how the hell she managed to secure a checking account, since it is a fact that Juggalos are shittier with money than Mark Foley around your 13-year old brother.

ok this is my first blog ever. i just thought i would try it. i dont really know what to do with it so ill just say whats on my mind. i am so unhappy with my life right now. i mean i got my own place and everything but... i dont know how to explain it... i am just not happy. i dont even know how to make myself happy. i thought i hide my depression kinda good but i think thats just the alcohol and weed that make me think i am masking it. i wish i could feel good and smile without the help of drugs. but for any of you that know me u know weed is my prozac...sadly. but at least i see myself with a nice future... its just a lil rocky right now and for the past 21 years. but oh well i have made it this far right? as soon as i get a way out of this shithole lil town i moved to a year ago i know things will look up for me... but yeah i am kinda just babling on about the same old shit i am sure almost all of u feel. so yeah if u want u should leave me a lil comment... i kinda like this blog this its a nice way to vent to an invisable shrink! ha


—Erica, masturbating while God kills a kitten

21, 22 or 25; no one on Earth knows how old this whore is. Every networking site she polluted has a different age posted for her. The only conclusion to be drawn is Erica is so damn high she can't remember how old she is. This behavior is typical with all Juggalos and Juggalettes worldwide.

Attention Whore 2.0

If you add me back, I'll owe you $1,000 Internet Dollars and suck your dick, this I swear by the Juggalo Creed
Proof that Erica has AIDS

Throughout the course of her online whoredom, Erica has managed to get herself b& seven times from Stickam for nudity, yet she still has many camsite accounts up which are currently active and open for trolling. According to her many moderators consisted of the guys who she would consider fucking, but actually turned out to be worse looking Grawps than her. These basement dwellers allege Erica would complain about needing to be fucked, which is illogical due to the fact that Juggalos will fuck anything that breathes (and some things that don't). Asking for a cock picture was never out of the question and soon our future an hero would amass a huge dong collection.

As more social networking sites pop up on the Internets, better chances exist to troll Erica, as it is great fun and can be done on a Friday night when there's nothing better to do. Since she's looking for a place to live, if you happen to reside in the St. Louis area be sure to look her up.

negatron puts out the n00dz

Good soldier negatron happens to be the owner vandalizer of a site called FYINet (otherwise known as fuckyourinternet) which is primarily about posting tit pics you stole off of a 16-year-old girl on MySpace, a lame games board and pedo-trolling. According to Erica she was being targeted by the admins but in IRL, no one believes a slut. This doesn't change if the situation occured OL either.

One day Erica decides to give mod status to negatron and lulz ensues as he quickly posts them right onto /fyi/, earning 9001 internets.


In the gallery above you will find pictures of her tits and thanks to Anonymous here you can download her porn debut <--- CAN'T UNSEE THIS!!! Fortunately there is no audio. Rumor has it that her male co star is none other than her weed dealer Boondox, another wigger who loves the Juggalette cunny.

How Do I Get Apartment?

Diet of Juggalos everywhere.
We can blame the Jews Juggalos for poverty.
Only Erica could get a cat so baked it forgets it's supposed to chase the goddamn mice.

On May 6th, 2009, Erica posted on MySpace of all places that she was homeless and needed a sugardaddy. Prospective applicants should message her immediately.


Upon further investigation, Anonymous learns the real reasons why Erica needs a new apartment:

these pics is what i came home to after my out of town trip on new years... this used to be my house till they did this to is..


—Erica, realizing that her friends are faggots and showing her love for proper grammar

The Saga of Smokey McCat

The one, the only... Smokey McPot.

If this bitch doesn't take this goddamn cancer off my neck, I think I'm just gonna claw her fucking eyes out...OMFG IM PRESSIN CHARGES


—Smokey McPot, preparing for the lulz

Things just ain't the same for gangsters, times have changed... young niggers is aging.

Let's Get The Cat High!

As we all know thanks to Dave Chapelle that getting your cats higher than Tom Serson is a perfectly acceptable commonplace in American society, Erica continues to post MySpace pics of this ongoing pet abuse which chalks up to glorious lulz. According to her internet lawyers, continuous clambake sessions with the aptly named Smokey McPot <-- no srsly do not violate teh Geneva Conventions, however getting cats high have a lasting impact on abortion rights and Murder A Juggalo Day, which is held every day of the year on the hour, evary hour, thanks to Girlvinyl.

