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This man is incontinent, that is why he needs to wear a diaper. Its not like he's a sick fuck or anything

Incontinence is when someone can't help pissing or shitting themselves. Sick fucks consider this a good thing because for them it is erotic in watersports or coprophilia. After a woman has a baby she will often suffer from incontinence and piss herself, many lulz can be had by getting pregnant women addicted to alcohol so that they will continue drinking after giving birth and piss herself even more. However, if the baby dies beforehand then a Lollercaust will erupt on Childfree.

Old people will often suffer from shit incontinence when they go senile, and some retards are incontinent for life.

Usage on teh internets

Usage IRL

If you are incontinent, go sit in a bank or church and piss all over everything.

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