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Jtkiefer was once a respected administrator on Wikipedia. His time as administrator lasted for about a year, until he asked to be de-sysopped so he could deal with "personal problems". Most admins who need a break have the sense to just take one instead of making a huge deal out of it, but there are enough attention whores on TOW that nobody saw this move for what it was: the first sign of things to come.

Sockpuppet Creation

Jtkiefer missed Wikipedia after only a short time away, so he decided to create a second account, Pegasus1138, with which to edit under the radar. It's an open secret that many TOW administrators have sockpuppets so they can go edit Pokemon articles without being embarrassed, because even Wikipedos get tired of serious business once in a while. However, most of them have the sense God gave a squirrel and know better than to let their two accounts meet in any way.

Not Jtkiefer. He decided that being a lowly peon wasn't a gratifying enough Wikipedia experience, so he decided to try to get his "admin bits" back, but on his new flying-pony account instead of the old, already-approved account.

It didn't help, of course, that Pegasus1138 had a history of edit-warring and contentious behavior, such that more experienced users had to step in and warn him.

And it also didn't help that the same experienced users voted against him when he requested adminship.

Of course, after such cunning misdirection, no one would ever suspect that Jtkiefer and Pegasus1138 were the same person, and they certainly wouldn't be likely to accuse Jtkiefer of sockpuppet abuse. No, in fact, they would welcome him back! That Jtkiefer fellow was so level-headed and fair when dealing with rebellious users like Pegasus1138 that he clearly deserved a second run at the adminship he voluntarily gave up.

The Wikipedia community did not concur, voting 30-5 for Jtkiefer to GTFO after he revealed his clever plot in the expectation that everyone would want to be his friend. Narrowly missing a hearing in front of the Arbitration Committee, Jtkiefer found all the cool kids discussing what the fuck to do with this faggot, and delivered this totally dignified response:

Don't bother, I am perfectly capable of knowing where and when I am not wanted and I am obviously not wanted here, please also indef. block Jtkiefer if it'll make you feel better but I'll save you all the trouble and go through a self imposed wiki-ban, for the record all I ever wanted to do was help the project, everything I did was an attempt to help though I honestly don't expect you all to believe that, well so long and thanks for all the fish.



Yes, it was all the Wikipedos' fault that they couldn't recognize how helpful it was to have some dramafag requesting adminship every couple of weeks and arguing with his own sockpuppets. Damn them.

In the end, with his two accounts blocked, Jtkiefer was allowed to keep one super-secret account, which only the arbitrators know of, and he may only edit in the most obscure and boring corners of the Wiki. Since this was his own plan, observers are certain that nothing could possibly go wrong.

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