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Josh Macedo

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"How comfortable would you be calling me Daddy?"

Josh Macedo, also known as confusedtree, joshishollywood, badcgijosh, and potatoblade, is a 24-year-old resident of Ontario, Canada and was a member of the popular blogging site tumblr, where he reigned as Quirk-God of the Social Justice Realm, gathering thousands of notes and taking many concubines in his wake. Unfortunately, most of them weren't legal. Whoops!

I am a man of simple pleasures. I drink coffee, I like post-modern literature, wearing suits, attractive people and beers after work and more than anything in this world I want to adopt a guinea pig and name it SPEED METAL


—Josh, being oh so quirky and adorable.

Tumblr Popularity

Josh celebrating Canada Day in style.
174,900 notes
What a perfect representation of a character that has never been given a canon description.
8,700 notes

His claim to fame was his skinny stature, sophisticated nature, bowties, and silly poses. Thanks to his gratuitous self-photography, his face is widely known across the tumblrverse. His Canada Day antics have enjoyed massive popularity, and in 2012 he inadvertently started a meme that gained tens of thousands of reblogs and was imitated hundreds of times in the span of a few hours. The meme was declared dead the following afternoon, making it open season for other websites. As if being a skinny POC fagbait pretty-boy wasn't enough to garner all of tumblr's affection, he was also an outspoken feminist who regularly called out the sexism that ran rampant on both real life and the internet. He quickly became a positive part of the social justice side of tumblr.

Hello friends! In celebration of Lady Gaga’s new track Aura, dubbed “Burqa” by many of her fans, a lot of white people are showing their enthusiasm by fashioning burqas out of scarves, towels and blankets! I thought now would be a opportune time to make a quick tutorial if you are one of those white people and are planning on rocking some… er… “burqa swag” of your own. Accuracy and proper execution is the key. Here’s a step by step guide!

Step 1.) Find something solid and sturdy
Step 2.) Strike yourself very hard in the face with the broad side



—Josh, telling those racists what-for.
11,900 notes

More recently he became many tumblr users' "headcanon" face for Cecil, the narrator of the podcast Welcome to Night Vale. It's undetermined why they took such a liking to him but reliable sources say it's because he's thin and non-white. As everyone on tumblr knows: if you assume a character with no description is white, you are racist. Fans jumped at the chance of creating Cecil fanart using Josh's image to represent him.

But Everything Changed When the Pedo Nation Attacked

On September 13, 2013 tumblr user Tumblricon.png sweet-bitsy posted her chatlogs with Josh from earlier in the year when she was still 15 years old. Not long after bitsy's reveal of Josh's creepy actions, other women began to come forward with similar stories of Josh's unwanted advances, the majority being under 18. Several other chatlogs/text screencaps were posted that showed even more of Josh's extremely awkward and unrelenting flirting techniques, one of which was just sending pictures of himself masturbating without warning. Soon the dam broke entirely, and we became privy to an unfiltered look at the inner workings of a sick man.


I told him I was underage and he said that it was legal where he lived.



Somehow Josh failed to realize that though the age of consent in Canada was 14 prior to 2008, it has since been raised to 16. Or maybe he did know and just wanted some sweet jailbait nudes. I mean she posted a picture of her bare legs on her personal blog. She was totally asking for it.

Josh's Conversation with Sweet-Bitsy About missing Pics


Unsolicited Skype photo.

I’d like to rehash the fact that I am a legal adult, so in that regard he did nothing wrong. What was wrong were the situations in which he disregarded my obvious discomfort in seeking out his own sexual gratification, as well as the unsolicited and unwanted sexual pictures he sent me.

Also, a disturbing thought has crossed my mind, in that although I am 21 years old I’ve often been mistaken for 15 or 16. It’s disturbing to me that he seems to continually go after girls who are either underage or who look like they are.




Such sparkling repartee.


oh all this stuff about josh macedo is coming out cool he was like that with me when i was barely 17 and thought it was really cool that an Internet Celebrity was coming onto me so i didnt like. tell anyone that i was uncomfortable i guess and i like consented and whatever but yeah he was very uh sexual without any prompting whatsoever with me soooo lols :)




I posted this originally under a read more but decided that, with the direction this is all taking, I would post it for more people to see in full. I know some of his apologisers are still out in their bowtie wearing ranks so I’ve taken a preemptive measure and shut down my ask box. As a disclaimer: I’m not claiming I was sexually harassed by Josh Macedo, I am not saying I am a victim, especially in comparison to the girls coming out in the tag, but I am posting this to support the evidence that he creeps on underage girls knowing that they are underage and that he makes people feel uncomfortable.

My age was on my blog, my evident minor status very clear. I was pretty naive about that stuff last year and once I became more aware, I also became more uncomfortable with it. He rarely reblogged from me, or even liked my posts, but the posts he did like were always sexual in nature.





