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Jeff used to be a simple individual admin on the Disboards until raided by Ebaums World and provoked. He then turned into a wild Snorlax, and proceeded to give up his anal virginity to a mudkips.

The Dis forum relies on Jeff to "think of the children."

"I like Miley, she's cool and battles the one-eyed snake even though it spits at her. And she doesn't afraid of anything."

The Great Failvasion

On May 12, 2008 the forums at were invaded. Various 4chan users, mostly newfags, posted a picture of Miley Cyrus with "questionable liquid" all over her face. Said picture is included. At that point, various newfags began to directly spout off 4chan references. One faghole went so far as to link directly to the invasion thread on 4chan. Rules 1&2 were carelessly broken, and Jeff was called to the scene. "Jeff, delete this thread."

Epic lulz was the primary objective of the invasion. Unfortunately, the overwhelming presence of newfags caused the invasion to fail, though it spread over numerous threads and Hannah Montana related websites. Though the invasion itself was made of fail, Jeff became a meme.

About Jeff

  • Jeff is now 47 years old, and currently lives in Chandler, AZ.
  • His username on the Disboards forums is AZJazzyJ.
  • His hobbies include pin collecting, baseball, scuba diving, and motorcycles.
  • His occupation is listed as "Baseball Epistemologist."

(Epistemology - The branch of philosophy that studies the nature of human knowledge) <- WTF?

Jeff's Quotes

  • "I used to be quite a normal person, then I began to collect pins. Now I have become delirious and speak incoherently about new issues and hard to find pins. My wife is seeking psychiatric help for me but I seem incurable."

Jeff's Fans

An example of Jeff's Fanbase!

Jeff has many fans on the Disney boards. Unfortunately, none of them are over the age of 12.

  • "Jeff Please Make It Stop!"
  • "Jeff, please delete this thread!"

Jeff's Newfag Enemiez

A longer example, including Jeff's Newfag Enemiez!
  • asdfghjkl

The primary spammer involved in the Failvasion. He mainly re-posted the picture numerous times, along with various misleading comments. "I FOUNDZ THIS ON THE WEB!" "Should we be concerned about this?"

  • srslyuguise

"Oh Lawd" was his only known contribution.

There is currently a serious lack of useful screencaps, though this section will be expanded once moar newfags are coerced into posting their screencaps from the event.

Jeff's Arch Nemesis

Jeff's arch nemesis David!

Jeff's arch nemesis David has been around almost as long as Jeff.


By popular demand, Jeff has now been meme'd. Sage has now been replaced by "Jeff, please delete this thread."


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