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"I'm in my forties and work in management."

Jayjg, also known as Jewjg (Powerword: Judah Gould) is among the most famous of the Wikipedia Jews and a close ally of SlimVirgin. Among the Wikipedia Review community, he is hated for his small circumcised penis (It usually goes like this: Is it in yet?... What do you mean you already finished??? I didn't even feel a bloody thing! You giant-ego, micro-cock son-of-a-bitch! I hate you Jayjg ... I hate you, hate you, hate you!!!1). Jayjg tries to compensate by seeking to revert any page that criticizes aspects of the Anti-Defamation League, the Holocaust, Israel, Martin Luther King Jr. or Jew-related pages.

!ברוכים הבאים לוויקיפדיה

Jayjg is adamant about his privacy, but being a pædophile he told everything to a 16-year-old girl boy. Jayjg is the head of the PR section of Mossad, his job being to ensure continued total dominance of Jews on the Internets.

On May 9, 2009, the ArbComm gave Jayjg his second circumcision when they voted to revoke his Functionary status. HaHa!

Jayjg holds a grudge against all goyim because he got kicked out of a seminary for being a Jew (it was discovered when he accidentially took his circumcized dick out of an altar boy while everyone was watching). Which meant that he had to survive on pre-teen porn from Napster while he spent a year studying law at Harvard. He got saved from it by Alan Dershowitz, who finally introduced Jayjg to Mossad. Sometimes Jayjg still complains that he could have made much more money had he become an attorney, but Mossad provides him with all young goyim boys he will ever need, so he is really happy where he is. Not so good for goyim boys. But good for the Jewish vaseline producers.

Jayjg currently lives in the city of Jew York but he was also seen in Israel where a TV crew documented his ties to Mossad in a famed incident that created international controversy, but Mossad managed to clean up the situation by removing the video. On this video titled A jew on truth serum (LOL, removed by the Jews), Jayjg can be seen after consuming large quantities of alcohol, honestly revealing his opinion about the goyim in a similar manner to Mel Gibson. This was the first time that a high ranking Jewish official spoke out against the non-Jewish population of the world in such harsh manner.

Jayjg may have sock puppets, he currently edits under the following IPs. They are presented here as evidence of his actions. Do not attempt to DOS him:

  • Pppox Pool - Bras19.Pltnca ( from Sunnyvale, California, US #users/1535=0.0013
  • Jayjg / Pco
  • Rogers Cable Communications Inc ( from Toronto, Ontario, CA #users/1791=0.0011
  • Jayjg
  • North Carolina Research And Education Network ( from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US
  • Jayjg
  • Pppox Pool - Se2.Chcgil ( from Chicago, Illinois, US #users/8191=0.0004
  •, Jayjg2
  • ? from ?, ?, ? #users/524287=0.0001
  • Jayjg2

The back-story: how it all came down

Jay "trashed"
Right now, you [Jayjg] and Slim and the others are just magnets for drama.


—Andrew Gray, Wikipedia

Please. For the good of the project, turn around and walk away.


—Andrew Gray, Wikipedia



Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Israeli apartheid.

Jay is the leader of the pro-Israel side in the "Apartheid Wars". He and his team first tried to eliminate any reference to Israel in Wikipedia's apartheid article. Then, when an article on the verboten concept was created he led the charge to have "Israeli apartheid" exterminated from wikipedia (duh, as if he'd try to eliminate the real thing). When that failed he and his meatpuppet Urthogie (better known as Urology) created numerous articles claiming that apartheid existed everywhere from Puerto Rico to China so that Israel would not be isolated with the damning charge. This blatant violation of WP:POINT resulted in a revolt by the wikipedia masses who deleted most of the fake articles and had Jay and Urology brought up to the ArbComm on charges of making Wikipedia look like a propaganda tool.

In other news

Jayjg gets PAID $$$$$$$ to edit TOW, and organize his Jewteamz!!1!3

At the same time, Jay's ineptitude in trying to protect his fuckbuddy SlimVirgin from being revealed as Linda Mack (something everyone already knew) resulted in Wikipedians accusing Jay of being a drama magnet and begging him to leave. This was shortly after the ArbComm admonished Jay for creating "drama" when he violated his CheckUser oath and revealed that an admin-wannabee had used the Tor application.

