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They actually had the most successful individual security strategy we came across - the wiki was down for the majority of the time we had it owned. Made it a big pain in the ass and mostly we didn't bother.


—zf0 about

The Insurgency Wiki (currently hosted at specializes in raid coordination and documentation; it is home to many Anonymi, raidfags, /i/nsurgents, and script kiddies, and functions as a centralized hub for the aforementioned degenerates to use to reign terror on the webs. In their own words, "Was put together and run so that the newfags can just read stuff here instead of it needing to be explained tons of times in the chat. The wiki previously ran on the domain name; however, due to technical difficulties, the site didn't stay up for very long and is now hosted at the domain name.


This became the primary domain of the /i/nsurgency wiki some time in 2008 (before that the w/i/ki used dyndns), after which some fags colloquialized it to "Partyvan Wiki". That said, it was and is and (probably) will be correct to call it the /i/nsurgency wiki.


The site is named after the phrase "partyvan," the Chanese word for FBI. Since most of its users have to live in constant fear of being v& by The Man and would readily nuke their hard drives at a moment's notice, the title is rather fitting.

The "Raiding Wiki" was started back in June 2007, but was basically an unused collection of failure until a couple months later, when the wiki was finally hosted on a semi-stable webhost, which it turns out was an eMachine 633 IDS on comcast cable. Around this time, the site began to see a surge in content and users, and became a pretty useful place to find raid information. The wiki has since gone up and down more than a professional whore, due mostly to a number of HD crashes and a constant barrage of DDoS attacks from every corner of the internet.

Originally died in 2009 for six months out of the blue with no explanation but hinting that someone hacked them during the last week before it went down. Then, months later, it finally returned again. It is expected to be dead again next week tomorrow R.I.P Back up for another week.

Other Wikis, like (, are sometimes called a ripoff or vice-versa, but this debate is an E-penis measuring contest and nothing more, since the people that actually wrote the articles are, in many case, long gone.

Old front page

Not to be confused with Partyvan Wiki, was ran by r3x, owner of 888chan and The Epic Fail Guys Wiki. It was up for a while, while was down, but it now appears permanently debunk. Moreover, r3x has suggested that--if all things go might be pointed at

Background was formed after the 'recovery' of partyvan sql files a few months ago. When Janus Zeal, owner of domain and host of the wiki, lost his job during the economic downturn, the wiki went down, and Relentless--who was paying him for hosting the wiki--turned to r3x for help. r3x and Relentless jointly ran the wiki at for a while, which was also accessible from as janus zeal pointed the domain to it.

Things ran smoothly, until Relentless tried to initiate a forceful takeover of z103 (a radio-station r3x also hosted) with the help of anonnet oper abuse from mooncup. Relentless was subsequently kicked off r3x’s box and r3x continued running the wiki on his own. Due to past conflicts between janus zeal and r3x, best described here, janus zeal stopped directing to the Insurgency Wiki, and it is this conflict which is said to have caused the current splintering in the wiki continuation. While r3x’s wiki was accessible from, janus zeal chose to point to a new wiki, set up by some newfags named mooncup and Pedrobear.

Thus, where there was once just one Anonymous wiki, there became (for the sake of ED simplicity) two: Partyvan ( Wiki and Insurgency ( Wiki.


Whilst Partyvan disliked (now because of r3x and his association with 888chan, in particular its inclusion of a controversial /xenu/ board, Insurgency Wiki disliked Partyvan because of the way they exclude certain sectors of the insurgency through weak accusations of moralfaggotry, feeling that this weakens the whole and loses sight of the ultimate goal; lulz.


A while ago, the wiki was partyvan'd or DDOSed or something. Whoever owns it finally decided to redirect it to a chan that focuses on dildos


The people running have now changed, and is largely back to the same administration that was in charge prior to the drama that led up to the initial split. Moreover, appears likely to never recover, so has de facto become the primary /i/nsurgency wiki.

Partyvan'D II: Electric Boogaloo

The site hasn't been updated for several years. Looks like the pools are closed.

Insurgin II: Electric Boogalo

Thanks to excellent opers (GOOD JOB), the old backup that relentless owned was used once again to bring things back online (again), to be fagged up by NekoArc (again).

Resolution? II

The people running have changed again, and seems, again, to be back to the same administration that was in charge prior to the drama that led up to the initial split. Moreover,, (etc, etc) appear likely to never recover, so has de facto become the primary /i/nsurgency wiki once again. being their info portal, with a return of their radio stream located at, and also a return of their IRC network, 6667/6697 #partyvan


Raid information is collected and cataloged in only the most serious of manners, as the users take their hobbies of hackan, trollan, spamman, and raidan very srsly.

Unlike Encyclopedia Dramatica, the Insurgency Wiki not only allows, but encourage a number of hazardous practices, such as the posting of personal info, detailed planning of raids, and step-by-step instructions on how to harm the target at hand; the kind of things that a normal site would instantly disdain in fear. However, nobody really knows or cares about The Insurgent Wiki, so it doesn't really matter.

However, in a fashion similar to that of ED, /i/nsurgency wiki doesn't tolerate Personal Army requests. Really, nobody on the internet wants to help you get revenge on your ex-girlfriend.


There's only one burrito in the new Wiki, so far.

  • parley - Some guy who thinks he can (MIA (new ppl in charge of sites(lol namefags))) "bring back old anonymous" <~ "not a bad idea tho." - Partyvan

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