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João Bernardo

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After some hacking and using logic, we found out that the facebook and ning we thought belonged to the real jbs actually have nothing to do with him. This was found through a past image in his steam account.

João Bernardo, known online as jbs17, jbs, and ahetal, is a prolific child pornography spammer from Portugal. He was paid $2,645 by Sharecash to spam their links on 4chan over the course of several months, but got a little too greedy and tried to sell the secret to his dubious success in an e-book. The e-book was sold online at Digital Point forums for $30-50 a copy until he was called out on his use of child porn, and was subsequently banned. His email address was found in the book, which led to the discovery of his real-life identity.

While other spammers like Kimmo Alm spammed 4chan with bots, João opted for the human touch, manually spamming 4chan for hours on end. Nevertheless, he never learned the subtle art of staying in the thread he had just posted, so he spent much of his time searching for his own threads on /b/, as shown in the video he made for his e-book. Despite the handicap of cluelessness, João spammed persistently, and on November 6, 2009, his child pornography spam set a new record of $227 for the most money ever earned on Sharecash in a single day.

JBS himself has tried to vandalize this article by replacing any mention of CP with software. What he does not understand is that Vandalism is Pointless.

Many Portuguese /b/tards have been denied access to /b/ because this faggot caused our ISPs to be b&. Should he be spotted IRL, please make him see the error of his ways.

In Random you must be extremely fast, it’s very difficult to find your own post cause it disappears very fast


—João Bernardo, pedo spammer and newfag

Ebook Price:

- 5 copies for $30 (all sold) - 5 copies for $40


—jbs17, such a success that he sold out of his e-book


  • Copy and paste this article into a PDF format till it reaches 300kb
  • Rename it "Make Easy $30+ PayPal Hourly - No investment needed" and share it on torrent
  • Be sure all his contact info is on there

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João Bernardo is part of a series on Enemies of the Lulz
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