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Jodie Hudson is everyone's best friend, that is why when she listed her 16th birthday party on Facebook and Bebo, more than 400 Anonymous showed up and trashed Jodie's £4.4million mansion in the Spanish city of Marbella.

Jodie's mother, Amanda, is a concerned Mother that's why she was at the party watching over the kids. Amanda is either blind or a liar since everyone and their dogs got drunk and more than £6,000 of jewellery and clothes were stolen while other items were thrown in the swimming pool.

Miss Jodie Hudson is a British girl that became famous after having the so called "party of the year". She had her party advertised on facebook by her loving friends. More than 400 Costa del Sol kids arrived and the police were never called about the stolen jewelry, the damage or the TV that had been thrown into the pool. Of course, that means that the 4.5 million Villa is still in mint condition to rent out. The party was apparently fantastic and now Miss Hudson is world wide famous.

After party

Amanda Hudson's angry screams were heard all over Europe
'There's so much damage and our clothes have been stolen. A lot of broken doors, people caught having sex..'


—Jodie feeling butthurt on her Bebo page

'I got punched by my mum for it and grounded until the summer. wat a a BITCH!


—Jodie on her mother

It looks like the Hudsons will be having a rainy 2008 summer at home in Liverpool since their gorgeous villa has its walls ruined, its carpets destroyed and practically no furniture.

Party memories

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