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Fucking magnets attract. Jenny repels everything

Jennifer (Jenny) McDermott (McDerpmott) is a horse-faced Bill Bailey lookalike, who got fired from her job because she tried to scam people using their name. Jenny McDermott is the biggest loser on the internet. To solidify this fact, even the scumfuck himself Brett Keane, her former BFF decided to distance himself from her because she was too much of a cunt.

Making a false gofundme to buy shit

The Waitress Station, where Jenny used to work as a waitress (because it is literally the only job she is qualified for) had a small fire. Not a big deal, these things happen. Of course the insurance took care of it, like they do, because that's what you fucking pay them for. But Jennifer, in her infinite wisdom decided to create a gofundme, in order to raise money for herself. The company. Not herself. The company, obviously. Totally not herself. Despite the company being up and running within a month, someone had to create a gofundme, right? So Jenny created a sob story, and decided to e-beg.

Of course the company didn't endorse that, so they promptly fired her dumb ass, right around Christmas, to induce the Christmas spirit of giving to the world. What we saw was an ebin show meltdown, that not even Чорнобильська could match. And since then her health has deteriorated extremely and she has gotten crazier by the day.

Then bitch got fired

One of our employees chose to open a Gofundme page on behalf of the Shades

Staff. She did so without the permission or acquiescence of the named employees. Her premise was that the staff was in serious financial jeopardy because of the fire closure and they needed the donations to make up for their lost income. The problem is that ALL employees are being paid their full hourly rate for their normally scheduled shifts as if we were open, INCLUDING full payment of their claimed tips. I can tell you, being given their tips as well as wages had me in tears of gratitude and relief for these good, hardworking people. They were gonna be OK. The damage wouldn't endanger them or their families. Thank you, thank you Farmers Insurance! Obviously you can see how the Gofundme page is at the least misleading, and at the worst, deceitful and fraudulent, and while we are powerless to stop her actions, we did tell her explicitly to NOT start the page on that basis alone. She did it anyway and refused to make it truthful and accurate or to take it down. Sadly, she was let go this morning. The staff have asked me to let you know.... This wasn't them, they didn't participate and they do not approve. Each and every one of them wanted donations to go to those that are truly needy at this time of year.


—Shades Oceanfront Bistro

Doxing herself on baphomet

What do you do when you have nothing to do and no friends at all? You use your free time to name search yourself constantly, and so was the life of Jennifer. One day she stumbled upon an 8chan place called baphomet consisting of 13 year olds who want to be hardcore, so McDerp tried to fit in, showing off her disgusting lifeless body. But not even the perma-virgins of baph were interested in her. Mostly because she looks like she is 66, and nobody there is into girls whose age is in double digits, and because McDerpenderp is utterly revolting to look at. Also she definitely has a set of balls sticking out of the back of her panties.

Jenny McDermott Nude Disgusting.jpg

Being Jenny and being the dumbest bitch to ever walk the earth, the image was filled with exif data, including her actual fucking position. Yes. Jenny gave away her position, like a complete dumb ass. Which resulted in baph being able to successfully dox the bitch.

Accusing ArmouredSkeptic of raping Shoe0nHead aka Twitter-favicon.png #armouredrapegate

Having lost her mind and aged 30 years in just 2 months, Jennifer decided it was time to bitch about ArmouredSkeptic again, because he repeatedly rejected her offers to clown make-up and chill. So doing a move so bad, that even Kevin Logan and Brett Keane apologized to the victims, McDerpenderp chose to accuse shoe of being 17, a minor in certain states, and Greg aka ArmouredSkeptic of raping her, since she could not legally consent. Except for the fact that the age of consent is 17 in New York, where sh0e lives when she is not busy being lumberjacked in Canada. This of course did not sound like a salty bitch who got her feefees hurt. So McDerp made a shitty video where she showed off her not knowing jackshit about laws. Or even how to do the simplest of research, since all she had to do was to go to Shoe's ED article and see that not to be the case.

I've stood by Jenny through a lot of shit, most of it fucking gross... I stood by her as I thought there was something redeemable about her, she was a decent human being... I now can't trust her... I'm done with her, I'm totally fucking done with her.


—Kevin Logan

Supporting domestic abuse

In her infinite wisdom, Jenny has decided to team up with known abuser of women Christopher Roberts AKA "Sequester Zone" who she views as a comedic genius in the vain of bewildered ape. How long this partnership will last remains to be seen.


We ended up until 4 in the morning snorting cocaine. The next day I almost lost my job because I called out sick from work



Oh, and of course she has accused everyone she disagrees with a meth-head, drug-abuser..

Attention Whore


How time flies

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