If this wasn't enough, at the very same time, the Israeli foreign ministry announced that it was recruiting propagandists to join it's "team" to edit wikipedia for the good of Israel. The ineptitute of the "Hasbara fellowships" publicly announcing that they were trying to subvert wikipedia led to the obvious conclusion that the "team leader" was Jayjg, the only wikipedian with the right combination of arrogance and ineptitute to both attempt such a secret project and blow it out of the water by announcing it publicly.

In the aftermath of these debacles, Jay, who for so long thought he was cleverer than everyone else and could talk his way out of anything, disappeared from Wikipedia without explanation or apology. He has since returned albeit revealing the same prejudices.

Jayjg acts as a one man Internet Court, blocking everyone who disagrees with him with the aid of his Jewbo Wales-granted Checkuser access then sharing their IP addresses/personal information with the population at large. Jay is extremely paranoid about his own personal information, however, and is the only Wikipedia arbitrator to have never disclosed his Power Word: IRL Name to the community despite being in one of Wikipedia's "positions of trust." It is a mystery: despite Jay's being hated by everyone but SlimVirgin, Jimbo Wales has appointed Jay to Arbitrator (Wiki-Judge), Oversight (the final solution of deletion access), and Checkuser (check your IP addresses) status. The Wikipedia community vehemently ignores Jimbo's preferential treatment of Jay, unable to come to terms with a living example of how "consensus" doesn't actually mean shit there. But Jimbo just loves the guy.

Jayjg please see WP:CANVASS

On December 20th, Jayjg accidentally sent out a message to the entire WikiEN-l mailing list trying to recruit meatpuppets for an edit war.

[WikiEN-l] Messianic Judaism
Someone has conveniently deleted all the criticism from the lead, in violation of WP:LEAD. I'm planning to go in tonight and do some re-adding and tagging. Will you be able to watch my back?


No they will not Jayjg.

He won't edit on the sabbath

On Fridays, once sundown is near in the Eastern Time Zone (GMT-5), Jayjg slows his editing down and abruptly stops. He does not edit again until Sunday. He needs to prepare to eat his Sabbath food.

He also hates Jesus enough that he called "The New Testament of The Bible" the "Greek Testament". And he thinks that Jews massacring Goyim doesn't really count as a massacre.


  • Daniel575 the dutchman with dozens of online identities has had a love=hate relationship with wikipedia and loves jews but hates zionists. He couldn't get enough of it, so he created a whole bunch of socks [1][2] till kingdom come, and it came
  • Yidisheryid aka "yidi" aka "זלמן לייב" aka "יודל" aka "YY" [3] spends his days linking [4] the english and the yiddish wikipedias where he has sysoped, & claims simultaneously to supports satma hasidism, hebrew messianism, when not spewing steam at anyone who gets in his way

Missing and presumed dead

Jayjg stopped editing the magical Wikipedia on November 6, 2013. Nobody missed him. But he was warned that if he didn't come back occasionally and "look active" his admin bit would be taken away so once a year he logs in and uses the AWB bot to grind a few thousand trivial edits....for a few days. The Wikidicks are so pathetic they haven't even noticed this deception yet. Mixed in with these minor edits, he continues to watch and protect the articles about synagogues in North America. Especially ones in Canada. Probably because he really is Judah Gould, son of late Canadian journalist Allan Gould.

You will note that he stopped editing on Feb 18 2013, and returned on March 3. Allan Gould died on February 21.


The Grand Wizard of Wikipedia Review (we all know it's still Blissyu2) showing his face while getting ready for the date with Jayjg
  • Received a 3rd place finish in the prestigeous 3rd annual WP:DICK awards from the highly esteemed Wikipedia Review community. [5], and was awarded a romantic date with their Grand Wizard, Blissyu2. Give up the lulz for them both.

Theme song

Born in Brooklyn in the USA
They called me Jewfro Jerome
I changed my name, got on a plane
Found a place to call home

I ride a tank in the West Bank
I'll never leave,who needs Tel Aviv

Look out mama, my name is Horatio
I perform cunnilingus in return for fellatio

I get my kicks with the settler chicks
I got one on each hill
I'll do you good and I'll never leave a trace
If I don't do it, honey nobody will, right

Got rank in the West Bank
I never grieve when they bomb Tel Aviv

Look out mama, my name is Horatio
I perform cunnilingus in return for fellatio

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