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Where ideas come to life.


—That's a misspelling. It meant "come to die".

In the right hands the Ideas Wiki could have been full of potential and purpose. Instead it lies in the hands of the internet, turning into a terrifying bastardization of livejournal and wikipedia run by Asspies.

The Fanbase

The only real problem is a majority of it's users are teenagers with autism and learning disabilities, basement dwellers, Chris-Chan wannabes,Tartlets, and other assorted people, whose lives revolve around playing Kingdom Hearts and watching Power Rangers, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel and believe that there should be more movies like Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue, only lamer. Thus making it the most lulzworthy Wiki since Conservapedia. It is assumed most of the users who frequent the site had been banned from TOW after posting articles about their imaginary TV shows or just stuff that was so badly written and usually involving shit like Disney and The Chipmunks, that nobody could believe it was true. Several other users also post on DevianTART and FanFiction.Net. Much like Fox News, they refuse to let truth or reality stop them.

Recently, the site gained internet notoriety after SomethingAwful made a video about them (particularly the batshit ideas of one Magnus User.) (located here), because apparently they were too lulzy to have just a simple "Awful Link of the Day" article about them. It should be noted many of these users know very little about how the world works so, many of their ideas are just aspie ramblings and badly written nonsense.

Do we know anything about "Magnus User"? I am having a really difficult time picturing him as a human being and not, say, a malfunctioning weather satellite or a semi-sentient cluster of mushrooms.


—SA Forums Goon Bipedal Octopus, his mind completely blown by Universe XP Kingdom Hearts'



Judging by it's fanbase trolling IdeaWiki is retardedly simple:

  • (Post on any talkpage of any article) "This is not an idea - this is an opinion."
  • "And your opinion is stupid."
  • "You only add to this wiki because your thousands of letters were rejected by the TV producers."
  • "Why do you no ideas on how to fight terrorism / solve world hunger / prevent rape but have loads of ideas on how to make season 3 of Mr.Men?"
  • "Aren't you worried that posting your ideas online will just make them easier to steal?" (NOTE: Admittedly this isn't likely to happen. Having their wonderful ideas stolen is about as likely as Chris-chan becoming president.)
  • "Didn't we see this idea on CSI?"
  • "Hey, this is just My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with Inside Out characters!"
  • Ask them if they have any ideas that have nothing to do with Disney or the Muppets or The Chipmunks?
  • Tell them that Disney no longer owns Power Rangers or Miramax!
  • Rewrite articles until they make sense. Some things are just impossible.
  • Tell them their ideas just don't work/suck/make no sense/will never happen!

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