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Ignore All Rules is an unusually lulzworthy statement which was made by Jimbo Wales, king of the Wikipedophiles, at least 100 years ago.

If a rule prevents you from improving or maintaining Wikipedia, ignore it.


A way of improving Wikipedia would be having an article on the Gay Nigger Association of America but no, no, no, the Bureaucratic Fucks would never have that (and still BAWWWWW about the fact that TOW finally has an Encyclopedia Dramatica article). A way of maintaining Wikipedia would be reverting vandalism, but only those who have no life actually do that.

In other words, it's completely hypocritical and contradicts all other Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines. It basically means the admins have power to control the encyclopedia in any way they want, and do not give a fuck about what you think should be done.

This rule was created as a subtle hint that "the rules" are a set of conflicting policies which are selectively enforced to bend Wikipedia to the will of the HIVEMIND.

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