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Not to be confused with Alexreynard, who is an even bigger faggot.

InSaNe-REYNARD and his "mate" JenJen
InSaNe-REYNARD and his mate's favorite activity. One is tempted to ask what the Hell happened to his mate's head.

InSaNe-REYNARD (More like InSaNe-RETARD amirite?) is a 30-year-old narcissistic manchild, (IRL name: Stefan Walls) who gets off on toon anthro bondage, as well as being a positively epic lol cow whom even most furries despise. He also enjoys looking at Bob Saget

His fascination with furry bondage porn is surely not a stage, as he shows no signs of turning back. No, he has been sucked into the deep, horrifying pit of despair known as furfaggotry. Not only that, but he whores out this fact by every means possible. InSaNe-REYNARD also loves to think that he's real hip and cool by acting "insane" and drawing "INSANE" art, showing that he has absolutely no concept of the difference between a real neurological illness and acting silly to make up for his lack of a personality. He also still lives with his parents, who he blames for not letting him go to Furcons.

On another note, REYNARD has a "mate". No, not a girlfriend. A mate. Like animals do. How could it be any other way? They are both furries, after all. Bently, also known as JenJen, has the most amazing devianTART EVAR , and loves taking pictures of everything. And of course, she too has a fursona of a dyke "bunnyfox". Sort of the Margaret Houlihan to his Frank Burns!

On top of that, he thinks he will be directing Disney someday; quite an ego to rival Snapesnogger's, and quite a fucktard to rival LittleCloud.

InSaNe-REYNARD's devianTART & Other Whore Sites

lol MySpace whore shot. See internet disease

Upon a closer look at this guy's devianTART, you realize just what levels of sick fuckery he really stands on. He shows off his furfaggotry by being a stamp whore, with "cute" things such as "i support bondage", "yiff", "INSANE!", and "i <3 raping dogs". Even further into his DeviantART, his whorish amounts of favorites consist greatly of shitty furry art, and a shit load of straitjacket/bondage art. He also has a picture of a straitjacket he bought for himself. He probably loves to put it on and fuck his neighbors dog like the sick fuck he is. He also seems to have a fetish and love for Robin, from Disney's gay furry version of Robin Hood. What a coincidence that this character is seen frequently in ED's series of FurFaggotry.

Like most dumbfuck furries, he has a FurAffinity account to hoard all his furry porn. His love for furry porn is also the reason for a ban he received on DeviantART (see Previous Ban). According to his userpage, he is quite ass-backwards, and is of the right wing persuasion. Amazingly enough, even furries can't stand his faggotry -- the only reason none of it is detailed here is because his article's already huge enough.

His MySpace is only worth mentioning because of the fact that he has over 100 friends; Mostly, a clusterfuck of furry faggots and bondage pages. His LiveJournal is made of fail, and is hardly worth mentioning. He also has a PhotoBucket gallery.


A lulzful response upon finding this ED entry. screenshot in InSaNe ART & Faggotry GONNA SUE YUO GUYZ OMG

What Reynard wants to do to anyone who disagrees with him ("spammers and trolls")
I just found this out by one of my friends, WTF!? WHO DID THIS!?



—InSaNe-GAYNARD not understanding what a wiki is

He'd been told on multiple occasions on what is the proper course of action, but he can't do that. THERE IS TOO MUCH AT STAKE HERE!

His reputation is on the line and will do ANYTHING to bring us down!

Reynard also suffers severe denial of his faggy fur existence. It should also be noted that he is a "man of pure intellect", and that you are wrong and he is right. Saying otherwise only leads to you being called a loser over and over, as this is the most intelligent response anyone could ever come up with. And be sure not to forget that anyone who disagrees is a fucking liberal, because liberals are Reynard's worst enemies. He also proceeds to hide evidence of you being on his page. And below, an example of his most intelligent thinking process:


How does it feel to be insulted by a man of pure intellect...that's right...YOU LOSE YOU FAG! can you PROVE i'm a fag when I CLEARLY straight and have a FEMALE mate, that's right you LOSE! YOUR THE FURFAG!


