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Jax the Bat was one of the Unholy Trinity of Furfags - the other two being Zeriara and Snapesnogger. Noticeably unlike her other two comrades in that Jax did not have an article written about her until 2009. How did she manage to avoid being featured on Encyclopedia Dramatica for so long? Jax managed to avoid feeding the trolls because she was and still is very good at keeping silent. In fact she seems too good as the ungrateful fat fucking bitch never thanks any of her e-buddies for favors, often hardly ever acknowledging her bleating fans whatsoever.

Note on Gender:

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding Jax's gender. Judging by the rolls of fat, dyed hair, and obsession with buttsecks it's not easy to tell whether it's a male or female. Despite this, here Jax will be referred to as "she" because even if it was born with a dick or hopes to have one surgically attached later in life, it's quite obvious from the amount of furry art she draws it will never be used.


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An article on Jax was originally written back in November 2007. Jax responded like all e-famous furfags: she and her cocksucking e-buddies all thought it was hugely funny. This first article was swiftly deleted as it was even shittier than her deviantART gallery.

A second attempt at writing occurred in June 2008 but was no better than the original and swiftly baleeted. Having had her article deleted on two separate occasions, one would assume Jax would be feeling pretty damn smug. Surprisingly, no. None of her major sites (except her deviantART account) have been updated since May 2008. We can only speculate at the cause.

Triple Threat


All you will ever need to know about Jax. Note the comment on how she likes to draw sex.
To shield herself from the stench of her own shit.

As with all furfags (including the occasional tub of lard with a vagina attached) Jax is obsessed with homosexuality. Interestingly however she has been known to fly into a rage if anybody draws pornographic material of her fursona.

Her faggotry extends far beyond dongs however - as with all self-entitled deviatART and furfag superstars, Jax believes she can call upon her legions of followers as her personal army once some poor sap complains about her. If you should spot her throwing a tantrum, screencap that shit as fast as possible, for she has the habit of deleting every fucking thing that does not involve her overly-inflated ass being kissed.

As with most furries Jax like to rape your childhood and draw pictures of your favorite Pokémon characters getting it in the ass. This does not sound unusual. What makes this fat sack of shit even more unlikeable is that once she stops obsessing, she deletes her pictures, much to the annoyance of her fanbase.


Info non-talk.png Prices posted on devianTART:
  • Fursuit: $900 starting for full
  • $450 starting for partial
  • $350 for heads
  • Inquire about smaller item prices (paws, tails, ears, etc)
  • What a money-grabbing cunt.
This cross-eyed wonder is Jax' finest achievement.

Jax does commissions for which she charges far more than the product is worth and takes forever to complete it. That is, of course, if she actually DOES it at all. Her technicolor monstrosities have only been seen in the imaginations of disturbed children and alcoholics. There have been numerous accounts of her taking years to deliver a suit, or producing a suit of low quality- in the worst of cases, the final product will be obviously slapped together from existing leftover projects of hers, completely missing the qualifications of the buyer long after the due date (as often times these are commissioned with the intention of being "premiered" at a certain convention) has passed.

Owes a large sum of money

Jax over the past year has apparently done something to a resident in Oklahoma and owes another member on Furaffinity over $1000.00 Money issues.jpg Money issues2.jpg Money issues3.jpg


One of the more infamous images on 4chan, ED, and the internet in general.

Jax is responsible for at least 90% of the Nazifur porn on the internet. As with all deviantART Nazis she claims she only likes the uniforms and anyone who has a problem with that is a thin-skinned discriminating bigot. Sadly for all her fans, Jax hardly ever draws gay furry Nazi porn any more.


Don't you hate it when people admire your work?

Jax the Bat is always on the lookout for art thieves. This should come as no surprise considering her popularity, except like all self-proclaimed deviantART and furfag superstars she treats her fans (and sometimes the entire site) as her personal army.

This may also sound unremarkable until her computer crashed and she asked - as pitifully as she could - for anyone who may have "borrowed" her art to send her the pics. Thank God for art thieves.


Jax 4chan banned.png

Jax the Bat is also a meme from 4chan. Whenever somebody posted a furry picture, it used to be standard procedure for posters to declare that it was © Jax, that the OP was © Jax, and that © Jax is © Jax. Although they may be right, as Jax's art is spread around the internet like herpes at a furry convention, nobody gives a flying fuck.

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