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IP Relay is a web-based communications system where pranksters can torture their victims in an anonymous and free fashion. Instead of dialing their victim directly, a prankster can ask the live operator at IP relay to dial for them, which effectively diverts the prankster's phone call. Not only this, but the operator will repeat anything the prankster types to the victim. This usually leads to the operator being yelled at by the victim as the operator types the insults hurled at her back to the prankster. This makes all the more lulz for the prankster.

In early 2006, RBCP released PLA Radio Episode #3 which showcased every possible useful thing that could be accomplished using IP relay. The 17 minute show includes a relay operator host, relay operator raps, relay operator movies, relay operator songs, relay operator commercials and general relay operator-based harassment.

At least 100 years ago, IP Relay finally got off their ass and realized deaf people weren't using the service, but in fact 13-year olds were calling their friends having them rap to "Move Bitch". Attempts to create any lulz will result in the operator disconnecting your call and "reporting" you.

Starting November 12th, 2009, IP relay services will require you to register before using them, making it much more difficult to fuck with deaf people.

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