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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Because dogs can't say no.

Jaymz Mutz, also known as TrueFurry, is a furry artist who not only blesses the world with his exciting and original furry art designs, but also wrote a not-even-slightly plagiarized story about how hard it is for furries to live in the human world; a world where nobody understands them and they are treated like a black person. Not only is he an artistic and literary genius, he also has a pet husky with whom he has had a long sexually and emotionally fulfilling relationship. Unfortunately, said husky cheated on Jaymz with a low down dirty dog and became pregnant soon after. Despite this, Jaymz agreed to raise the puppies as if they were his own. The wigger Jaymz Mutz currently lives on Savannah, GA, 31401.

Sexual Life


Jaymz is a proud puppy fucker, and anyone who disagrees is obviously ignorant. Raping young dogs is not akin to raping young humans, and therefore comparing what he does to pedophilia is completely incorrect because puppies are simply not children. He has been quoted as saying that bestiality is legal in the state he lives in, and this should naturally be taken at face value.

I lost a bet to my emo friend. The punishment... Go to a female strip bar. Now, a lot of you would jump for joy at such a thing, but not if you're me, a STRICT ZOOPHILE WHO HAS NO SEXUAL ATTRACTION TO HUMANS WHATSOEVER!


—Jaymz describing his worst day of his life, the discovery that his only friend was emo.


F-List is a furry fetish community page. Here you can provide information of your fursona, and wait for a role playing date if some other furfag happens to have a common sexual interest. It's so easy, even an angry 12 year old homo kid knows how to click on a fetish, and add it to favorites. Apparently, Jaymz Mutz loves Knotting, Knotted Cock, Sexual Torture, Forced Incest, Parent Scene, Humiliation, Force Nudity, Breast / Nipple Torture, Needleplay, Master / Slave Play, Discipline / Punishments, Ageplay (often involves pedophilia), and of course ginger boys.

Jaymz Mutz Fetish Gallery About missing Pics


Besides beastality, TrueFurry also has strong sexual attraction to cartoon animals, especially for canine characters. Apparently, the world's best movie ever according to TrueFurry is Fantastic Mr. Fox. G(ay) Force is his second most favorite movie. It seems he's obsessed with furry animations, which were designed for all age audience. If there were any mature movies he would happen to like, nothing would keep him more occupied than furfag movies like Fantastic Mr. Fox, Roadside Romeo, and Road Rovers. Being busy masturbating to cartoon dogs is a priority to him. An employee of Block Busters or any other movie store sees TrueFurry looking for movies, do not be surprised if he buys one action movie, and a cart loaded with furry cartoons.

W/ that being said, the purpose of this video was to show I have interest in other movies then ones w/ anthropomorphic animals, such as my ED article proclaims. (Encyclopedia Dramatica lie? Typical.)


—TrueFurry attempting to prove ED wrong.

Last Thursday TrueFurry got really angry when he discovered a lie on his article. His reaction was to make a new video 5 days after uploading a video of the world's best movie, which of course according to him it's Fantastic MrFox. TrueFurry attempted to disprove ED that he's not a little faggot who would rather watch a kiddy cartoon than a mature film, so he listed his Top 10 favorite stars. Unsurprisingly, he just proved that the whole article was TOTALLY RIGHT! His two most favorite stars are Nicolas Cage, and Bruce Willis on the top. Nicolas Cage played Speckles the mole from G-Force, and Bruce Willis played RJ the raccoon from Over The Hedge. This article has driven him so mad that he failed to realize the only reason these two actors are on his top list is because they played in dumb animations designed for underage audience.

Red Rocket Inc.

On April 8, 2010 Red Rocket Inc. was totally vandalized.

Red Rocket (Dog Penis) Inc. is a zoophile group founded by TrueFurry. He was hoping that he'll be the next furry fuhrer to lead an army of furries just to defend zoophiles and make it normalized. However furries weren't really interested, in fact they want to get rid of all kind of accusations of furries being zoophiles. So instead of joining Red Rocket Inc. they joined the New*Furry*MilitaryMovement led by MrDisambiguation.


On May 15, 2010 TheDogPrince was totally defaced.