This is so weird. I had a very similar exchange with josh, he sent me the same photo of him semi naked that this person has here. I suppose he’s sent it to loads of people, he’s said similar sexually charged things to me in the past which I never thought twice about cos it’s the internet and it didn’t mean anything to me? Plus I have a bf so it wasn’t reciprocate obvi.



[-+]numberninedream, Josh's ex

The heart-warming story of Josh and the person he repeatedly manipulated and forced himself upon under the pretense of "dating".

Page 1/3
Page 1
Page 2/3
Page 2
Page 3/3
Page 3

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[-+]deerhoof and others

i have talked to 3 girls today who told me about bad experiences they had with josh macedo (who want to remain anonymous and well one look at bitsys blog will tell you fucking why lol) and another person he approached when they were 16 years old (deerhoof) is also posting saying that he sent unsolicited nudes to them and a ton of his friends are expressing that they had seen warning signs for this kind of behavior in him and had been too worried to say anything about it and are now no longer friends with him after bitsys story and all this other information came out today so i dont know how you could possibly be continuing to defend this trashbag but thats rape culture for you



[-+]envenime, the new ex


Josh, not content to be a simple child-harassing pedophile and rapist, decided to open up shop for infidelity as well.

he definitely cheated and attempted to cheat on me multiple times with different people (at least seven different people, as far as i’m aware right now) throughout our entire relationship

last year i spent a while in therapy in an effort to be a better, healthier person and so that i could trust him and he took all of that for granted, lied to me, and made me feel like my bad, jealous feelings were irrational and unfounded when they apparently really weren’t and i don’t know how to come to terms with that




Tumblricon.png envenime had been dating Josh until September 13, 2013 (your guess as to what happened) and has been fighting through confusion and disgust ever since.

Release the Nudes

It's funnier if you think of this as a timelapse of his day.
Mmm. Look at that shitty lighting and vague facial expression. So hot.

Shortly following the bombshell confessions, tumblr user Tumblricon.png aubrophonia, recognizing peak shitstorm conditions, decided to leak the nudes he had been saving for just such an occasion, presumably not before fapping to them one last time.

hello people following me from what I can only figure is the josh macedo tag, I strongly suggest if u are easy to offend or social justice friendly to unfollow me because u will get all mad since I am bigoted and whatnot. I didnt leak macedos nudes to like help out anyone he was creepy to, I leaked them because it fucken pleased me to do so and I knew it was something that would bother him deeply and bite him in the ass.


aubrophonia, champion of the people.

The Fallout

"No, don't you see? This was all part of my plan to pay you back!"

Though the fact that a few of these women were over 18 only makes him pedophile-esque, Josh's diehard feminist persona has been shattered and people have begun to question whether or not it was a front for getting pussy all along. Many of his fans abandoned him while a select few stayed on Josh's side to blame all those dirty whores for leading Josh on and ruining his good name.

His blog went without updates for several days before word came from people close to Josh that he had checked into a clinic for suicidal thoughts. Less than a day later he was released.

um i just got off the phone with the regional police in his area and it looks like joshua is in the hospital right now. i called a little over an hour ago because he was seriously suicidal and i don’t know if i did the right thing because i know so many people think he deserves that but i can’t bring myself to not still care about him and want him to be okay


Sept 14 2013, 1:58PM

hi you guys, i guess this post is just to inform you all that joshua has been released from the hospital and is safe at home and resting. i’ve been talking with him throughout the morning as well as with his sister, and to some lesser extent his parents as well. naturally he deserves to feel guilty and should be punished for wrongdoings but not until he is in a less precarious psychiatric state and can rationally process things


Sept 15 2013, 12:12PM

He unfollowed me as well lol so clearly he read up on everything and noticed who was involved. Fuck you, Josh. I tried to treat this with kid gloves and stay as neutral as I could but you’re a disgusting human being and I thank my stars every single day that I didn’t meet up with you in person.



A message to all the girls he's sexually harassed.

The Return

Upon his return to the internet he deleted his blog and put a placeholder up that was nothing but the words "Stay neat"... along with his AdSense ad. (Hey, if you're getting attention for preying on young girls, you may as well profit from it!) Josh was heavily criticized for this by both his own friends and tumblr at large. Fortunately for him, the majority of tumblr is too goddamn stupid to use AdBlock. Everything has since been deleted but it seems to have been wiped by envenime, not Josh himself.

i understand ‘stay neat’ has been interpreted as……..passive-aggressive and i hadn’t even thought of it that way. he has a tendency to be awful with goodbyes and tries to keep it relatively “positive” so i had interpreted it as genuine. it’s reasonable for others to disagree. he’s given me full access to…..pretty much everything that requires login information so i’m going to go change it now



Josh Apologists

After the initial wave of "Josh is a creepy sexually-harassing underage-girl-using cheater pervert", a backlash formed against the backlash with the goal of standing up for him and calling his victims out as the terrible people they are. The defense force ranged from fangirls bitter that they weren't deemed worthy of Josh's cockshots to victims of rape and sexual assault jealous that they weren't getting as much attention as the women whose harassment they deemed superficial. If we've learned anything from our Lord and Savior Chris Hansen it's that victim-blaming is a real thing usually done by sexual predators and jealous bitches.

viralshaft sticking up for victims by marginalizing other victims, in a message to sweet-bitsy.

