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IS Defense is a game made by Destrictive Creations, the hip new start-up company dedicated to making lulzy games that trigger the fuck out of liberals all around the globe. It's about a legendary hero with a stationary machine-gun welcoming refugees with a cozy bullet in their heads defending the European shorelines from sandnigger ISIS invaders, while being provided with continual support from NATO. The game is basically a genocide simulator; its objective is quite simple: send as many goatfuckers to hell as possible before the player gets shot-down (or blown-up) by ISIS. You have a big role here - you are "the great wall" that protects the decent western civilization from the filthy muslims. Are you a Bad enough dude to save yurop?


Everything started when the current ISIS leader Abu Hajaar had sex with Angela Merkel in 2015, so she spread her legs and the borders of Germany, to let kebabs in, out of White Guilt. Thanks to Merkel, Muslims started to grow faster and faster in numbers throughout Europe, causing a massive spike in the Crime rate, mainly in the areas of Child Abuse, Rape, and First degree sodomy with goats. Anti-Muslim sentiment started to grow stronger among the decent European people, and with time, they went off the streets to protest for a massive purging, after the new years Cologne rape-fest.

In mid-2016, Merkel was doing an election rally when a crazy metalhead with black hair, and a black trench-coat shot her in her forehead and burned her electors for great justice. Later on, the gunman committed suicide as a final act of defiance. As time went on, he was known as the legendary dark knight who cleansed Deutschland from leftist retards. Unfortunately, Angela Merkel survived the massacre, because Merkel doesn't have a brain. Abu Hajaar went insane after discovering that his beloved goat-faced woman was shot in the head, and he started to gather ISIS forces to take over North Africa and build bases there to launch a vengeful attack at the European shores and take over the continent for Muslims, once and for all!

In 2019, the EU reunited with the president of the United States, and national hero Donald Trump by asking for help to drive mussies away to their rapeland just like Trump successfully did back home in America. Trump decided to make super clones of himself with his superhuman sperm to stop the invasion of the European shorelines, but he needed time to finish the cloning process since there wouldn't be enough time to build a great "FUCK YOU MUSLIMS" wall around Europe; so NATO relied on brute force. In the year 2020, the Islamic State grew so powerful that they took over North African countries and they attacked Europe by the sea with their cargoship loaded with white Toyotas equipped with machineguns. What they didn't expect was that the current leader, Donald Trump, sent 3 clones of himself to 3 different areas, armed with high caliber machineguns to drive them away, with the help of the NATO forces (and financial backing from Russia) to make Europe great again.

At the end of the bloody battle, all the Trump clones have died, but took out thousands of goatfuckers in the process. ISIS was at it's weakest point in years, and they were easily driven away from the European shores. In the game's ending, Donald Trump won another Nobel prize.


Loading screen, adapted to reality

The game starts with the player on the vehicle, fondling his machinegun while he yells "I AM THE GREAT WALL OF YOUR IMMIGRATION!" just before the invaders land on the beach (or coming through the rocks) and prepare to ZERG RUSH Europe.

As the game goes on and you kill more filthy muslims, You can call for NATO support:

  • 1) Resources: a cargo plane drops both rockets and health crates, then you shoot the plane down because fuck you.
  • 2) Infantry squad: 5 soldiers enter the battleground to aid the player in repelling ISIS.
  • 3) Artillery: Calls for artillery bombardment; it's quite useful when you wanna kill yourself with a bomb over your head in the first stage. Can be upgraded to last 15 more seconds.
  • 4) F16 bombardment: Call for missile barrage, great for "cleansing". It can be upgraded to add an additional F16 to the squadron.
  • 5) Chopper assistance: A helicopter start to shoot goatfuckers down with its strong machinegun. It can be upgraded to shoot rockets as well.


There are currently 3 maps available in the game:

Sicilian Shores

Welcome refugees

This is the first stage of the game; it's the beach in the game's trailer. The Arabs used to create goats in the former Emirate of Sicily during the years 827~1091, so in case their 8 years old girls start to grow up, they would still be able to fuck a tight, Butt furry hole. Fucking a goat up the ass instead of little girls isn't much of a problem for arabs because goat anus and homo gang-banging are strong muslim fetishes and cultural traditions, just like when 47 men gang-banging a 13 years old girl in a train is a strong Japanese fetish. Knowing that Sicily is still a world potency in goat production due to their progress in the past, ISIS decided to launch a full scale attack with white Toyotas at the Sicilian shores to dominate the area again, but Trump0001A (the first clone of Donald Trump) was waiting for them already. Let the bloodbath cleansing... Begin. Yes...