TheDogPrince is Jaymz Mutz, aka TrueFurryFag's zoophile and yiff porn scrap-paper board on public show to the eyes pedophiles. The attack took place between a Russian/Turkish hacker nicknamed Iridium and Delirium Swerve, both of which are unknown to the world. This took place after Delirium Swerve, posing as black person, totally anihilated the Z.E.T.A. zoophiles group on Facebook. After the Russian dolls had left, TheDogPrince was left strangled, and evil Swerve and Iridium murdered his much beloved account, slowly[sauce plz!?!1!]. Five wiggers passed, but nobody dare report the intruders. Upon the Jaymz's return, we doubt peace, rather screaming, where on which, we will arrange his DA account to be hacked.

FAIL: Jaymz steals account back after hacker Iridium restored password to 'assass' in hope to use account without TF knowing! LIARS! FurAffinity found XSS vulnerabilities, Iridium found none. YOU WERE BACKEND HACKED! BACKEND!!!


TrueFurryFag is a douche, it is confirmed.

iamli3: Obvious, douche was obvious........ On May 15, 2010, it was confirmed.

More MSN. PS: What you missed was totally awesome!

Biographies of Jaymz's Characters

  • Jaymz Mutz
    Our protagonist, a homosexual canine who had been raped multiple times by his own mother, and as a result now urinates on himself in a totally sexy way whenever he is subjected to any stress or fear. His father convinced him to run away, and he was subsequesntly captured by humans who beat the shit out of him in a manner which perfectly encapsulated the concept of fursecution. Note that in the story they did it for no reason whatsoever, a mindset common to those who have suffered fursecution at the hands of those awful well-rounded individuals who disagree with the sexual abuse of animals.


  • Keith Mutz
    Jaymz Mutz's agressive, alcoholic father who was too busy drinking, smoking weed, fighting and cheating on his wife to notice that his son was being sexually abused. In his defence, he regularly beat his wife and children so their well-being was not his top priority. When his son was 15, Keith learned of the incest, and rather than lubing up and getting onboard, he forced his son to run away, far away, never to come back.
"She..." Keith kept going, "tortured him, sexually. One day it got pretty bad. I told him to... run away. I said to head north, to 'Cnarc'."


—The awesomeness nearly pops out of the screen in this brief exerpt

  • Angelica Mutz
    Keith's ex-wife and Jaymz's real mother abuser. Whenever her husband would leave the house to go out drinking and fucking, she would fuck her son, and make him try new fetishes like eating shit out of her ass, or urinating in his mouth.
Jaymz cares nothing for me, and I care nothing for him!


—Signs clearly indicating a happy relationship between mother and son.

  • Natashia Mutz
    Jaymz's long lost younger sister, and a daddy's girl. Sold to China as a child and nearly raped by a panda.


  • YouTube Favicon.png Sean Baxton
    He is the character's human brother in the story, and in real life is a Final Fantasy fanboy who thinks bestiality is right, simply because he has been told it is right. In the story, he helped Jaymz Mutz to escape from the slave camp and had the final battle against King Frai.
  • Terra
    A young feline whore who Keith was fucking just to make Angelica insecure and jealous. She also likes pretending to be Jaymz's new mother.
  • Dr. Harken
    A female human vet who only likes her job because the artist imagines himself in her place sucking many dog cocks.


  • Vail Wolf
    A Canadian wolf crossover character from the queer who is suspected to have been the original author of this article. Is heartbroken because his yiff-buddy fucked someone else.
  • Garrick
    Jaymz's ginger boyfriend who likes dog cock in his mouth. Jaymz yiffed him on that one night, because he didn't want to die alone in the slave camp.


  • King Frai:
    King Frai is the engineer of a furry holocaust, and founded several slave camps where they tortured furries into becoming slaves to the King. Note that he never lost a battle.
  • Crook:
    A large, muscular bald man who was hired by Angelica to pretend that he and Fred were the ones who forced her to rape Jaymz, and kidnapped both him and his mom for good measures. But things didn't go as agreed:
I'm going to love cutting your titties off, bitch... Nothing makes me more happy then watching a furfag in pain.