—InSaNe-REYNARD, on being smart

Reynard also makes it a habit to hide fucking everything. Any negative or ED related comments made on his pages have been hidden, and can only be viewed in the articles gallery. There are many, many more that could not be seen before Reynard hid all the evidence. He doesn't want his reputation to be ruined, which he still promises to shut down ED for. He must really mean serious business.

Don't be surprised if he shows up to court like this.

Well let's jsut say they owe me ALOT or ROYALTY fees....and ALOT...inclduing therapy bills and OH! Let's not forget that I am about to sue their asses off.


—ED ruined his life

InSaNe-REYNARD has recently asked for help from the DeviantART community on how to stop people from harassing him..... unfortunately for him, it is generating many lulz. Read the ongoing madness here.

Because Reynard is always RIGHT and you're WRONG, YOU should totally BELIEVE that HIS character is AWeSomE. Offensive to people with real mental issues? I think not! Totally original? You better believe it! Totally made of awesome, because the super fantastic level of skill and totally not Disney ripoff style? HOT DAMN YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! His character is the complete and total epitome of what you should strive for. How could anyone, especially those horrible people from "Erectile Disfunction", put down and talk smack about him and his awesome art? He totally showed Disney his fanart of Robin Hood, and they sent him a letter telling him how great it was. Nobody EVER gets that! One day Reynard will be a popular and well-respected artist hired by Disney, and he knows so because everyone on DevianTART just loves him. He also ignores the fact that Reynard was originally created in France over 9,000 years ago before Asterix kicked his furry ass. They're all just jealous because "everyone also has crazy characters in Straitjackets and going crazy yet its funny, Children LOVE it, PEOPLE LOOOOOOOVE my fursona....". And don't you just run around calling it his fursona, it's his INNER CHILD, and "is supposed to be stupid". Reynard and his character are also not sick animal fuckers, which he'll bring up regularly. Most of all, he is certainly no sexual deviant. Or is he?

Straitfox rpcharacter.png

Did everything just go right out the window? I think so. I blame the magical secret dungeon.

If you happen to stumble upon any lulzy comments left on his page, it is highly suggested to retrieve such fleeting footage, as it will never be seen again.

Oh TOO BAD! Looks liek you can;t keep up with payments to your illegal site and FYI...ED isn't a site...

just abunch of losers who had no life and so they try to ruin other people's lives.


—Reynard believes everything he (himself) says

Previous ban

Reynard/Straitfox seems to already have an account on DA. Even though its empty, it can be found here. Who knows why his old account had gotten deleted. Nobody does except him. Not even us at ED. Or do we? After some searching done by a tartlet, a discovery was made on Nov. 15 that would make your mom cry. Not only that, it would make Walt Disney cry. Most likely, the reason Reynard was banned is because badly drawn pictures of (Disney's) Robin Hood bondage porn had been uploaded on his old account. Who knows what he was thinking that day? Not only is that a 34, a horrible rapeage of one's childhood, it also breaks DA policy. The images include stark erections, bondage, and one which sports major butt-pluggage. The images can be seen at the bottom of the InSaNe ART & Faggotry section, along with a giftart that is totally not gay lol. And his GF is totally awright with it. Thanks to the Way Back Machine, you can see his old ranty journals, and maybe some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Links or it didn't happen.

Snese of humpr

Snese of humpr, of course. BAAAAAAAAW!

One fine day user MadMantyke wrote this journal entry in DevianTARDland, receiving many lulz worthy answers. Not to the surprise of many though, along came InSaNe-RETARD (AKA InSaNe-REYNARD), with a massive shit storm brewing, starting right here. No better way to prove that you're done with ED than to always talk about the subject.

The entire thread is made with equal amounts of win from the EDiots and several deviantards, and fail from InSaNe. He kept contradicting himself, shouting out he's not gay or a "dog fucker". Eventually, he made one journal entry (now baleeted) where he stated he was OMG! Going to be the most famous artist EVAH! Oh, and he is not a furfag.

