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Channel #insub on IRC. Where many of the dramacrats can be found. The server is private and run by the evil cj_. He banned girlvinyl from the server on October 8th 2003. This made her cry.

This is where All Drama is born. You will need thick skin to stay, thicker skin to deal with the constant heckling, mocking, and random kicks. This is not a nice place on the Internet. Go play on Yahoo chat or something. They used to use MoveableType, but the GNAA saw to ending that swiftly.

This is the fun place to play on IRC - if you can't handle #insub, then you probably can't handle IRL well.

If you want to join, check for server addresses.

Upon joining, expect to be:

  • kicked
  • questioned
  • kicked
  • kicked
  • asked for nude jpgs of yourself
  • questioned by a coloured ascii penis
  • kicked
  • banned
  • cleared from the channel along with everyone else
  • nmapped
  • hacked
  • kicked
  • talked about in morse code
  • kicked

Hepkitten cockteases Latvians

hepkitten cannot help but be a total whore and piss off everyone that has ever lived. Because of this, insub is currently dead after a massive distributed denial of service attack launched by Latvian hackers.


Hang on...

Did I say Latvian hackers???


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