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Judith Park...acting slutty.

Judith Park is a Korean German comic artist who rocketed to stardom at an early age. This Manga-ka phenomenon, who at the time of this writing is only 25, began her career sketching comic art at the tender age of 13 and swiftly took the manga world by storm with such titles as A Rotten Day and Dystopia is now feeling the effects of both love–lost and the internet hate machine at the same time.


DAT ASS! is what a nigger would say.
Judith Park...being slutty.
Judith in happier times.
Basically, someone(we think her ex) posted nudes of her on imagefap and both /b/ and /jp/ found them. Shit snowballed and got epic from there.


—Internet Hate Machine

Judith Park surfaced as a manga artist by winning a competition in Cologne, Germany by defeating 90 other competitors. By 2009, she was a successful artist, known the world over for her famed comic Dystopia, which details stories that most guys do not like, but girls eat up faster than the newest Stephanie Meyer Twilight book.

This meteoric rise manga stardom would have its price though. Sometime in the recent past, Park, because she was a naive slut, allowed her boyfriend to take a multitude of shocking pornographic pictures of her in various poses and in various places. Then, stupidly, somebody put the pictures on the internet…you can see where this is going.

There's a stilted, rushed quality to Park's storytelling, because she relies on her characters to talk out their inner thoughts, as if they were actors in a play. In one scene, Ju-Jin sighs, "I wish I could be at a photo shoot, becoming famous." She sends off her headshots to a magazine and gets accepted on her first try. So much for dramatic tension.


—Description of Dystopia

Once the two split up, the pictures were now either uploaded to servers or they already existed on the internet and the addresses to those pictures were advertised on several chan sites including 4chan and Krautchan. This started a tidal wave of lulz that included several fake DeviantART accounts, and at least one YouTube video mocking the young artist.


Original thread on 4chan.
Robert Labs, a smug douchebag, who despite being retarded was pulling down hot yellow ass fucking ugly ass. We like to insult and pretend his GF is ugly to make ourselves feel good, because we are virgins on here who are autistic and can't even get a GF, let alone someone like Park.
Robert Labs is officially fucked.


—Guilty until proven innocent.

It has been suspected that Robert Labs, another German comic artist and Judith Park’s ex-boyfriend is the person responsible for the release of the images. Until this is proven, just tell everybody he did it anyway because he probably did in a fit of drunken butthurt and will have to face the full power of German internet law once Judith stops crying long enough to call her lawyers. It is obvious that Robert Labs did it because he is a white pedophile (because apparently liking adult Asian women makes you a pedophile, apparently all Asian men are pedophiles also according to this logic).

Further investigations in the depths of the interbutt and careful comparison of pooper-moles on different pictures suggest that she might have actually posted at least some pictures herself on ImageFap using the playful moniker asiabitch21. Her activities included posting pictures of her beef curtains as well as complimenting other users on their big dicks (this is likely to be a guy posting this, we autistic people on ED though like to think that most female profiles on porn sites are real women since it makes us feel good).

Incriminating youtube video

Another video was discovered shortly thereafter, showing her with her Puerto Rican boyfriend. The video contains previously unknown pictures and what seems to be confessions of love written by a mentally retarded child.


It seems plausible that Labs threw a hissy fit after being IRL perma-banned from the cooch.

Fake DA Page and Account

Some commentary.
OP here and maker of that DA... I'm struggling to see whats funnier... this whole thing, or the fucking retards on deviant art messaging me their msns and shit and saying 'oo nice vag can i lick it


—From the fake DA account.

While all of this drama was occurring, some brilliant anon thought it would be wise to start a DevianTART account called Judithlikesit. This effort, besides being funny as shit, had two other effects:

  • It allowed the /b/tard to troll various DeviantART idiots who keep sending him lulzy messages to the wrong account.


you are a beautiful person. Why do you expose yourself like that?
Its not bad to pose naked... but like this?
Look for someone who makes more artistic photos from you.
Just a friendly suggestion.
Oh dear god...
"~Judithlikesit 39 minutes 23 seconds ago
I think you might like my gallery
I r fapping."

Quotes from The Internet Hate Machine

Famous female german comic artist has her nude pics leaked on the interwebs, anonymous and bernd see it as their duty to inform the public, and meanwhile her ex-boyfriend webmaster is trying to do damage control and deletes threads left and right.


—TL;DR for the whole mess.



—Most common reaction.

I just called the bitch and she hang up on me almost immediately (I guess she was expecting someone esle). Anyway, she obviously knows what's going on otherwise she wouldn't be sobbing like a baby. Bloody hell, /b/ ruined someone's life, AGAIN. Good work!


—Moar internet hate machine.

That's a well fucked cunt. A lot of bulbous German cock has plowed that shit.


—You still fapped though.

holy fuck i remember when i was in germany she was fucking huge upcoming non-japanese mangaka everybody loved her is this what she has become?



How famous is Judith Park? Well here is an image that answers a few questions. . . She's like Stephanie Meyer of the Manga universe. She exploded incredibly quick onto the scene apparantly. She's only 24 years old. Is the most famous Manga-ka in Germany.


—Brief description.

Over night sensation. Instant success. Nice boobs. Though checking out her Manga is considered wise as they really are directed twoards the wimminz. (Men don't find situational humor funny. We think farts is deh lulz) Judith Park is actually quite famous. Apparantly her stories in her manga's aren't always that great but she is considered one of the better artists (According to some critic whom apparantly thought her story blew shit) Judith Park is famous. How famous? Manga artist famous. How famous is Manga artist famous? About as famous as if Chris Chan became published. Only difference is that this definitely is a visual improvement over some bent duck.


—Long description.

Dude, there's no way she can deny being a whore. My guess is she fucked with all her ex boyfriends heads and they got together to mess her shit up.


—Because this is how all grown men break up with girlfriends.

Geez. . . I feel bad because she actually is a nice person. . . even if she is horny to please her boyfriends.


—Don't let the tits fool you.

If you become famous learn that you shouldn't take nudie photos of yourself, even if you have a moment of thought,"Oh this will be fun." It may be fun. But guess where those photos end up? Remain Anonymous, do not take the nudie photos of yourself. Take them of everyone else without their consent or their knowing. That way its legal to post them wherever.


—Internet lesson from /b/ for today.

It's her exboyfriend who leaked the pics who will burn in the end, so it's all cool. The damage was done without anonymous! With making the leak more public we're doing her A FAVOR duh


—Drama without /b/??? GASP!


Getting shut down by DevianTART.

It is safe to say that this girl will do anything for her boyfriend(s), which was a great thing until now. Her next lover won't be able to get near that snatch without going through a metal detector first. Also, after /b/ and the rest of the internet gets through with dragging her life through a huge, steaming pile of horseshit, she may be drawing her comics from a mental asylum.

  • It is okay to pose for your boyfriend, just don't let him keep the memory stick to the camera.
  • If you draw shitty German comics, you will make enough money to have your breasts done (not actually fake though, apparently Asians don't all have flat chest. Apparently genetic variation can exist in other races other than white people).
  • If you draw shitty German comics and look like a complete nerd, Asian chicks will dig you.
  • If you break up with your Asian girlfriend and you are German, please post them on an English site.


Judith Gets Down About missing Pics

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