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An innocent angel
She would have done anything to try to make him not like little boys, including the final solution.

Jodi Arias is a Mormon technical virgin who was bullied into confessing to murder after ninjas broke in and killed her abusive, pedophile boyfriend, Travis Alexander.


none of my other boyfriends turned up dead.


—Jodi Arias, Rock solid proof that she is not guilty

I would use gloves if I killed someone.


—Jodi Arias, OJ Simpson comes to mind

I would beg for the death penalty if I killed Travis


—Jodi Arias

I'm all for the 10 Commandments. Thou shall not kill...


—Jodi Arias, on her unwavering commitment to God


Jodi Arias singing Christmas Carols while serving in prison

Would someone who stabbed her boyfriend 27 times,
slit his throat from ear to ear and then shot him in the
face do that? Of course not.


Some pics should not be leaked About missing Pics

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