—Can this day just get any better after this?

One Night Stand

Violet looked around her new holding cell as she was shoved inside. Blood stains covered the cracked and dirty walls around her. The large door behind her slammed shut. She sighed, taking another look around.
"Damn... I've done it now." She grunted to herself, walking to the center of the cell. Violet was a human female, but sided w/ the furries as a smuggler to assist furries across King Frai's borders. During one of her missions, her group was caught and captured by the king's men and imprisoned for illegal smuggling. For the last two months, she had been a prisoner to King Frai, who know wants her as one of his slaves. She has just now been transported to one of King Frai's 'slave camps', where she'll be prepped for slavery before becoming a slave to the cruel king.
Violet sighed as she walked along the corners of her cell, hoping to look for a way out. The only light was a small torch inside the cell. She could hear the cries of others outside in different cells as they waited to be inhumanly prepped to become slaves. Ninety percent of slaves prepped for the king usually died of shock or massive blood loss since the surgery was so barbaric and painful. King Frai didn't care, though. He took a sick pleasure in torturing furries. It was nothing more then a sick pastime for him.
Violet stopped, shaking her head as she gave up trying to look for a way out. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw something move in the far end of the cell. She stepped in that direction, trying to focus her eyes.
"H... Hello?" She called out, slowly walking over. Her eyes now focused, she could see what it was. She wasn't alone. It was a skinny brown furry, huddled up in the feedle position laying on his side on the stone cold floor w/ his tail held tightly between his legs. Violet knelled down behind him.
"Hello?" She whispered to the terrified creature. She placed her hand on the furry, whose fur was filthy.
The furry began whimpering as he tensed his body up. He began to shake terribly, "D... Don't hurt me, please!" The furry begged as tears came down the side of his face.
Violet smiled as she began to caress his fur, "My name's Violet, and I'm not going to hurt you, I swear." She started scratching behind his big black ears, "What's your name?"
The brown furry looked up, still afraid, "J... Jaymz." His voice was shaky and broken. Violet could see that the poor thing was scared out of his mind. She continued to pet him.
"You're a cute furry." She tried starting a conversation, "Are you going to sit up so we can talk a bit?"
Jaymz turned over, slowly sitting up. His tail was still being held between his legs. He stared at the floor, shaking all over.
Violet smiled, rubbing his leg, "Wanna tell me why you're so afraid? How long have you been here?"
Jaymz looked up w/ his watery eyes. Before him sat the most beautiful human female he'd ever seen. Her eyes, a deep brown. Her hair, a fiery red. She wore a torn purple shirt and a blue sweatband around her head. Jaymz began to calm down.
"I... I haven't been here long... But the... the humans are going to prepare me to be a slave for the king tomorrow." He sobbed, wiping a tear away, "I... I don't WANT to be a slave to the king! I know I'm going to be hurt!"
Violet scratched under the dog's chin, "I understand." She let out a smile trying to calm the terrified dog, "You're... such a handsome boy... It's a shame that something like this has to happen to you."
"I don't want to be here anymore!" Jaymz cried out, "I... I want my dad! I... I want him to come and rescue me! Please..." Jaymz begged.
Violet sighed, "Don't give up hope, alright?" She started to caress Jaymz's furry face, "Tell me... What's your most favorite thing in the world?"
Jaymz thought back to his dad, but before he could answer, Violet pressed her lips to Jaymz's. Jaymz was startled at such an advancement.
He looked up at her, confused.
"After tomorrow, you'll never have a chance to do anything like this..." Violet smiled, suggesting to yiff Jaymz, "Once you're prepped... you won't be able to..."
Jaymz choked up, leaning in for another kiss. The two embraced, and stayed that way until they fell asleep....
Jaymz woke up the next morning to see that he was alone in his cell. He could overhear a few of the guards outside his prison talking to one another.
"Are any of them alive to transport to King Frai?" One of them asked.
"No." The other answered, "They all died of shock. Hopefully, we'll have better luck tonight."
Jaymz began to tear up. Violet had been taken after they'd made love and fallen asleep. She was gone.
Jaymz wiped his tear filled eyes w/ the back of his paw before noticing something by his feet. He bent down and noticed Violet's blue headband, and beside it was a letter. Jaymz picked it up:
"Don't give up hope, handsome. Love, Violet"
But Jaymz had given up hope a long time ago. He put on the blue headband, holding the letter close to his chest, knowing that Violet would be the last person he'd get to love, hold or caress. Knowing that tonight, his body would either be mutilated to serve the king's purposes or he'd die a lonely death... Knowing that no one was coming to rescue him before he was prepped...
Or were they...

