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The man himself, failing to capture Reaction Guy's natural expression

YouTube Favicon.png JonTron (Powerword: Jon Jafari) is a fat, ugly and unfunny JewTube gamer that makes shitty review videos once every blue moon. He has somehow amassed over three millions retards to subscribe, in order to see him do his best Family Guy imitation skits interspersed with a lot of loud screaming and endless jump cuts in between. The only reason he is famous that makes him stand out of the four trillion other YouTube reviewers is because he was in Game Grumps and for some reaction gifs posted over and over on /v/. He also somehow thinks that stealing video content from one of our own users is somehow a smart idea. In recent news, he has come out as a prominent neo nazi leader.

Life before the JonTronShow

How to stalk JonTron!

Before YouTube, Jon was over at the autism central known as Newgrounds, where he in 2003 used the name "BirdmanXZ6" to sound edgy like a NGFag would. Here it was revealed that he has a fetish for onions, probably because like him onions have layers, whereas his layers are just fat on fat. He also posted a lot of questions on Yahoo! Answers, which goes a long way towards explaining why Jon is so fucked up. See quotes for references.

JewTube career

The start

JonTron's drug-addicted, retarded half-brother, Malkovich.
(Currently locked up in Jon's basement)

On August 19, 2006, Jonny got his Jewtube start as "BirdmanXz6/TheOnionKing", during the time The Google was buttfucking it. By now, it's a dead channel, with only two videos left on it out of five before he either privatized them or baleeted them, and Jon having never signed in again to put his abused and scarred past behind him. Thank God for mirrors, amirite?

The JonTron Show

On August 31st, 2010, Jon created his brand new channel for his brand new show, under the name of JonTronShow, advertising it on his Newgrounds, which did jack-all for his career but left us with some nice juicy evidence of how much of an attention whore Jon truly is, leaving a trail of fail and shit so pathetic and uneventful that nobody cares about it throughout the years. Jon whored himself out everywhere except for Twitter (which was too hard for him), proving that he was more clueless in Computer Science III than your sexy teenage sister.

His first videos as JonTron were... special.

Before devolving into virtual diarrhea, Jon started as an actual "reviewer," marginally better than Game Dude, but for the most part generic. Eventually he captured a niche audience of sugar-high 13-year-olds and turned into his modern, shameless, "lol, so randum," off-topic, mfw asswipery that was his JonTron persona and his reviewing style.

Game Grumps

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Game Grumps.

After lots of time, he created lots of videos, made lots of fans, and made lots of precious shekels. After that all that happy horseshit happened, he decided during his drinking binge to completely abandon his channel and fans to create a new channel with his Newgrounds buttbuddy, Egoraptor, called "The Game Grumps".

They basically just played video games while Jon made funny noises with his armpits and Arin went batshit. It was as if you combined two Let's Play channels into one for twice the boredom and quadruple the faggotry. Shame they didn't show themselves on camera, due to the lulz of watching Jon bang Arin's bitch while he plays Sonic the Hedgehog potentially making up for years of obnoxious yelling.

Big surprise, he left GG after some time, and all the fantards cried in sorrow. He said that he left because he actually wanted to make videos on his channel instead of making videos on Game Grumps, but nobody believed his bullshit. The conspiracy theorists started thinking that there was something deeper in this story. Most thought that he actually left because his friendship with Arin started fading thanks to him getting his gypsy juices on Arin's girlfriend. The most believable theory of them all is that Arin's girlfriend punched JonTron's girlfriend in the vaggoo. (Did I mention that he got a girlfriend?)

Jon went back to New York to make JonTron videos for his channel. Later he got replaced with Danny Sexbang, a horny Jew musician from Ninja Sex Party, but the theories are still being made and the fans are still whining about him on every comment section of the new Game Grumps videos, with Arin drinking up the fanbois' tears like his favorite bar drink and Danny using them as lube for some grump on grump action.


Now his videos are way better. He actually records from a quality HD camera and not a potato. He only got really popular with the Game Grumps, but the thing he got the most popularity from probably are the meems he spawned from his fat gypsy ass. Meanwhile back on Game Grumps, Arin and Danny are celebrating a new record of longest episode that Jon once held to his chubby grasp.