... who made this lulzy journal, as found here

After his previous stunt Reyfag went into a temporary hiding. Though Reynard being Reynard, it didn't last long, and The once silent lulzy journal from the tarlet AnyaNeon (as seen in the gallery) is revived with replies to comments from years ago. The tarlet claimed she will keep the journal, and not hide any comments, for EDiots' pleasure. The event became lulzy enough, to the point Insane-RETARD decided to use his girlfriend's account (note how in her journal it says she's away for a while), so he could say he wasn't "alone". Being currently blocked from the tarlet's journal, he's now stalking girls whose talent is superior than his, like one flaming rightful republican. He also still devwatches and favs works from people who he called hacks. How is that going to be?

To Rey's dismay JenJen returns from her leave of absence not long after, and to Reynard's wacky antics with her account.

I really don't even freaking know what to say right now.....

Other than the fact that my back hurts like Hades...and I don't understand men half the time.....


—Bently aka JenJen

Reynard promptly offered sweet asspats for his mate. She didn't say a thing back but that's just because she's busy, right? ...right? I mean, how could she stay mad at poor old him? All he did was hijack her account for his personal indulgence in having someone stick up for him and making her look bad in the process. It's coo'. Even though he still denies it was him using her account, despite the fact that almost no one on this Earth could emulate his freaky love of random capslock and mind numbing grasp of the English language. That's totally normal, right?

It just seems Reynard can't keep his fruity ass out of anyone's business. He goes on millions of spiels about how everyone should leave him alone, and that he doesn't talk about ED anymore. I mean, it's obvious he doesn't, especially when he's going into one Madmantyke's journal, making "HAHA IN YOUR FACE" comments.

Sweet sweet karma....XD



Lo and behold, Reynard digs his grave deeper and deeper. As expected, more drama is generated, as drama is what he is made of. His argument never seems to ever change, because of how totally awesome said arguments are.

Butthurt for you!

And he likes giving it up the butt! lol

The b&hammer strikes back!

Insane-reynard gets pwnd.jpg

Many EDiots, trolls, tarlets, and even furries celebrate this special occasion, where 13th November shall be known as National InSaNe-REYNARD Banned Day and the date when the mods finally decided to move their butts, and ban Insane-RETARD for good.

Remember, if you see his crap filled corpse crawling back to DA, report it immediately. Or let the trolls do their job.


As if it wasn't enough to have his ass handed to him on a silver plate, right on DeviantArt, after the epic lulz that was AnyaNeon's journal (see section: Snese of humpr), the fucktard is now contacting every single person who had different opinions and wasn't licking his ass in the said journal, and threatening them. Here's one example: a tarlet who only commented in the said journal, and did nothing else, receives these messages:

swalls714: Why hello there.
  swalls714: I see you are busy hamming it up so i'll just leave you to it, and thank you for 
             spamming me like a spammer.

Auto response from Derp: We're just players in one big cosmic game of poker with a 
dealer who smiles all the time.

  swalls714: Hope you get a life.
  Derp: Rofl.
  Derp: Excuse me, sir.
  Derp: Spamming you would be posting five hundred pages of shit on your front page.
  Derp: I think I was pretty...LIBERAL with what I posted compared to others.
  Derp: Also, in regards to getting lives, I've dropped it and moved on
  Derp: Not sure what that really says abou t you.
  Derp: What do you mean by 'hamming it up'?
  swalls714: I'm sorry...I don't have time to talk to such a lowly lifeform such as yourself so I am 
  blocking you and oh, your firned Anya or whatever she CALLED herself is not an artist...a true 
  artist must NOT be full of him or HERSELF.....everyone ust know this rule...or else it goes 
  straight to their head.
  swalls714: Good bye and hope you NEVEr see me in a dark ally....
  Derp: Uh huh
  Derp: Dude?
  Previous message was not received by swalls714 because of error: User swalls714 is not 

((moar retard sauce))

Apparently, this is how Insane-RETARD increases his e-penis size; by harassing others via AIM. Others have received similar messages, and as such, it is advice to retrieve such evidence.

