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James Cordone

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Pedophilia is srz business James

James W. Cordone is a furfag who has been ostracized from the furry fandom, which is no surprise since every few weeks James gets B& from a Steam community for targeting teenagers for sex. He stalks the Steam and Second Life networks for young prey and has been cockblocked by even the horniest furfag. To make things worse, his fursona is a "Skunk" that has a hardcore metal gear fetish and has won an award for the World's Worst Yiff. No, seriously.

There was once a post on SoFurry about him that made it to over 14,000 views before it was removed. It was reposted and once again was removed, but not before 20 pissed off furfag's started chanting to make an article about him before they went back to giving blow jobs to the homeless. James' lack of a brain can be spotted right off the bat by looking at his Steam profile. He is also in eight anti-furry groups and says he hates yiffing, but then two lines later he changes his mind and types "Urge to Yiff Sniper Joe X right now: 9001% ARAUGH JOOOOOOE!". This man is the fucking Clayton Bigsby of furries as demonstrated here.


1 year ban log.png

James was discovered when once upon a time, he was looking for a piece of ass on a Garry's Mod server, Victim A reported him to an admin, but no one gave a shit. So she posted the chat log, packed with more fail than Sony's PSP at launch. People started to find out about him and an investigation was started. His IP address was retrieved from a Team Fortress 2 server he was trying to "Cyberrape" kids on, after showing the lead administrator the logs of the event. It was then discovered that he's blacklisted in Second Life by pretty much fucking everybody due to his disgusting pedophilia and e-stalking. His Steam page was locked for three days since he was reported at least 100 times. He called it an unfair ban.

Then because some moralfags felt sad for his victims, they cheered themselves up by showing everything to his mate on Steam, which he was cheating on (and has lung cancer by the way), and then he dumped James. Then James goes into emo whining bitch mode and says hes going to kill himself. This is then posted on SoFurry and he goes apeshit, again. Then for added lulz it was posted on 4chan and linked it to him. His response was to call the trolls murderers. Of course, he was going to kill himself anyway, so it shouldn't have mattered.

On August 3, 2011 James Cordone tried faking his own death to get his ED page removed, a copy of the chatlog can be found here. Luckly for the good of mankind he revives himself just long enough to send furfag porn to a 14 year old and play GTA Vice City.

Chat's and Fail

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: James Cordone/Logs.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

5:54 PM - James The Huggleable Skunk: Wanna yiff?
5:56 PM - A Underage Furry: ...Wat
5:57 PM - A Underage Furry: Why the hell would I want to yiff you? :V
5:58 PM - James The Huggleable Skunk: lol
5:58 PM - James The Huggleable Skunk: Just messin around
5:58 PM - James The Huggleable Skunk: OR AM I!?
5:58 PM - James The Huggleable Skunk tears off both our clothes
5:59 PM - James The Huggleable Skunk huggles tight
5:59 PM - James The Huggleable Skunk: :3
5:59 PM - A Underage Furry: WHAT, NO.
5:59 PM - James The Huggleable Skunk rubs hsi sheath agaainist your theigh, murring loudly
6:00 PM - A Underage Furry: No thanks
6:02 PM - James The Huggleable Skunk: :3
6:02 PM - James The Huggleable Skunk giggles and continues rubbing his thickening sheath againist your theigh


— James the Skunk, aka James W. Cordone

6:20 PM - Jessica The Adorable Skunkette: If i had a gun, iw ould fucking go to where you live

6:21 PM - Jessica The Adorable Skunkette: One squeeze of the trigger, and you will be wearing your balls for earrings


—James The Skunk (Talk about an Internet Tough Guy)

His White knights

James's stolen fagsona.png

My name is Dalton White.
I am 16 and I am a junior in high school.
My friend, James Cordone was written about on your site and I am furious!
The page about James Cordone is very slanderous and it is an outrage that you let it be put up. It has multiple accounts of false informations such as
his age and about him being a pedophile. It also has his personal information on the page WHICH HE DID NOT DISCLOSE TO ANYONE WILLINGLY. This is a cyber bully attack on my friend and I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS! THIS IS SLANDER AND PRIVACY INFRINGEMENT! I demand that that page be taken down!
Thank you,
Dalton White


Finish Him

There are no ways to help when the man is beyond help.

Known Aliases for the Steam Network

  • James Miayuki
  • James The Shunk
  • James The Huggleable Skunk
  • James The Rabid Skunk
  • James The Squeaky Clean Skunk
  • James The Adorable Skunkette
  • James the Sickly Skunk
  • James The French-Lickable Skunk
  • James The Simple-Minded Skunk
  • James The Depressed Skunk
  • Jessica The Skunk
  • Jessica The Huggleable Skunk
  • Jessica The Rabid Skunk
  • Jessica The Squeaky Clean Skunk
  • Jessica The Adorable Skunkette
  • Genome Soldier 2352
  • The Wolf's Shadow

Known Aliases for the Second Life Network

  • James Misayuki
  • Toybasher Resident

Some Basic Tracking Info for the Furfag

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