Never Letting You Go

M... Mommy... I... I let her down. Those... Those people... They forced me to... to RAPE my own mother! ... What... What if she becomes... pregnant?! I... I'm so scared right now ... I... I'm not ready for that...


—The appropriate description: Mother Fucker!

If you're not interested in a TL;DR story, then read this, instead:
The first three chapters were boring. Emotionally fullfilling gay scenes which would probably make you cry. Not because you can feel yourself being in the story, the story is just simply gay and boring.

The interesting part of the story begins with Jaymz Mutz and his real mother abuser, Angelica being knocked out and dragged to an abandoned place where two guys, Crook and Fred wanted to have fun torturing furries, because King Frai didn't accept their applications of becoming a slaver to his camps. Crook was supposed to play the guy who forced the mother to rape the child, but instead, he found it more entertaining to torture the mother in front of the tied up child. (Chapter 4-5)

God sees and knows everything and punishes you for masturbating at the moment. Sean Baxton is also God, because he didn't need to be told or informed in any other way that Jaymz and his mother were kidnapped and taken to GOD KNOWS WHERE. Sean was scared of the dark, so he sent Natashia, Jaymz's long last sister to rescue her own family. Fred turned out to be very unnecessary and a waste of time. The author decided Natashia should kill him quickly, so he didn't have to write extra dialogues. With this amazing scene cutting idea TrueFurry could turn his attention to Natashia's and Crook's epic battle. It is obvious that Natashia is a brave furry with amazing martial art skills, and the evil hyooman is a coward who threatens Natashia that he'll slit her mother's throat if she goes any closer to him. What else can you expect from furry stories? Jaymz Mutz also had a very important role in this chapter. He was sniffing around trying to get a smell of his sister's period. (Chapter 6)

After a boring epic battle with too many dialogues between Crook and Natashia, Crook decided to take a combat knife and stab Angelica in the left breast. Then he was ripping out pieces of her breast in order to cause total damages to her body, he was also forcing her to vomit, meanwhile holding her mouth preventing her from puking. Crook wanted the beast to suffer and choke from her own vomit. Natashia was filled with rage, but she didn't do anything, she just stood their watching her own mother dying from a human. Jaymz, after urinating on himself, grabbed a hammer and accidentally dropped it on Crook, then he fell on the ground on his knees being ashamed of his violent act against Crook. Natashia wanted to finish him, but Jaymz was pity for the guy. He begged his sister to let Crook to keep his life. Natashia was shocked, tried to knock some sense into Jaymz that Crook must pay for his actions against their mother, but Jaymz cried and convinced Natashia that everyone deserves a second chance. Jaymz, as being so naive, thought that people will change if they get a second chance, so Crook took out a lighter in front of them and blew up the whole place. The idiots didn't realize the smell of the gasline. (Chapter 7)

Crook was given a second chance and used it wisely. He become a suicide bomber and booooom everyone died! (Chapter 8)

After the explosion Jaymz wakes up in a hospital. Terra tried to calm Jaymz down, but he screamed in panic when he realized he knocked up his own mother! (Chapter 9)