Trollfags are such moronic idiots, its no owonder they live under a rock and in their grandma's basement.



Return of the Retard

Like a bad itch, or rather, hepatitis, Reynard is back after sucking enough cock to earn a ban appeal from the ever so merciful asshats of DeviantART. Casualties were taken in the lead up to Reynard's bannage, but despite the ban having failed their deaths were not in vain. It's hard at this time to say whether or not another ban is imminent for the ever so lovable straitfag, considering it's probably his shiny subscription that gets him the approval of deviantard staff. It's easy to say that he still to this day has not learned his lesson as he's still one of the biggest, most relentless assholes to plague the tubes.

He still hides comments that do not kiss his ass, and he still gets more pissed than a feminazi riding the rag. Let it be known that he still holds grudge wanks all over his DeviantART and even talks to himself on his page. No one that comes across his page is safe from his intellect and opinions. You can even still find him patrolling the JewTubes under the name 009090 with his "u r a fgt" attitude and still claims his threats will come true.

Contradictions and bullshit

Since his illicit return to DeviantFart, Insane-Retard has selected a particular target for his harassment (oh, no wait, stalking) and generally being a pain in the ass with shite comments and accusations. Thanks to some Lulz-farmers we have some laughable screenshots.

Considering the fucktard went on an emo strop with the individual involved above, previous to his ban, you wonder why the fuck he re-watched her on DA & FA (now unwatched - much to the relief of the deviant). Seriously, he's a glutton for punishment. The twat really has no life, just this little deluded world in which he dwells, the internet is not serious business, no matter how they try to make themselves look good - it just results in contradictions, lies and bullshit. Now we wait and see if the drama intensifies.

Viva la revolution! Copypasta this to him! (TL;DR - just DO it!)

You cold, illiterate, lying, low-down, short-sighted, worthless, hateful, unappreciative, pathetic excuse for a human being. I sympathize with you, the damned, for having the sense of reasoning, gratitude and brain of a withered pig's knuckle, for about, oooh, half a second, maybe; before I realise that you aren't even worth the energy in my fingers or the two minutes it will take me to complete this message.

Having already run through quite a good set of derogative adjectives already, I'm going to stop with the insults (or rather, truth) here and give you the simple advice, or rather, the only logical course of action, which is to stop typing at the keyboard and staring at the screen, and turn the computer off. And never go near the Internet again. But you won’t do that, because you don’t act on logic at all. Hence your endless contempt for all that is good in the world, it seems.

When you read this message and decide to set me straight as best you can, which I will assume will contain many misspelt expletives and words you can't comprehend that contain more letters than you do brain cells, I will not reply, or even read, your feeble attempt at a rebuke, partly because this is my unchecked backup account, but mainly because I can't give a hoot whether you live or die, let alone what your opinion on my message is. Shame, really, as I’d love to ask you and find out what it’s like living with the knowledge that you’re going to die cold, alone and afraid, knowing that nobody ever truly loved you.

I find it sickening you think that someone having a mental illness is something that can be taken so lightly that you can not only use it as a theme in your rip-off, sub-par Disney fetishes, but as something that can be used as a cheap, tacky, tasteless signature that offends many, many people. Grow up; you’re old enough now at 21, Stefan. I imagine that when you start a conversation in real life (should you, by some miracle, have one; or another person decides to pity you/isn’t repulsed by your very existence), out gushes a huge river of uninformed bullshit that is said on impulse rather than any measure of common sense.

I’m going now to look at some actual, GENUINE pieces of art made by people who have more talent and consideration for their fans than a pool of dying algae, rather than using them when they fall for one of your lies and give you an e-hug when a person has a differing opinion of you and your so-called "artwork" (sic), just to shut you up. SCUM.

Do the world a favor*.

Sincerely, the Internet ADDITIONAL: * I realize this is spelled the British way, because frankly, we all hate his guts over here as well. Together we will end him!

A wild REYNARD appeared! But no one wants to challenge him, or even go near.

