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Jesskitt, also known on FurAffinity as Kittcreations, recently trying to pass off as Magnum husky, is a retarded law-school dropout furfag who enjoys such hobbies as making fursuits that curiously resemble bricks, writing massive journal posts that would put some of the greatest novel writers to shame, tracing artists lightyears ahead of her in talent, bitching to random people and of course abusing her unfed pets. She also delights in wasting money, and has her parents paying her rent when she owns two Xbox 360s, lives in their trailer, and continues to buy more dogs.

She also has a husband who she beats and frequently blames all her shortcomings on. The poor fucker is too pussy-whipped to do the right thing and kick the shit out of her.

Remember, the internet is not a mask for you to hide behind. You shouldn't be acting like an idiot online just because 'it's the internet I can do whatever I want'. Also, on this particular site, just because it is open to the public does not mean there aren't any rules attached at all. Respect other people isn't directly stated in the TOS, but it shouldn't have to be. Anyone who was raised properly should automatically know that in order for to get respect, you have to show it.


—*JessKitt at her most hypocritical.

Memoirs of a Fucktard


Jess came to the attention of people after her adventures in tracing were exposed. The allegations were denied, even after being confronted with proof. Later, Jess moved onto making fursuits, often priced ridiculously high. Her reasoning for this was the cost of materials, which she listed ad nauseam as justification for her prices. Yes, that's right, you can now own your own KittCreations fursuit for the low, low price of $1,000! Funny enough, most of her work ends up going unsold, sitting on furbid at $50 for 20 days.

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Jess puppy anonib.jpg


My dog chewed on your custom-built furhead - you'll pay for the repairs.

Jess' next exploit was to adopt a dog from a shelter as a gift for her dad (who didn't actually want one), realize that an 8 month old ACTUALLY NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OUT FOR WALKS, and then attempt to unload it on FurAffinity, a website populated by furries and dogfuckers. From photos she's posted, the dog appears to be kept in a dirty outdoor cage. Jess expects this dog to understand English and also not to move.
The dog later got it's revenge when it chewed up not one but two of her shitty fursuits. I guess that's just what you get when you never exercise your pets!

Jess also has this awesome habit of spending so much money on three entire Xbox360s and myriads of other useless bullshit that she often doesn't have the money to pay her rent or buy the groceries she and the animals need to live. Thus, she relies on donations! And mooching! And she's acquiring more dogs! Yes, Jess has worked out that even though she can't fucking figure out how to train or look after the animals she has already, it'd be awesome of her to get more. She recently bought two puppies from a neighbour or something, in early August, 2009. These puppies are 6 weeks old and thus haven't even been weaned correctly; Yet she's actually bitching that they're not house-trained yet. Gee, Jess, baby animals, like baby humans, require time to learn where to poop!


In early-mid October 2009, it was confirmed that Jess had dumped one of the ill-fated puppies onto her grandparents, and the other into a local shelter. She couldn't even handle these animals, whose commitment to life she had agreed to, for two fucking months. Oh but spaying her animals is totally out of the question. She plans on breeding her dogs and selling the mutts for fucking mad ca$h. That'll go real well.


In April 2010, Having been proven time and time again that she can not train a dog Jesskitt got rid of one of her dogs likely to a much better home (likely the pound) and makes a tough decision.... To get another one! Luckily this mutt is small and cute and doesn't know better to shit on the carpets, up until its 2 months old.

JessKitt vs. FA Mods


In a stunning display of ingenuity Kitt made a complaint about the mods doing their job by removing all her stolen, traced and unreferenced images. In a fit of lies and twisted words it appeared that unknowing forum goers would be moved to sympathy by her rumor-mongering and arrogant complaints.

However, the day was saved with the power of screencaps and links. Jess' tracing, lying, verbal harassment of mods, complaints and general drama whoring were shown and sympathy went down the hill at the first sight of her inability to follow rules.

