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Personification of /ic/

Unbeknownst to most citizens of 4chan, there exists a board known as /ic/ dedicated to artwork and critique. It has one of the slowest post counts on 4chan and one of the highest shit:decent content ratios on 4chan. Known primarily as d/ic/ks for their polite demeanor, the inhabitants of this board consist mainly of assholes who are too hipster for DA (but have an account anyway) and lack enough skills to show their face on CA. So they fall into the crack known as /ic/ where they can feel free to critique artists worse or better than they, without actually having to own up to their own shitty skills, safe behind the veil of anonymity. Their critiques serve the dual purpose to unveil to the artist the sheer level of their own incompetence as well as allow the d/ic/ks to feel better about themselves. When there is a request for art, they generally demand for irl currency. D/ic/ks have little tolerance for style and generally appreciate only well rendered realism, they subsist off of hate and old tablet pens.

Memes and Content

Collab Threads

Collabration threads are few and far between, but hilarity generally ensues. Basically, one anon creates a colorful abstract shit-scribble (amusingly enough, some d/ic/ks have the gall to critique even those), and other anons with tablets descend on it and draw what they see like a pretentious but pretty rorschach test. If it doesn't descend into a mess of half hearted scribbles, apathy, or infighting, the threads then usually end in either failure or smothered under a wave of lovingly rendered, veiny dicks, or even tits. On occasion, someone with actual talent comes along and polishes that turd and produces something acceptable to the eyes. The d/ic/ks then pat each other on the back and congratulate themselves on another successful collab.

There's even a DA collection of the completed and more successful of the collab threads.

This is What OP Actually Percieves

Pretty much the only amusing 'inboard meme' ever to come out of /ic/. When OP posts a picture of their god awful art, occasionally a d/ic/k with too much time in one hand and the liquify tool in the other will distort the original reference image to show the OP how badly they had fucked up. They unveil op's true perception of the world while gloriously bellowing:






Doing this to intentionally stylized images, while funny, is doing it wrong.


The man knew a thing or two about tits.

Andrew Loomis is the man d/ic/ks worship as if he were a god. He wrote a series of instructional books regarding the fundamentals of drawing and are free available for download just about anywhere. It is a common sight to see d/ic/ks running through /ic/ spamming LOOMIS in any thread they don't feel like actually typing out a critique for.

Ways to Troll /ic/

D/ic/ks make for terrific troll bait. Even in threads they know are purposefully inflammatory, they will still reply and go absolutely apeshit. The following are easy to do and will help you get started. Mind you being one of the slowest boards on 4chan, it may be a bit before you reap delicious results.

  • Make a thread asking what tablet to buy
  • Discuss anime, defend it as an art form
  • Decry Loomis
  • Call Loomis anti-semetic
  • Dare d/ic/ks to prove they can draw better, watch them squirm
  • Talk about abstract art
  • Ask for a redline
  • Ask for free art
  • Ask them to draw you a tattoo


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