Pokaemon InSaNe-REYNARD

Kwench an avid anti-Reynard supporter has posted up this little gem on DeviantART. The animation shows you fighting InSaNe-REYNARD in Pokæmon style. With such lines as "Reynard used Superior Intellect! …but it failed." And “foe Reynard used unnecessary swearing” Kwench certainly achieves EPIC WIN. We salute you.

Sweet sweet karma

Much rejoice has been held on the day of May 28, and is now known as the day that the lordly assfaces got off their lazy duffs and banned Reynard forever.

Oh Rick Astley~

This end was inevitable due to the fact that Reynard was always the type to dig his own grave. Looks like his firm belief that he is justice incarnate and the second coming of Jesus has failed him yet again. And to think, it was Rick Astley himself that caused Reynard's final tirade on DeviantART.

Some believe it was through CorporealMirage's harassment of Realitysquared as seen above that forced the moderators to actually do something right.

[19:45] Stefan: Oh okay then but no....they were NOT joking...i know avouple of jokes and tehy were NOT funny...

[19:48] Stefan: They felt like spam jokes... [19:48] Stefan: And trust me...that was not funny... [19:48] Stefan: I know funny... --- [19:53] Stefan: i jsut HATE these troll...if I was admin or ruler I would find them and KILL THEM! [19:53] Stefan: That is it I have had it. [19:53] Stefan: I'm gonna go kill myself now


—Reynard on being RickRoll'd

Smell yah later faggot!


An artistic representation of said broken record

Being banned from DA did not stop Reynard Straitfox (and his sock puppet account,Gregarbeast). He continued communicating via FurAffinity and started flooding the forums with his usual shit and trying to convince everyone all furhaters are evil cowards and boasts that he is the nicest, most caring, original person on Earth. All other furs should support him and his cause because is "nice, considerate, understanding, tall, handsome, fluent in Swedish, loves George Bush, doesn't support Evolution or Obama, wants all ED contributors to rot in jail and everyone loves him!" He's essentially like a broken record from Hell.

And on that note, Straitfag presents "Ode To A Withering Hugbox". How many shots in the foot does it take to get a clue?

Even FurAffinity is sick of his whiny retarded trolling ass, as of the 22nd of September 2008 'Straitfux' was hit hard with the bannage and the reason to his demise Hell hath no fury like a women pissed off. Sadly, though not surprisingly, the ban didn't last. About five or so days later his ban was lifted (aka Straitfag sucks more cock) Banned again for being a complete FAILtroll. Before his initial ban he made a journal asking the dicklicking masses of FA if they love or hate his art. Only the greatest art connoisseurs are left to comment, as everyone else has been banned from his gallery.

Harrassment Emails

It seems like, despite being b&, he still doesn't like comments on his art, and will continue harrassing them through other ways, such as creating his own msn address just to yell and complain and tell them how much their art sucks. One of these people was a tartlet known as meeszy_alexy, who commented on his art, and moved on.

She then got these lovely, polite, spell-checked emails from him:

He also talked to her on msn, as shown below(Note: >:3 is not the lion in this chat, it is actually meeszy_alexy's msn name, so do not make any attempts to get in the car.):

 >:3: Hey there, try not to contact me on msn/windows live messenger when I'm offline, k?
>:3: Just for your info :D 
 Stefan: Okay stranger person i never met before. 
 >:3 Glad we sorted that out 
Stefan >:3 Yes. 
 Stefan >:3 Well let me sort this out to you 
Stefan >:3 Never tell someone they are wrong on my banned DA account. and spamming me thanks. 
Stefan >:3 Just for the heads up. 
>:3  Tis not spam though :) 
>:3  If I was spamming you, I'd be b& by now. 
Stefan It was and it was very rude.... 
 >:3: :P 
 Stefan:  Yeah we all know by now that you will be banend and I told the admins that. 
 Stefan: And plus I have better english and grammer skills than grow up.
 >:3:  Not when you spell grammar "grammer" XD

(At this point, he went offline, so no moar lulz were to be had.)

InSaNe ART & Faggotry

Screenshots & Faggotry About missing Pics

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Links, contact and shit


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