Even worse, she decides to make him wear a Psychopathic Records chain, which has to be the most atrocious abuse of all. This ensures any spot Smokey that urinates on will turn into a copy of "Santa Claus Is A Fat Bitch". Why on earth anyone would allow their cat to wear such a faux-pas is beyond those of higher wisdom, however all we can do is learn from this mistake, this shitstain on society and not put our cats through this.

Some argue that pet abuse is okay, as long as it doesn't cross the lines. To set the precedent, we turn to Kenny Glenn for advice:


If you don't know where you are going, you can never get lost.


—Faggotry from one of America's finest exemplars of animal rights.

As we can see, words are worth their weight in gold and a picture is worth a thousand words.

Cat Abuse

The after effects: a high, pissed off cat

It is common knowledge that Erica practices water torture on Smokey, and usually it's tap water to boot. Anonymous found these photos outside of her trailer in St. Loius Nevada? No one knows for sure, but since she finally got back on Stickam aspiring Herpes patients have flocked to her page. Of course we'll get to that later, but now to the wet pussy at hand!

New Erica 22 KITTY ABUSE.jpg Tony murder morpheus.jpg

JUST IN: All lies.


One contstant virtue in a true practicing juggalette's life is dishonesty; the ability to lie. Few people possess this attribute like Erica does, and some argue whether or not she tells the truth about her "injuries". Take first the case of Erik, the first man to be outed by a Juggalette on MySpace for domestic violence total awesomeness.

This is the nigga who did this

Our hero, Erik the Rabbit.
Even Colin Baker thinks you deserved what you got. Tough break.

A user on Second Life decided to take his relationship with Erica to the next level by paying her to fuck him in real life. Once she accepted his offer, he proceeded to pwn the everliving shit out of her in front of everybody in Quincy.

According to our Juggaslut, a model citizen by the name of Erik (MY.gif whoisthewhiterabbit) beat the everliving shit out of her at the local Dairy Queen for ordering a White Russian. Lulz poured freely out of the soda dispenser as The Rabbit (he RLY calls himself that, no lie) smacked her around like JuggaletteJenny and the latest issue of Tattoo.

Many knights in shining armor break out of their shells to jump at the chance of defending Erica's honor.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Erica's tough guys.JPG

Twiztid fans beat me up

Attending a show that includes artists from Psychopathic Records is heresy enough, but when Erica posts pictures identical to the ones in the 4 days after..what happens when u trust someone folder on her MySpace account even /b/tards ask LOL WUT. Allegedly the label whored out Jewish rap group Twiztid to perform at a local venue in Erica's area. Since she was able to make enough money from sucking dick on Second Life, she was able to give her whore friend Triple Six $50 to sit on her boyfriend's lap on the way to the show, thus finalizing attendance. Catholics everywhere screamed rage and pigs began to take off into the sky.

The Doctor is In!(side that ass)

Internet detectives have come to two possible scenarios, both of which can be as real as the other, or occurring simultaneously. Either she's lying about how she's getting the bruises, or she enjoys getting the shit beaten out of her. Since Dick Masterson says it's okay to beat women, nobody on ED should care that she's both butthurt and body hurt.

Some argue that Dick Masterson is not a real doctor, but that's like saying Erica's not a real internet slut. I mean come on, Dick never got himself fucked on a couch on Stickam, amirite?

Erica 2.0

Juggalette420 Jenkem Motivational Poster.JPG

Rumor has it that one of the faggy Juggalos running around injected Erica with a big fat AIDS-ridden syringe of self-esteem. This allowed her to re-invent herseif. Some argue she has gotten better looking through her new course of action, but we all know it has been staged for her and we witness firsthand what happens when Juggalos are allowed to use the internets.

Also she's become aware of the lulz at her expense, but only through this revelation do we understand exactly why crack is wack.

Dont give a fuck about a troll.PNG


Erica's Random MySpace Faggotry About missing Pics
Moar Internets About missing Pics

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