Zoofaggotry and AIDS About missing Pics

Slave Camp

We have learned something new about TrueFurry's real life that kinda affects his stories as well. Remember King Frai? The guy who founded several slave camps where they torture furries into becoming slaves to the King. Well, you're about to witness something completely fucked up, so pay attention; In TrueFurry's gay stories he is the dog, a mutt dog called Jaymz Mutz, he's locked up in a prison cell, but in real life King Frai is TrueFurry. It would have appeared that he wants to show us how evil humans are and how he could feel the pain of the dog being locked up in the cage a being prepared for something no good. Does it sound fimilar? One Night Stand ... TrueFurry with his amazing literature skills has switched places with his canines and made up King Frai to be the evil human in his IRL place in the story. King Frai in the story is a gentlemen who wants to assure the safety of the human race so he imprisons furries to be slaves, meanwhile in real life he's just a mask for a zoophile who locks up his dogs and rapes them. In his later stories, TrueFurry wants to destroy the evil human who represents his IRL flesh and blood, so the best way he could have done it is putting his brother in his gay stories who defeats King Frai. Which is kinda weird, because Jaymz Mutz is the hero of this story. After the death of King Frai, TrueFurry in his story can be a happy Mutt Dog who doesn't have to fear anything anymore, but IRL he still locks his pups in cages, taking away their freedom in a very early age, and these pups are being trained to be used for sexual pleasures only.

Any hateful or ignorant remarks will be deleted and you will be blocked, regardless WHO you are.


—He didn't like people, including his friends, criticizing his animal slavery.

Jaymz Hearts Child Molesters

True to his deviant ways, one has to wonder if TrueFurry doesn't have a penchant for children when he can't find a dog to molest.

IRL info

Birth of Date:

  • October 12th, 1982



Evelyn (the pregnany husky)

6 feet

The color of eyes:

The color of hair:




  • Younger brother, Sean
  • Older brother, Joey
    One night he had been attacked with a knife.


  • Wisconsin, 53151 (CST, confessed)
  • Savannah, GA, 31401 (EST)
  • Lexington, Kentucky[sauce plz!?!1!]

IP: (h13.140.89.75.dynamic.ip.windstream.net)

Other ueful information related to this individual:

  • Apparently IRL he doesn't smoke, however in his drawings almost every character of his (including his fursona, Jaymz Mutz) happen to smoke a lot.
  • He has confessed smoking is to keep his fursona's 'pp' veiny. His penis is veiny enough in reality, so hence he smokes 5,000% less, in reality.
  • Like all zoophiles, TrueFurry also despises humanity, this managed him to hate driving cars and walk, instead. However the main reason of him dissing humanity on automobility isn't the large amount of pollution that comes out from cars, he simply got busted for breaking driving laws and shit was written into his records.
  • He has never been to other countries due to the fact other states and/or countries will not tolerate his beastality.
  • He had surgeries on his shoulder and knee, however further information of his surgeries is unavailable.
  • He literally gets sick from the sight of naked people; if he sees a playboy magazine, he'd probably faint.
  • During his high-school years he was picked on and beaten up a lot. After graduation nothing harmful happened to him, but he still has bad dreams coming back of his awful years.
  • Somtimes, he goes out sleeping naked with his dogs or sleeps on the floor like a dog.
  • He doesn't like having his cock sucked, he prefers doing the cocksucking. (Haven't he realized that dogs don't want suck his dick?)
  • He has thought of committing suicide so many times.
  • Both IRL and Online, he has been backstabbed all the time.
  • He had lots of Mental/Nervous Breakdowns.SO MUCH RAGE!
  • The hosts of some local radio boardcast in his area thought it would be funny to have an interview with a zoophile and laugh at it!
  • His own mother laughed at him! ^
  • Apparently, he goes to niggerland to shop in Mini-Mart.
  • He fears that an old hag gypsy will curse him, because he believes magic will answer those questions which science failed to explain.
  • Despite of being a zoophile, he believes in God!
  • He got turned on by his roommate's dog, Jack! (The possibility of that dog being raped by TrueFurry is large!)
  • A faggot was hitting on him at McDonalds.
  • One morning he bought stole some watermelon from niggers!
  • Before going on vacation he talked to his worst enemy, who drew the hate art image of his fursona's head being cut off!
  • He is an 80s rocker. His brother and cousin are both skinheads whom like Rammstein


TrueFurry is a sick fucking redneck from Buttfuck, Kentucky who thinks beastiallity is a completley justified action. It is also known that TrueFurry has absolutley no friends and hangs out with His Mom. He is also a classic case of Dying Alone.

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