After her permaban, Jesskitt replied with threats of suing, even after being told by an unaffiliated lawyer group that she has nothing to stand on. Yet again, nothing but hollow words and empty threats from a gasbag who knows nothing.

The Epic Fursuit Flamewar of '09

Sometime last thursday, in June of '09, JessKit remade an old bernese mountain dog furhead, claiming that it was much better than the original, and posted it on the Fursuit LJ community. As usual, the furries tried to avoid major butthurt by being nice and giving her ways to improve her work, but the butthurt ensued. JessKitt swore to almighty Lion Jesus that her suit looked amazing and could sell. Not long after, everyone stopped giving a rats ass about being nice, and started posting image macros to shove teh fail in her furry face. And when furries make fun of you, what hope is left? Srsly.

After rising to 250+ commments, the admin eventually stepped in and baleeted the post. Luckily, a few brave souls screencapped the lulz, forever commemorating this epic pwnage.

Incriminating evidence

Jesskitt versus Rain: An Actual Commissioner?!

It all began in May 2009. Jesskitt, in her usual hissy-fit demeanor, was running around crying many emotears due to the fact that she BAWWWWW didn't have any money. So one day, a poor woman known as Rain decided to commission Jesskitt for a fursuit in hopes that the money would help towards her situation. Little did Rain know how bad things would get.

Rain commissioned Jesskitt for a simple partial fursuit to wear to the summer's upcoming Anthrocon. She wanted nothing more than feetpaws, handpaws, a tail, and ears. She also told Jesskitt that if she got the fursuit in time, she would be wearing it in the convention's Fursuit Parade, in which a buncha furfags run around in their jizz-stained cumsuits, waving to cameras. Of course, Jesskitt fucking creamed her pants and took on the commission. Money AND free advertising? Who could resist?!?!

Now remember kiddies, this suit was commissioned in May, and Anthrocon was occurring during the first two weeks of July. So it would seem that Jesskitt would have a whopping two months to sew together some fucking accessories in no-time, right?


Having had two months to complete the fursuit, she waited to the very last minute to finish it and send it a few days before the convention started, meaning Jesskitt spend some extra cash to have it expressed mailed. Because of the time it arrived, it was not possible for Rain to wear the suit, which was actually a blessing in disguise, as the fursuit quality was shit and saved Rain from looking even more of a furfag.

Some quality examples of Jesskitt's methods of making fursuits include:

  • Hot glued seams.
  • No sewing whatsoever.
  • More hot gluing fur on top of fur.
  • Having the fur fall apart.
  • Being a lazy bitch and just painting on markings with acrylics.
  • Using construction paper for pawpads. No I'm not joking
  • Making it look like a kid could have made a better fursuit.

Exhibits A - WTF About missing Pics

In the meantime, JessKitt replies with even more bullshit

Examples of Quality Fursuits

Jesskitt thinks she's a man

Although she is ass ugly enough to be considered one, recently accounts of Jesskitt's were discovered under the alias of "Magnum Husky". Under that name she posted journals about herself CONSTANTLY, even now she STILL tries to pass herself off as someone else.


Making her own pieces of shit and pissing on them wasnt good enough for her-- so she left her job, moved out of her mother's basement and found another stupid piss ass poor furry fuck called Moorcat to "hire" her as her "boss" to make more shitty fursuits to spam furbuy. If that wasnt lulzy enough for you, she has now attacked potential buyers with her warnings of "OMIGAWD MAH NAIME IZ JESSKITT08 NOT JESSKITT U CN CALL ME JESS AKA KITT" so her name is now JESSAKAKITT.

BUT WAIT it gets better.
She's even offering a ONCE IN A LIFETIME deal! Yes, that's right— now you can spend over 9000 monies on making your own fursuit head to trade for a piece of crap that was made by a black person in a dollar store. Oh, and did I say she was going to "judge" its craftsmanship? Yes she will! Her "judge", aka mursa_artdragon, (moar liek MRSA amirite?) will "judge" your craftsmanship, and then sell it on furbuy! so go ahead and spend 3 hours to make something better than jessAKAkitt then have it pissed on and sold off— because, sheeeeit, anyone can make better fucking fursuits than jesskitt! I'll bet the hobo sitting in the back alley at walmart could make a better one with fucking cardboard and banana peels.