Spanish Harbor

This is the second stage of the game, the one with a Mystery Machine in the parking lot. Your line of sight is limited due to some buildings in the harbor, the wheather change and the great quantity of smoke in the frontline after blowing some vehicles up. The white toyotas are a bit of a problem here because they roam around the buildings while shooting you and your soldiers down. Meanwhile, more sandniggers arrives in other vehicles shooting at you, this can cause a clusterfuck of toyotas against a casual player and lead the player to a quick death. The ISIS' objective with the Spanish Harbor is having a great territory inside Europe to send an huge demographic army of rapists in France just like they did with Germany 5 years ago because it's one of the most famous european countries. One of their main objective is to bring the eiffel tower down and have sex with goats in the wreckages.

Croatian Mainland

This is the third stage of the game. It's a desert with an airport and it's hard as fuck because you get as crowded by sandniggers coming from all over the place, while more goatfuckers attack from both of your flanks as if the player was Angela Merkel; her pussy and rusted asshole getting crowded by islamic semen, unable to manage swallowing everything.

Steam Community Forums

A user got banned by the steam community moderators for asking for a French themed map
Oh noes, seems like that a official French themed map is on the way!

The IS Defense steam forums, just like every other steam forum, is getting corrupted and decayed by SJWs and it is becoming living cancer thanks to those moralfag moderators banning every non-leftist (aka sane person) in sight, for calling out all the bullshit parroted by moralfags and ISIS supporters. Its rumored that the IS Defense steam forums is mostly frequented by 12 years old minecraft fanboys and autistic leftists.

Notable Mods

Craxi Squad - Trump 2016

Currently, this is the only notable mod on the IS Defense Workshop, probably because modding for Unreal 4 is a pain in the ass. As time goes on, other lulzy mods might come to be, but time will only tell. Sadly, there is no Trump in the mod to save Yurop from the Muslims. This stupid ass mod was made by some dork in less than 6 hours, using resources recycled from his Crash Bandicoot mod for Hatred. The lore of this mod is that ISIS has revealed a secret weapon: Thousands of clones of Crash Bandicoot! Can you defend the shores of Europe from all of them?

  • It swaps the backup cannon-fodder with Crash Bandicoots
  • It changes the soundtrack of the game to the PS1 Crash games' OST
  • It adds a goat to the main screen so the sandniggers from the main-menu can conduct a gay orgy with the goat as soon as the player leave the main-menu screen
  • The "Bandicoots" shoot apples wumpa-fruits at the mudslimes to drive them away to their corrupt homelands;


Due to the nature of the game, it has attracted countless quotes from butthurt autists or lulzy trolls;

Unbelievable, i cant believe they want to profit from ISIS in any way shape or form and TBH im offended by that. DISGUSTING!!!



—Whinny ISIS supporter from the cancerous steam forums

It's times like this where you seriously gotta stop and think about where the game industry is heading. Also, the developer is probably going to Hell. Not an opinion, just stating the obvious.



—Needless to say that this faggot came from the steam forums.

Violent new anti-jihadi video game changes Isis flag to depict DOG instead of Allah and uses smiley face in place of Muhammed as 'racist' inventor boasts he IS anti-Muslim.



—Daily Mail's free marketing for IS Defense

It’s like Sabotage, the old Apple II game where players shot down paratroopers, or Beach Head for the Commodore 64, only IS Defense is rendered with the shiny Unreal game engine and dressed in controversy.



—Vice's free-marketing for IS Defense

The fear of boatloads of armed ISIS fighters landing on European shores is ludicrous on its face, but the imagery is familiar. There are boatloads of people landing on the shores of Sicily, Spain, and Croatia—the three levels in IS Defense—but they’re unarmed refugees. IS Defense just reimagines them as the xenophobe sees them.



—Vice's free marketing for IS Defense

ISIS invades Italy in Toyota pickup trucks and only you can stop them



—PC Gamer's so-called journalist's free marketing for IS Defense


Info non-talk.png The following gameplay screenshots shows a modded IS Defense where the NATO soldiers are all replaced with Crash Bandicoot. Enjoy.
IS Defense Gameplay About missing Pics

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