She could easily have blocked him, or stopped responding.



even though the guy who really sparked the flame to this whole thing was aubreypop/sode/phobia, who’s already like x15 worse than josh, and only did this to fuck up josh’s life, instead of give a voice to all the women he fucked with.


some bitch mad at aubrophonia

I hope you guys know you’re trivializing a real and important issue. This is so offensive to REAL victims of sexual abuse. I’m absolutely disgusted that the years of abuse I went through and am still coping through...

- Sincerely, a REAL victim of sexual abuse.


allixee, who should be the REAL focus of attention

Men that feel anxious about themselves and their own image sometimes try to prove their self-worth in any way possible, often resorting to overtly sexual behavior, “dick pics,” or becoming the sad men you click through on Omegle one boring Friday night. For someone like Josh, who has extreme anxiety angled at himself, he’s a prime candidate for all these behaviors... the girl who said she was “creeped out” by him saying the word “frick” on her selfie, stop trying to involve yourself; it’s childish and melodramatic and no piece of the pity pie will be served to you...
...Sexual harassment is something a lot of men engage in without really understanding how women feel. Men are pressured to act as “top dogs” and “the bosses,” and some people mix up how they want to portray that message to others. It’s the saddest, most confused people who sit on the corner of my metro station saying “hey baby, want some of this?” when I walk to evening classes. Some men make women feel uncomfortable without realizing it’s a problem. A lot of people have a shitty go of it, shit self-esteem, and internal problems that make them think doing this kind of shit is a way to prove their self worth...
...I think he was manipulating girls the way I was manipulated when I walked into that man’s house, was beaten into unconsciousness, and was raped. But ask yourself why, and ask yourself can this be fixed? Because everyone is so boned for the idea of justice that they don’t even know what it is. We punish criminals so they become rehabilitated. That’s what my country’s justice system was founded on. But today, everyone thinks it’s about revenge. I don’t want Josh to stop being a pro-feminist, pro-LGBT activist. But because of this he probably will, and because of how social media has handled it he probably won’t ever understand what he did wrong...
...Start a fucking dialogue, guys. Leave bitsy alone. If sending dick pics is a capital offence now, discuss why. Put down your pitchforks and learn from this.



unremarkablehappenings, the craziest apologist found to date

Yes, we should all open up and talk to each other about how sending naked photos to minors 9 years our junior is probably a bad idea. Think of all the headaches we could prevent if we emphasized that exposing yourself to children is wrong! Just make sure not to emphasize it as too wrong, lest we trivialize real sexual harassment. After all, this whole debacle could've been prevented if the dozen-or-so victims had just blocked him instead of making a big fuss out of it like a bunch of babies.

Tumblricon.png unremarkablehappenings does bring up a good point, though. It's entirely possible that Josh has been so shaken by this scandal that he will no longer bother keep up his fake feminist facade. What a damn shame.

How To Be Succesful Like Josh

  1. Create a tumblr account. Tumblr is where the highest amount of impressionable young girls are concentrated these days, and you want as many victims as you can get.
  2. Don't hop into the social justice scene just yet! Consider taking wacky photos of yourself in silly hats, or making yourself seem more intelligent than you really are. Make references to random genres of literature. No one will bother checking to see if you know what you're talking about. Soon people will fall in love with your carefully crafted persona and swoon at the mere sight of your posts. If you're a neckbeard then this may take a while, but it can be done.
  3. Now is the time to gain their trust! If any of your targets is attacked in the slightest then you must quickly rush to their aid with all the impotent, passive-aggressive fury you can muster. Give off the impression that you care about them, but keep your hands firmly on your penis at all times. You will become a paragon of righteousness, and girls and women of all ages will feel safe in your presence. But you know the truth, you sick fuck.
  4. Once they think you give a shit, you can strike. Obtain their IM information and relentlessly harass them for nudes, fantasies, or whatever else you'd want to extort from a 15-year-old girl. You're a pedophile! The sky's the limit! They may seem reluctant at first, but keep at it. You're a salesman, you're selling sex with minors, and your dick's already in the door.
  5. Eventually, you will be found out. Now is the time to delete everything (except the jailbait) and skip town. Change your name and wait things out, then repeat the process. They'll forget about everything in a few months. You can keep this up forever, as long as you can live with yourself!

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