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Imagine Dragons pictured with their typical fan-base.

Imagine Dragons is an alternative rock band who skyrocketed to fame riding Jesus' dick (seriously they were a Christian band). Other than being astonishingly racist in their magnum opus, they really have not done much other than demonstrate themselves to be resounding faggots beyond redemption.

Band Members

Music Videos

  • Radioactive - Widely heralded as the video that pushed Donald Trump into the 2016 race. In the video, some young girl brings in a teddybear to a gladiatorial combat event hosted, of course, by Mexicans. The Mexicans enjoyed throwing money at the monster and beating the shit out of the other stuffed animals while the white (and whiteish guys) played music in jail. The pink teddybear then engages in the typical gay underdog battle with the bad ass purple hipster. After the pink bear defeats the monster and kills Mexicans it decides to imprison the leader presumably ending the Mexican monster battling. Then a presumably Jewish woman frees the men feeling troll's remorse.

  • Demons - Communist gay song that supposedly rips off a Like a Prayer by Madonna (found this out from a YouTube comment on their video lol).
  • Shots - The main reason behind this article. Incredibly ironic lyrics given that in Demons he boasts about trying to help people. Try singing this follow up song and see where it takes you.
  • Roots - Bragging about being black and obsessing of when he was a kid.
  • Gold - Brags about other people making shit awesome since they cannot do this themselves.
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