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Noone can challenge them!

Immortal is a black metal band from Norway, notable for the fact that they realize that they are not serious business and have thus used their popularity for the purpose of generating music and lulz. This is obvious in their photos and music videos which usually feature poses and actions so retarded, only a fucking idiot could possibly take them seriously. Of course, being a Norwegian black metal band, they naturally sing about winter, grimness, darkness and death.


Because having an axe that looks like the fucking bat signal wasn’t kvlt enough, Abbath unzipped his fucking pants

Abbath- Founding member, vocalist, guitarist and chief lulz pioneer. Featured in every photoshoot. Named after what he fears the most.

Horgh- Drummer, second in command and lulz generator.

Demonaz and Apollyon- Who?

Internet Popularity and Shoops

Because of Immortal’s lulzy pics, photoshopped versions of them have been circulating among the internets, to be used whenever a black metal fan becomes convinced that the music he listens to is serious business.

Most shoops of Immortal come from two main pics, which are lulzy enough by themselves.

Source of shoops

Abbath looking like he’s about to shit his pants and Horgh trying out for the WWE
Abbath auditioning for the black metal version of the Matrix. Horgh is still trying out for the WWE

Music Video

Call of the Wintermoon, being kvlt with a wizard hat

Their music video, Call of the Wintermoon, was uploaded to YouTube where it has garnered over 9000 views and comments. It features the band performing various metal acts of grimness such as prancing through a green forest in broad daylight while wearing full black metal corpse paint, and spikes, and growling at the trees. However, Abbath decided that this was not lulzy enough and decided to force a man who was named Kolgrim (He's Kold AND Grim!) to wear a wizard hat in order to exponentially increase the gayness level to infinity.

Typical Immortal Videos

Gallery of Shoops

Immortal Shoops About missing Pics

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