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Angela deleted "User:Isarig" ‎ (user renamed Former user 2. User page and talk page deleted on request (otrs Ticket#: 2008011310001592)


—Deletion log, Isarig's userpage, Wikipedia

This is to inform all involved parties here that Isarig have exercised their right to vanish and are no longer active as a Wikipedia contributor. As a consequence, all edits by User:Isarig have been deleted from their main account and transfered to an account place holder known to the ArbCom, OTRS members and their mentors.


—FayssalF, Requests for arbitration/Palestine-Israel articles, Wikipedia

Here are his contributions, now attributed to "Former user 2," if you were looking for them
lulz upon lulz of TLDR
Media-famous editor-for-hire Greg Kohs lets the cat out of the bag!
Isarig as a child playing with his favorite toys.
How Isarig discovered Wikipedia.
Isarig in all his old, rich, Arab-hating glory.

Yoav "Isarig" Sarig (or his brother, software developer Ido Sarig, no one is really sure anymore) is a revert henchman and sockpuppeteer for the Wikipedia Jews, a close ally of SlimVirgin and Chief Foreskin Hunter for Jayjg. He is alternatively known as the Jewish "KAMIKAZE EDIT WARRIOR." He is well-known for miraculously appearing on Israel-related articles any time Wikipedia's pro-Israel lobby has exhausted their Three-revert Rule limit. He was recruited to Wikipedia by Hasbara Fellowships and is currently paid 5 shekels an hour for his expert sockpuppet work defending Israel's foreign policy, especially the practice of home demolition.

When he first showed on TOW in 2005, he had a massive, bulging hard-on for Israel critic Juan Cole. And trashed that article over and over, in spite of Cole also being a longtime critic of Islamic extremism. Sarig made repeated attempts to insert attacks in articles about media organizations that criticize Israel, such as Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. He also liked to defend Fox News, being a pro-Israel and anti-Islamist outlet. [1] Any article having the slightest relation to Israeli-Palestinian disputes or violence was an Isarig target. Into which he inserted a predictable, blind pro-Israel bias. Such a good boy, have a gefilte!


Notable aliases include:

  • WJBscribe blocked "Clintonesque" with an expiry time of indefinite ‎ (checkuser confirmed sockpuppet of User:Isarig). This user is a sockpuppet of Isarig, and has been blocked indefinitely.
  • MastCell blocked "Teens!" with an expiry time of indefinite ‎(Abusing multiple accounts: sockpuppet of User:Isarig, checkuser-proven). This user is a sockpuppet of Isarig, and has been blocked indefinitely.
  • Plus "Robpater", plus "Bigglove", plus "Rami R", plus "Camomil", plus shit knows how many others.

Why, you might ask, has the virulently anti-sockpuppet Wikipedia not perma-banned such a pervasive sockpuppeteer? Perhaps it has something to do with Isarig's real-life status.

Media-famous edits-for-hire businessman Greg Kohs just let the cat out the bag on one of the greatest Wikipedia Jews. Yoav Sarig is an Israeli agricultural engineer who holds several patents for mechanical apparatus for harvesting and processing of jojoba beans, pecan nuts and pomegranates. How a wealthy businessman spends all day sitting on ass fighting a propaganda war on Wikipedia instead of managing his assets is a mystery. Kohs claims he and Isarig had phone calls about "money and wikis," but Isarig didn't specifically offer Kohs any money to edit. If Ido is the actual "Isarig", than that makes more sense, because Isarig has unquestionably edited articles about Ido's employer, Wind River Systems. (Probably now using the sock account Robpater).

Hey Isarig, If you have a chance, would you mind e-mailing me? Jayjg 22:25, 9 August 2006 (UTC)


—Jayjg to Isarig, Wikipedia

To suggest that Isarig and Jayjg collaborate their Israeli Wikipedia mission off-site via email or IRC would be ANTI-SEMITIC and PREPOSTEROUS!

Isarig rose in power in the Wikipedia cabal until when Jayjg went on wikibreak for half of 2007. Shortly afterward, with no Jayjg to protect him, Isarig and all his socks were banned. Once Jayjg returned, Isarig was mysteriously unbanned and continued editing until mysteriously committing wikicide on 13 January 2008.

User rename

  • 07:24, 13 January 2008 Angela (Talk | contribs) renamed User:Isarig to User:Former user 2 ‎ (7,183 edits. Reason: user request on otrs. Ticket#: 2008011310001592)
  • 16:04, 15 January 2008 Avraham (Talk | contribs) protected User:Isarig ‎ (Right-to-Vanish [create=sysop])

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