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Jewlion's fursona

Jewlion is a schizophrenic Jew cannibal that created 711chan with Plasma during the siege of Lorf’s furfaggotry at 7chan, regardless of his own drug induced delusions that he also is an animal.

Last Thursday Jewlion went on a batshit crazy delusion in which he kidnapped three illegal immigrants in Texas, chopped them up with a meat cleaver, paused to watch Naruto due to his weeaboo faggotry overpowering his inner-lion, and proceeded to eat the bloody corpses raw, but he was never trialed for his cannibalistic shenanigans, owing mostly to the fact that even though he only represents 2% of the population, he controls 98% of the world economy.


Jewlion has also attained the rank of leader of the [nig]s. Though he himself could not participate in any drive-by's himself due to restrictions from Januszeal, he organized many successful drive-by's of moralfaggotry channels. He is also the sworn enemy of m3n leader WeedBag.

Jewlion did Tweakers' Rights

Jewlion claims to not liek spiders, which certainly doesn’t make him appear to be involved in some sort of Jew-funded conspiracy that propagates false information to persuade others’ beliefs, because Jews srsly wouldn’t do something like that. However, since being a meth-head involves the incubating of the spider eggs in one’s nose until they hatch and escape through those people’s pores leaving their gift of speed bumps, which is completely the opposite of what Tweakers' Rights is doing by spreading spider extermination propaganda.

If all of the spiders on Earth were exterminated except the ones Jewlion owned, then all the speed bumps would be for his monopolization and Jewish rate hikes. Also, his hueg Jew-nose could be covered in speed bumps completely free of charge, even with all of his Jewgoldz.


  • Jewlion enjoys candle light dinner when eating other people, in particular during the Worship of Moolah (Arab baby feast practiced by Jews).
  • When not doing WTC Jewlion practices other Jewish activities, such as counting his Jew gold, inbreeding and practicing Jew-Jitsu and Jewdo.
  • Jewlion doesn’t know his toothpaste brand, most likely due to not having any from meth mouth, although it is possible he is so high he has no idea what’s going on.
  • Jewlion is a fiend that is so Jewish he won’t spend a single Jew gold on drugs so he formed a gang with Nigga known as [nig]s, which steals from churches and fund-raisers to fund his faggotry without loss of profit.
  • Jewlion is so batshit crazy that he has a map collection and he memorizes ways to escape Texas.
  • Jewlion is a pretty cool guy. eh run 711chan and doesn't afraid of anything.
  • Jewlion sells mod accounts on 711chan for $250.
  • Mamimi: Jewlion :3
  • Mamimi is a dirty whore.


Jewlion is an active member of the Ogame alliance "Intergalactic Hate Machine", where he is famous for getting through the Jew However, most of the players find his antics hilarious, and often try to gain his favor by sending him shit. He also loves the cock, though nowhere near as much as A_Non_E_Moose.

"The Ogame Effect"

A sort of... curiosity has developed within the 711chan community, as it now seems that most of the moderators who aren't huge oldfaggots seem to have, at one time or another, been apart of "IHMogame". What this tells you about jewlions inner psyche is of yet undecided, but it may be the fastest way to a jewlions heart is through internet variables named metal, crystal, and deuterium.


Jewlion is actually a really nice guy. He's not on drugs, nor is he crazy, though he may be a Jew. In fact, he's really completely normal. Sorry, nothing to see here. HAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS!!!!!

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