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Mr. James E. Mead
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Jokestress (a.k.a. Andrea James, née James E. Mead, a.k.a. Ann Coulter) is a wikipedophile and lantern-jawed thing who admits to have been an advisor for the movie TransAmerica. She is Lynn Conway's goon and an advocate for trans fats.

Why do we have to put up with her?

Cuz in 1999, Andrea's friend and pimply-faced bottom Calpernia Addams (phoniest trans name evar) started dating some dude from a nearby army base. She was an "adult entertainer" at the time. It got out and the U.S. Army's "finest" decided they had to kill him. There is great irony here, the army being full of closeted screaming drag queens who love to share filthy toilet seats and steal women's underwear. Not only did a tranny lover become a martyr, Calpernia and her new friend Andread decided to start a "film production company" to fight TG hatred. And they apparently also chose a route guaranteed to make enemies: they used the same rotten tricks that homophobes used for centuries to attack trannies. Lying, defaming, back-stabbing, abusing social media, fucking with TOW. You name it and they did it over 9000 times. Thus demonstrating they are not much "morally better" than the transphobes they are constantly bitching about. They also use the sleaze to fuck over businesspeople they don't like. Even academic researchers who won't toe the full (and fully bizarre) Andrea / Calpernia party line on TGism become "soft targets".

If you don't believe ED about their transhappy hate war, read Alice Dreger's book: "Intersex in the age of ethics. Hagerstown, Maryland: University Publishing Group, 1999. ISBN 9781555721008." Go on, do it.


Jokestress considers wikipedia the most important thing currently happening on the internets and has made thousands of edits. She hates red links and has made over 9000 new articles. Jokestress also uses the Wikipedia as a platform for promoting her businesses. Her article, and Calpernia's, are both carefully watched by resident assrapists to keep them fact-free and happysmiley.

Recently, he got pwnd by ArbCom and topic-banned from all his favorite articles after constantly arguing with a faggot named James Cantor.[1] Her Wiki-Fiends cheerfully blanked it "as a courtesy". As soon as the decision was announced she quit Wikipedia in great disgust because she couldn't win all the chips. Arbcom refused to suck her mangled vagina oh dear how awful of them.

Other Shit

Jokestress claims to have coached Felicity Huffman (an actual woman) for her role (pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman) in the now-forgotten movie TransAmerica and appears very briefly at the beginning of the film. He/it is also in a shitload of cheap documentaries that no one would ever watch, and runs several websites about consumer issues, including her personal website The TS Roadmap, which has much information on weird medical procedures for advanced fantasists. Go there at your own risk. Unless of course you want to gawk at the many shrieking attacks on her critics. Classic TOW dirty trick: accuse them of "stalking" while stalking THEM. She learned from the best.

Alice Domurat Dreger is a self-styled “hermaphrodite monger” (Dreger 1994) and former tenured professor who currently holds a job at Northwestern University. Dreger is the J. Michael Bailey of the intersex community: someone whose trade is writing and speaking about controversies surrounding marginalized populations.

Dreger is most famous (if you can call her that) for pushing to abandon the term “intersex” in favor of the medicalized term DSD, for “disorders of sex development” (Dreger 2005). Though Dreger has claimed that "DSD isn't terribly stigmatizing” (Dreger 2006a), activists and experts have objected to Dreger’s pathologizing disease model (e.g. OII 2006, Diamond 2006). Like her counterpart Bailey, Dreger leverages her academic connections to suppress and discredit criticism.

Dreger’s academic influence had faded by 2006, however. She claimed she wanted to spend more time with her son and was “exhausted” (Dreger 2006b), but what was really exhausted was the money she’d been paid to prepare promotional materials for the DSD Consortium (Dreger 2006c), a group from which she was about to resign. What’s a part-time minor academic with no upcoming projects or funding to do?

Hack journalists want to be in their stories, and hack historians long to make themselves part of history. Alice Dreger craves the fame and attention that have largely eluded her, and her preferred methods and dealings include complaining, rumor-mongering, and trolling. I believe the record shows that she instigated a personal feud with me in hopes of positioning herself as somewhat relevant again in academia, part of her attempt to recast herself as a bioethicist.

Normally, I don’t bother dealing with kooks and academic nobodies like Dreger. I’ve learned they’re just not worth the effort. I did not issue a public response to Dreger's antics until August 2007, about 18 months after she began fixating on me.


—does this sound like a rational transgender activist to you?

Jokestress evidently has a penchant for attacking young children, calling a nine year old girl a "cock-starved exhibitionist" and a five year old boy a "precious womb turd." Despite being out as a transsexual, for some reason, he has repeatedly had his birth name, "James E. Mead" removed from TOW, by his transsexual Wikipedia buddies. Undoubtedly because James E. Mead accomplished some great things while genitals were still intact. (That's a JOKE SON, SUPPOSED TO LAUGH SON.)

Jokestress transitioned for the lulz, and in order to have a "hot" (if you call fake cone tits and a mangled genital region "hot" - sure) female body to play around with to satisfy his sexual fetishes. The mangling made her want to attack academic sex researchers. And since she quit TOW she has managed to sex-shame Cory Doctorow into making her a "regular contributor" on his shitty blogthing.

If you ever run into the "Jackbooted Kammendantessa" on the streets of LA, first ask her how Alice Dreger is doing. Then ask her if she runs a Metafilter sockpuppet called "Pseudonymous Cognomen".

It's not an ad hominem (I've criticised her ideas as expressed in the book, and given references for my criticisms) nor is it unjustified. Dreger is a nasty and unpleasant transphobe whose regular Twitter comments include things like tweeting links to "gender critical" feminists and outright making things up (for instance her recent claim that "transgender activists" got the gender identity clinic at Toronto's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health shut down, when it was closed following an independent review that found unethical practices and general failure at appropriate standards of care). posted by Pseudonymous Cognomen at 5:22 AM on January 1, 2016 [23 favorites]


"When Liberals Attack" lolol

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