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Johnny the Vandal

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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File:Pistachio Disguisey.jpg
Johnny in disguise
Johnny prepares to enter the Wikipedia pipes.
File:Grawp imp.png
Page move vandalism using Grawp's name

Johnny the Vandal (or JtV) is an bored Spic-Armenian immigrant living in Bologna, Italy, who has been trolling Wikipedia (and Wikia) from his basement since January 2003.[1], [2] His main account, Mike Garcia, was somewhat of a lolcow that got blocked over 9,000 times, including once for a death threat. Though not the original Johnny the Vandal on TOW, he usurped that identity, too, and became more famous than the original vandal. He also spent two years impersonating the one-time vandal, black person, to fuck around with the checkusers who wasted time tagging hundreds of accounts and to harass some female editors for the lulz. He did lots of page move vandalism as well on many wikis.

Johnny spent about four years harassing some random Wikipedo named Hephaestos,[3] finally managing to drive him away from the wiki.

Now that Hephaestos is gone, Johnny has taken to trolling Wikipedia by impersonating former Wikipedians, usually banned users. Although they are always obvious impersonations, it always manages to fool the brain dead Wikipedos.[4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9] He also used to e-mail hundreds of Wikipedia accounts to Grawp because he was too stupid to do Grawp vandalism himself, in an attempt to force a meme.

Johnny is like a real-life Internet incarnation of "Pistachio Disguisey," the Italian faggot who was the main character of The Master of Disguise movie. All his disguises are extremely obvious to the audience, but the movie characters (in this case, the Wikipedos) cannot recognize him.

After the implementation of the abuse filter, and the subsequent e-murder of Grawp, ByAppointmentTo and Hagger, he disappeared and went back to lurking from afar.

Johnny and the ladies of TOW

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