After some poking and prodding by furfags with their furry cocks, Jesskitt HOMIGAWD: ADMITS SHES A FUCKING TROLL, which everybody knew all along. But she's also FUCKING BATSHIT INSANE and maeks emos commit suicide without feeling remorse. But we all know she thinks she's god.

5-19-10 UPDATE! Moorcat turns on her!

Jesskitt Gets Evicted

After long struggles to not pay her landlord, despite multiple warnings that she had nothing to win. Plus her constant spending of every dime she has, buying a big screen HDTV, art supplies and hobby equipment she put to no use and ANOTHER FUCKING DOG, Jesskitt finally gets put in her place, the street. Her pissing contest with the landlord went far enough to end up in court, which she arrived late to and thus proceeded to blame the court. The result was Jesskitt getting thrown out on her ass along with her husband and room mate.

But the story is not over. Moorcat in his good faith and tender heart took them in and gave them rides to find a job. Meaning she spent more money and sat on her lazy ass getting nothing done. Sick of her freeloading and constant bitching Mursa (AKA MRSA) opened his constantly loud mouth and chewed her out pointing out all her fuck ups to her face. She of course ignored it as everyone's fault except her own, 'til everyone around her began to follow. Moorcat then proceeded to once again kick her out on her ass!

She as far as everyone knows is living in her truck.

Proof of this!

UPDATE! Jesskitt has been confirmed living parked outside the house of another furry (for a girl claiming not to be a furry and to hate them she hangs around them a lot huh) named zerotheliger, who she is super awesome best friends with 'cause she rode on a bus with him. He fortunately has the common sense to leave her outside. She is now dragging him into her bickering with old friends over money and threatening lawsuits and restraining orders against the people she is harassing. With her path of melodramatic chaos it's likely he will stand her for a week before kicking her out on her ass for the third time.

UPDATE 2.0! The roommate listed above has paid his share of the rent and bills. When he asked for his money back Jesskitt said "when we find a place to stay". Well she found a place (the back of her truck) and when the roommate asked for his money she said "I don't owe you anything. You still owe me for all the rent and bills that I paid for you". (Even though as you can see the court said she didn't pay). Now she will be going to small claims court. Her answer to this was "Good luck proving this and finding us". Well the roommate was smart, saved all the text messages from them and has all the proof he needs.

Joining The Military

Possibly the lulziest thing to ever be heard from her, Jesskit now decides she will join the Air Force. How great it feels to know that our freedoms and liberties will be protected by a whiny narcissist, who has no sense of respect or discipline. Any one who has been in the military at some point in their life I'm sure is rolling around laughing their asses off, but when you're done make bets on when she goes running back home after getting the boot.

Oddly enough, Lupine Assassin tried the same thing with the army, proving that if there's one thing furries are good at, it's repeating the stupidest moments in their history, making them an utterly hopeless "culture".

She's Made Another Account

After being butthurt from the glorious collection of fail that shows her for who she really is, she has decided to create a new account on a furry lifestyle site (remember she hates furries?). However, a simple change of name does not remove her attitude. Oh no, the spite, hatefulness, and arrogant abandon with which she represents herself online has followed. She's obviously not too savvy about covering her trail, or trying to remove herself from all the drama that caused her to change names in the first place. The same style of writing exists, the temperament, all of it is so obvious. She even has conversations with herself now via the Magnum Husky profile. It's quite cute to see the ramblings of someone with multiple personality disorder, or bipolar syndrome, or whatever the fuck she has and the delusions that go along with it. If you want to see for yourself, just check out Seratti Pitbull

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