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Jack Phoenix

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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Jack Phoenix is a typical finnish emo wikipedophile, administrator of various crap wikis scattered throughout the internet, who also spends far too much time on IRC, possibly because he has asperger's syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, so he needs a place where to steam his frustration. IRL, he is wapanese, a Star Wars fanboi and furry, and he has a boyfriend, who he calls Roosa. He speaks finnish, swedish and japanese if he can have his dictionary with him. He also knows a bit of norwegian: he knows he must say "Ole hyvä!" when someone approaches him and yells "Du er et rasshøl!". He dreams of becoming famous by creating a Star Wars photonovel made with action figures, called "JACK PHOENIX'S PHOTONOVEL". Other aliases of this finnish dude are "Roosa", "Feenix" and "Sayuri".


Jack started his wiki life as a spammer on Wikipedia, under the name Roosa, and quickly became a fake editor. He then moved to Jimbo's big bag of commercial crap where he found Wookieepedia, the Furry Wikia. He got banhammered due to continued faggotry and, like many others before him, he opened his mind to a whole universe of crack. He created his own fake character, which is basically a rip off of Jack Bauer and shit alike. He was given the sysop bit on the crap wiki by one of Angela's cronies. He then became an important IRC ambassador between SWF and Wookieepedia along with his meatpuppet GHe. He has spent many, many hours on Wikia to gain a respectable reputation as a vandal fighter against a persistent beaner.

Outside Wikia, he runs a couple of wikis made of fail. Jack created a wiki website called, originally used as a "counter vandalism wiki", basically a ripoff of Essjay's website Since it was made of fail, the site was quickly vandalized and he had to shut it down for a while, to move the antivandalism stuff to Essjay's site. is now made of gay. He also owns Gingapedia, originally created at and subsequently moved to an appropriate site supported by the furry "Suomi Saataan Saataani" community.

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