What about the maymays

By "memes", we mean reaction GIFs, but he made them into a meme thanks to the material he provides to make them. And yes, he's aware they exist, he doesn't care, and is the only reason his videos have any notoriety outside of his cyborg bird. In Jon's videos, there are a lot of moments of him just reacting to stuff in a shameless display with a rapid close up to his face when he does it. So his fans, thinking that these moments should be immortalized in gold and diamonds, took these moments and posted them on 4chan as a reaction reacting to stuff to get more reactions.

Anyways, because JonTron is a greedy Jew that only wants money, he knows that his reactions are really popular among people, and that they are posted all over the internets. So he started shoving as many reaction moments as possible in his videos as shameless as he possibly can make them, so people can post them and make him get moar moneys. Essentially, it's free advertising by making a shit-caked ass of yourself. I don't see anything wrong here, moving on.

The "R" word controversy



—Jontron, on PSNow and some fag.

Sometime in 2014, Jon BTFO'd some sissy faggot that got butthurt of Jon's use of "retarded", so naturally all the tumblrettes got up on arms. Or keyboards, rather. After all the expected death threats, Jon declared Tumblr the worst site ever. There was a huge period of butthurt, everyone forgot about it, and that's about it. And people wonder why we got more sensitive to everything over the years, it's like our skin grew thinner as we grew older.

He said the r word :'(

Stealing his game footage from an ED user

In a move that could impress even Anita Sarkeesian Jon has been stealing his footage. You really thought he played the games? No. Your clicks go to feed his increasing ego and into making unfunny skits. Playing video games is hard. So in a brilliant move Jon decided to rip off an ED editor. This kid be smart yo.

JonTron Thief 1.jpg
Uploaded 2007
JonTron Thief 2.jpg
Just happened to name himself Kratte as well.
Pure coincidence

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Getting his subreddit hacked

Last Thursday some low-life ArchiveToday-favicon.pngTwitter hackers, including Teridax, figured out Jon's password to his subreddit (It was Jacques1) and did the only proper thing, by improving it. Instead of the most autistic shit you have ever laid your eyes upon, they rightfully replaced the header with a guy holding out his dick. The mods at the subreddit were upset, as the guy sported a bigger dong than Jon, and suddenly they lusted for that instead of Jon's unfunny Jewish cock.

JonTron SubReddit ImageHeader Hax.png


You dare call them godless when you don’t even personally know anything about them? I wonder if other people of your religion read what you right and think it’s anything but blasphemy..

By the way, your explanation of Raptor-Clad-Jesus is one of the funniest accounts of blind faith brainwashing i’ve ever seen with my own two eyes. Peace! See you in the Californian Republic


—Jon is an atheist. Sauce

I'm kind of stressed out right now so i don't know if im accurately depicting what i'm trying to type out here, but basically what i'm asking is if anyone here thinks that my parents are emotionally abusive and if i shouldn't give a rats *** about the harmful things that they say. As a sidenote: I know none of you can know me but i will tell you truthfully: I don't cause much trouble, and the little that i do is harmless fun. Also i'm pretty nice and my GPA is 3.9. I drink and sometimes smoke weed, and have done harder drugs (though not anymore) and they know it. So thats about all they would have to get mad about i guess.

I know I'm not an adult yet, and i'm still living in their house, but no one should be treated the way i am treated. I get no respect, even when i'm doing nothing wrong. I feel like my parents are misguided people who wouldn't know true happiness if it hit them in the face. I shouldn't care right? Why should I? I don't even like them as people! I'm losing my mind.

On a last note: My psychologist evaluated them and said that they have alot of problems and that the best thing to do is move out, but financially i can't.


—Jon, age 19, [asking Yahoo a question.]

So, I just turned 20 years old... I am overweight and have high cholesterol and triglycerides. I was wondering, at this age can i reverse any damage that has been done to me through lifestyle change and daily/weekly exercise? I keep feeling like i've screwed myself up or something, but at my rather young age i feel like it may be reversible. Is it?



Jon, [asking Yahoo another question.]


Reaction to Trump support


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