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Ian is the faggot who is essentially running 7chan until p4ch3c0 gets his head out of his ass and/or Xbox, or if/when Symbion ever returns from Valhalla. He lives in the Castro, which explains his love for sodomy and leather.

His moderation style consists of taking cues from moot and the sellouts over at NIGGERTITS, as well as closing his eyes and wishing for the return of the original 7chan staff.

Ian was the chief of 7chan until he and spic had a little spat, which was resolved by the former handing ownership of the site over to taco boy. He then departed on a syrup-sipping binge, and noone saw him for the next year and a half.

The Return

<&ian> yes i am. p4ch3c0 told i could make staff decisions

          <&ian> this is the third time ive said this
          <&ian> you have a memory proble
          <&jerrcs> and i dont give a fuck what he says about staff decisions
          <@Kinto> p4ch3c0 will love to see <&ian> the current owner isnt doing his job
          <&ian> the global rules have been there from day one
          <&jerrcs> i want his ass to get on and do his fucking job
          <&jerrcs> and you to stay out
          <&jerrcs> if anything te admins are the ones killing the site
          <&jerrcs> you are fucking treating our mods like shit
          <@Kinto> The global rules are guidelines, intended for end users.
          <&jerrcs> no wonder they dont mod anymore
          <&jerrcs> because you give them shit
          <&jerrcs> do you mod? NO
          <&jerrcs> so shut the FUCK up
          <&ian> jerrcs do you realise that almsot every moderator from the original team has quit
          <@Kinto> So?
          <&ian> and their opinion is that i was a good owner
          <&ian> and it was p4ch3c0 who screwed things up
          <&jerrcs> ian you are not a good owner
          <@Kinto> Things change, ian.
          <&ian> looool
          <&ian> change for the worse
          <@Kinto> Work with what you have now.
          <&jerrcs> if somehow you got owner, i would leave immediately
          <@Kinto> As opposed to what you had 2 years ago.
          <&ian> jerrcs: i will take the rulesd own and talk to p4ch3c0
          <&jerrcs> you little shit. you threatened to ddos MY shit if we didnt give you owner
          <&Cryomancer> <ian> and their opinion is that i was a good owner
          <&Cryomancer> <ian> and it was p4ch3c0 who screwed things up
          <&ian> because you feel so adament on this matter
          <&ian> i respect this
          <&Cryomancer> i disagree with this
          <&jerrcs> i cant tell you how fucking raged that made me
          <&Cryomancer> sorry
          <&Cryomancer> but i do
          <&jerrcs> you are a little shit faggot asshole
          <&jerrcs> die in hell son of a bitch
          <&ian> please read what i am saying
          &ian ([email protected]) Quit (User has been permanently banned from 7chan (no reason))

Ian admits being blown by a furry

	<FaKeShAdOw>	ian has snowkittyin his closet
	<FaKeShAdOw>	hogtied
	<FaKeShAdOw>	and greased
	<ian>	no
	<ian>	hes sleeping
	<ian>	in my bed
	<FaKeShAdOw>	what
	<FaKeShAdOw>	hawt
	<ian>	hes gonna sleep while im at school
	<[xAx]slash>	lmfao
	<[xAx]slash>	ian
	<[xAx]slash>	did you rape
	<[xAx]slash>	a dude? :[
	<FaKeShAdOw>	that's haet
	<FaKeShAdOw>	er
	<FaKeShAdOw>	hawt
	<ian>	no
	<ian>	he blew me
	<ian>	;]
	<[xAx]slash>	rofl
	<[xAx]slash>	is he
	<[xAx]slash>	homo?
	<[xAx]slash>	:<
	<FaKeShAdOw>	what
	<FaKeShAdOw>	yeahh he is
	<ian>	yea
	<ian>	gay furfay
	<[xAx]slash>	rofl
	<[xAx]slash>	figured
	<ian>	furfag
	<FaKeShAdOw>	he blew you?
	<FaKeShAdOw>	oshi
	<ian>	yea
	<FaKeShAdOw>	what
	<FaKeShAdOw>	are you going to give him mod powers now?
	<FaKeShAdOw>	:S
	<ian>	i actually said i was going to
	<ian>	before he blew me
	<ian>	:|
	<ian>	he is mod on /fur/ and /b/
	<[xAx]slash>	:|
	<[xAx]slash>	rofl
	<[xAx]slash>	ian
	<[xAx]slash>	was he
	<[xAx]slash>	atleast
	<[xAx]slash>	GOOD?
	<FaKeShAdOw>	come to think of it i wouldn't be able to resist iancock either
	<ian>	<[xAx]slash>: very
	<ian>	;]
	<FaKeShAdOw>	oh lawd
	<FaKeShAdOw>	D:


<ian> jb is hard to manage

<ian> oh i mean, its hard to fukken save it all







<Gaynegro> did you seriously lick your mom's dildo?

<ian> Lick, hell I've USED my mom's dildo.
<ian> Pussies.



—Ian, on faggotry


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