I Drink Your Milkshake

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I Drink Your Milkshake will be posted by the same
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This dead on arrival "meme" originates from a scene in the Oscar winning movie There Will Be Blood starring Daniel Day Lewis, possibly the most epic movie ever. It is notable only for appearing a full two years after the movie came out, rendering it almost incomprehensible and only relevant to movie fanboys.

However, the scene that spawned it is probably one of the most epic movie scenes of all time complete with arguably the most awesome display of over-the-top overacting ever (this side of William Shatner) that won Daniel Day Lewis the Oscar for best actor in his turn as a batshit insane oilman in 1902. In the scene, Lewis' character, Daniel Plainview, is completely wasted on whiskey and "explaining" to his arch nemesis, a fundie preacher called Eli Sunday, how all the oil (AKA "milkshake") on his neighboring property belongs to Plainview since his property's adjacent oil rigs are tapping the massive oil field which lays beneath both properties. The scene ends in an equally epic over-the-top fashion: when Plainview beats Eli to death with a bowling pin in his private bowling alley.


The scene has literally been molested to death all over YouTube with the most obvious remix being accompanied by R&B singer Kelis' song Milkshake. Most however, have had the sound disabled thanks to the RIAA. The one remaining exception being this one.


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