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The shitty HyperCam interface.

Hypercam (often stylized as HyperCam) is a shitty screen-recording "program" that allows anyone to record off their computer screen. It's a pretty shitty tool, considering that you're forced to look at an Unregistered HyperCam logo in the top left hand corner of your recording if you use the free version. If you want to get rid of the logo, you have to spend real money, but considering nobody does that, they just search the Internet for a full version crack. Why would someone want to pay real money for something you can get for free?

The recordings themselves are usually low quality and cannot exceed a certain file size or they crash. Even FRAPS has better video quality than this crap. It has been rumored that if you record too long with HC, it will automatically cut off without your knowledge, leaving you very confused and pissed off afterwards when you try to find the video you just recorded.


Even more proof that Hypercam is indeed shit.

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