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Anon gives a concise explanation as to the origin of this faggotry.

It's common knowledge that /mu/ is the easiest 4chan board to troll. A casual glimpse of the frontpage reveals an endless ocean of butthurt bickering over NMH, Radiohead, and who's the more authentic of the two. So it came as a shock to /mu/tants everywhere when an anon decided to save a thread from extinction, proclaiming I resurrected this pearl from page 10. This stood out like a nigger at a black metal concert. Suddenly it caught on, and every image of a plane flying over a sea reappared on page 1, with that witty line, or a variation thereof (eg. I resurrected this smooth lustrous round structure inside the shell of a clam from page 10, or I rescued this piece of shit from page 7). It's not currently known if the cancer has spread to other boards. Only time will tell.

One popular game is to create a new version of the original phrase, and then allow others to swap the words around. Example: I rescued this dog from a storm drain → I stormed this dog from a rescue drain → I drained this rescue from a dog storm. This results in much lulz, before being swiftly deleted by a Mod.


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