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FoundationOriginally around Q2 2004, revived as Wakachan in February 2005, revived as iichan again in 2006
Major Boards/random/
Epic Winsweeaboo

Idlechan/iichan is an imageboard similar to the famous 4chan, only it makes love, not hate.

Idlechan is actually a collection of hosted boards dedicated to a delicate variety of stupid fucking wapanese, unlike 4chan, where users actually discuss things not related to the admittedly superior Japanese culture. The average iichan user is a weeaboo wapanese who think they are otaku /b/tards.


Upon its original foundation,it was one imageboard rather than a collection of hosted boards, much like it's mother site 4chan. It was originally intended to be a "home from home" for the nomadic /b/tards that were left without their daily dose of chaos and depravity after 4chan died for the 4th time on June 20th, 2004, due to various reasons. However, upon 4chan's return less than 2 months later, iichan had established it's own userbase, and ended up "competing" with its mother site. This was not to last, and iichan was closed on October 24th 2004 due to rising bandwidth costs and a lack of funding. it was slated to return in December, but in February 2005 it merged with another board to create the horrifying weeaboo infestation we see at Wakachan.

Iichan was effectively hosted at Wakachan for another 6 months then Iichan was reinstated, however rather than becoming another imageboard it instead became a central page which linked to many other smaller imageboards, most of which located at wakachan, keichan, sovietrussia.org and a few other smaller ones.

The admins then took Idlechan offline for "2 weeks" in order to fix something, and it ended up being offline for about 8 months, all the time the main page saying they would be back for 2 weeks. The large userbase it had build up left to go to other imageboards. Idlechan has been up ever since but the boards now have very slow posting rates, and run at a speed that 4chan was not long after that was founded. Posts on the /random/ board now last a week or before they finally get saged off the end, and the boards still get periodically raided with CP.


Idlechan was the first board to develop its own software rather than using the futallaby software that 4chan uses. It developed 2 branches of software: Wakaba for image posting and Kareha for text only posting. These are so named after the warning stickers that Japanese people put on their cars to tell other people that they are either learning to drive, or are blue haired old wrinkleys on their way to a farmers market demolition derby. Most if iichan's subboards use this software as do many other imageboards.


Iichan has boards hosted in several different places, notably iiichan and wakachan, while also linking to boards on smaller chans or domains that only host one board. It does this so that people can contribute by hosting a board rather than donating to one big forum that hosts it all. The upside of which is if the main site goes down you can still get to the boards. The downside of which is if one of the hosts goes down, the site admins at iichan won't notice for months that they have a dead link because they are too busy trying to smoke with their nose.

At the moment it is linking to boards on:

  • iiichan
  • shanachan
  • wakachan
  • secchan
  • ib.rotbrc.com (down)
  • www.teamtao.com
  • moxious.com (down)
  • hr.deadgods.net (martinchan)
  • www.pooshlmer.com/
  • benderchan
  • extra-muffins.com
  • blackmage.org
  • wakaba.c3.cx (homepage for the Wakaba imageboard software)
  • 4-ch.net
  • 1chan.net

Known users and staff, past and present

  • Thock - Former admin. Snorts cigarrettes.
  • Lain - Former sysadmin, now tranny. Has dissappeared off the internet
  • Anon - Current admin.
  • Nobuyuki - Chiptune enthusiast
  • Nihilanthic - Annoying ginger guy on IRC
  • Evo-chan - Canadian femanon, one time love object of nihilanthic
  • Karaipantsu
  • Blackmage - mod
  • Kihei - Miko obsessed music piracy.
  • WAHa!06x36 - Ancientfag extrordinaire who is also involved heavily in 4chan.
  • Wheeker - Attention whoring cosplayer who posted pics of another girl, claiming it was her. Giant drama then occured when Kihei discovered Christine - the person who the pictures were of, who then held a sign on cam saying "Wheeker's a man" which was then posted all over iichan.
  • SovietRussia - Greatest internet troll who ever lived.
  • Olde Fortran - Prolific poster
  • ME-tan - Perverted sarcastic tranny who edits ED

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