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The IRC-Gallery, or IRC-Galleria to Finnfags, is another Finnish website created for child luring. It is the largest drama site in Northern Europe with half of all Finnish 13-year-old boys and 16-year-old girls owning an account.

The site is perhaps best described as Scandinavia's MySpace, although several fundamental differences between the two sites exist.

IRC-Gallery front page.


The site was founded in 2000 by two basement-dwelling nerds who were failing in IRL pussy hunting, despite, or perhaps due to, their extraordinary efforts. One night while jacking off to the entire set of Goatse pics, shalafi, the more perverted one of the couple, realized the only way to lure in soft 8-year-old pussy was to pretend not to be interested in it. Shalafi, thus, came up with a concept for a website where IRC users could post pictures of themselves.

Since IRC is an entirely text based means of communication, there was great demand for a site where IRC users could quickly check out whether it was worthwhile to establish e-friendship with a specific user, i.e. to check they weren't really an 80-year-old Chinese man in panties. The IRC-Gallery, therefore, quickly became the most popular Finnish IRC-related site, instantly luring tens of thousands of IRC users to post Internet disease infected pictures of themselves.

A typical IRC-Gallery user.

The ingenious part of the pedophiles' plan was that only IRC users over the age of 18 were allowed to create accounts on the website. All accounts created by non-IRC users and underaged users were instantly baleeted. Posting of n00dz was also forbidden. However, since all 8-year-old girls always say "No" when they really mean "Yes", they thought their bannination was simply an open-armed welcome from the admins. Consequently, the site was flooded with literally hundreds of thousands of JBs and became the center of Finnish teenage culture. The cunning admins pretended to be overwhelmed by the massive flood of CP (which is true in the sense that they now had more material they could ever fap to) and gave the lolis permission to create accounts. According to official IRC-Gallery statistics, there are about 5 million CP titty pics online as of August 2006, which means the pedophile admins can live fappingly for the rest of their pathetic lives.

On the 23th of April 2007, the Sulake corporation, which is largely known as the developer of the Habbo Hotel announced that they had bought IRC-Gallery and were planning to found a global Internet-corporation which concentrates on developing virtual worlds and online-communities.


While the ability to upload fat girl angle-shot pics of oneself and receive comments about them is the most prominent feature of the site, user-created communities, where users can discuss related topics, have also become widely popular. The most popular communities are naturally those concerned with shit bands and shit TV-shows.

These communities are naturally of little interest to the true lol connoisseur since they are mostly spammed with comments like "[Insert shit band here] iz t3h r0XxorZzZ!!1!one!" and witty and/or funny remarks are unlikely to be noticed. As with most online communities, the great lulz lie within the smaller communities centered around topics such as religion, politics and racism.


While not the easiest, the IRC-Gallery is certainly one of the most satisfying websites to troll, since the average user is about 13 years old and thus has the average IQ of a 420channer. Since the mods and admins are too busy fapping to furry vore, they have little time to actually moderate the IRC-Gallery's content. Concordantly, getting permabanned is extremely rare, although warnings and one-week bans are sometimes given.

IRC-Gallery is the same thing as IRC, isn't it?

In the beginning, IRC-Gallery was only for those people who actually use IRC. However, now that the site is mostly a MySpace-like teenager hell, the actual IRC users constitute a relatively small minority, and most of the other users don't have a slightest clue what IRC actually is. Despite this, the site is still being called "IRC-Gallery", and many users have started to call it "IRC" for short.

If one wants to start a mini-drama in IRC-Gallery, he or she just needs to use the word "IRC" when actually meaning IRC-Gallery. A good place for this is a community description or a caption. Once this is noted, the comment list of the respective thingy will get flooded by IRC users (and wanna-be-IRC-users) who insult the clueless idiot. Once this happens, most of the actual clueless idiots will choose to respond to the flaming with arguments like "I don't care!" or "IRC and IRC-Gallery are the same thing for me!" or even "Only some fucking nerds care about the difference!"

Prominent personæ

Several users of the IRC-Gallery have become legendary within the site, some even becoming IRL celebrities. Click on their pictures to look at more of these hideous beasts.

  • WeMMu] - Your average weeaboo/WoW nerd who became the site's first celebrity due to his uglyness. He was dubbed "King of the Gallery" and generally considered the ugliest "person" in Finland, until T_A_U_K_K_I appeared. WeMMu now has an almost equally ugly girlfriend.
  • shalafi - The aforementioned founder of the site who is known for his revealing pedophile smile, a feature shared by many of his kind.
  • T_A_U_K_K_I - A 33-year-old millionaire whose ugliness reaches almost Pepperesque heights. His nickname comes from the Finnish word "taukki" which translates roughly as "idiot". Unlike many of his American counterparts, T_A_U_K_K_I has not been driven to a baby raping streak by his appearance. Instead, he constantly takes pleasure in the delights of alcohol and can therefore be seen drunk in every single one of his IRC-Gallery pictures. T_A_U_K_K_I is arguably the most popular user of the site, receiving an estimated 1,000 comments per day. Some argue that his pics are shopped but clearly they are not. I can tell from some of the pixels and from having seen quite a few shops in my life. T_A_U_K_K_I recently went for a long holiday trip and forgot to tell his fanboys about it. After he hadn't logged in for two days, Ilta-Sanomat, a major Finnish newspaper, published a story of a 33-year-old man who had drowned while swimming under the influence. Many believed this to be T_A_U_K_K_I and dozens of memorial communities sprung up. When a month had passed, at least 100% of the site's users were convinced that he was dead and the admins finally deleted his account. Finally, on the 42nd day after his alleged death T_A_U_K_K_I logged in again for great justice. Never have the Internets seen greater rejoicing among its netizens.
  • Cs_Kimmo - Latest challenger of WeMMu and T_A_U_K_K_I. A fugly librarian who mostly plays Counter-Strike or engages in LARP in his spare time.
  • Laulaja-Tanja - A 22-year-old Gypsy singer, who appears to be at least twice her age. Fans of Tanja describe her as being made of three sacred components known as The Lulzy Trinity: 1) Obesity, 2) Ugliness and 3) black persondom (since Gypsies are the niggers of Finland).
  • jennipal - A 18-year-old (, really) total batshit yaoi fangirl from some Finnish village in the middle of nothing. According to herself, it took her over 200 hours to finish FFX due to "hours and hours spent on drooling over Auron's ass" (she also completed the game thrice till realizing Auron's dead, wtf). Likes to dress up as a wife of some Organization XIII member, even though they must all be gay and totally into hot buttsex (with each other). Has an art gallery to die for, literally.
  • skoppiprinsessa - Weird fugly 23-year-old girl who is suicidal and takes some damn stupid photos. Was originally named as skorpioni1 but mysteriously changed name. Has at this moment over 570 pictures, what a nolifer.

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