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Hunger Games Roleplay is a drama-happy den of iniquity and weebery centered around two things: a Hunger Games simulator and circlejerking. The "community" mainly consists of neckbeards roleplaying as muh qt princess anime girl and 13 year old boys shitposting to make the place worse than it already is. The community has relocated several times, spreading its cancer wherever it goes. Originally it was situated smack dab in the middle of /b/, but currently it is on the new Off-Topic board of 4chan, /trash/. Despite being a simple containment area for weeaboo faggots, the Hunger Games Roleplay community has a long and cultured history of lulz and e-drama beginning in early 2015 that sadly still continues today.


Christmas 2014: A shitstorm is detected on the radar

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January - March, 2015: Come on baby, let the good times roll

ISIS Pepe, creating one of the most memorable moments that would sadly be overshadowed in a couple of months

Around late January and early February 2015, /b/ began to pickup on BrantSteele (Powerword: Brant Steele) and his little brother Joshua's Hunger Games Simulator, along with the rest of the interwebs. People would host games of the simulator through entries that were awarded by gets and post the slides of the days and events that occurred for everyone else's enjoyment. It was during this time that the community was in a "Golden Age": there were no avatarfags, everything was based around funny forced maymays, and people had a great time. Everything was happy and gay. At least until mid March, when roleplaying cancers coming south from who the fuck knows where invaded the games. This led to the rise of famous lolcow and troll Hoshi, a gook from Seoul who commandeered the train of the wave of weeaboos. This tsunami of shit scared off most of the hilarious memers, and created new soil for the cancer to grow. However, some would argue that the "community" sprouted up around the time Archer set up the very fitting Cancer Games.

April - May, 2015: The cancer in full swing, and the legend of Booker

Beta-tier smh

April and May were perfect months to be a weeaboo faggot on /b/'s Hunger Games. You were still retarded, but at least you could have fun with other retards. At this point in time, Hoshi was hosting his terrible games and was basically the community leader, also known by the title of King Shitfuck Of Retard Mountain. He wasn't the only person to be hosting however, there were many miscellaneous hosts inbetween and a few other dedicated hard workers like Shorty and Erica hosting games. But Hoshi really was the only person to have an ingrained mark on the community.

Lewds and Booker's crusade

#1 on the NY Bestsellers list

During these early months, being a qt lewd anime grill was still socially acceptable, but one man, the famous author Booker DeWitt began a crusade to stop this. Armed with only 20 images, and the intellect of an outsider, Booker began a shitposting crusade to end the cancerous lewds that were infecting the right and just community. He was the community's first big-player shitposter, and the undisputed best of a few. His truth bombs caused much butthurt among the avatarfags and debates over whether his claims were valid. Protip: they were. Booker basically called out the weebs for the circlejerking cancers they were, and he was vilified and became a meme because of it. Booker disappeared around summertime, but his legacy has remained over time. People dispute who he was (since he was obviously another avatar in disguise) but the most common accusations are Adachi and Hoshi.

Hoshion Wedding

Hopes. Dreams. Cringe.

On May 10, after proposing weeks prior, Hoshi and famed foot fetishist Shion Sonozaki were married in a three game wedding ceremony. It was pitiful as it sounds. After this cringefest, Hoshi announced he would retire...but not really. Being a master troll, he stuck around and got lulz-worthy rises out of bait-biting fags, but eventually decided to kill off Hoshi and go under the avatar of Asuka Langley, where he continued purporting himself as the god of Hunger Games to make the newfags mad.

June - July, 2015: A community divided against itself cannot stand

Do not use avatars or attach signatures to your posts.


—Global Rule 13

Leddit AMA by a 4chan janitor in July

School was out for the summer, so this meant the summerfags would be pouring in. The community grew, which obviously meant more notoriety. This led to the community's first banwave, and to the creation of /hga/, a board on 8chan. Run by Asuka and egomaniac Junko Enoshima, the board was intended as a lifeboat to only last a few days, but this didn't work out. Some people that were smart enough to realize they would just get banned again decided to stick around while others went back to 4chan. To the shock of everyone, a second banwave happened later and people became reluctant to return. By around the end of July, Hunger Games threads were considered ban-on-sight by the 4chan mods and so /hga/ became the new containment home for the weebs.

August - October, 2015: A very crowded lifeboat

August to October was a very peaceful time for the community. Why? On /hga/, if you shitposted you'd be in deep shit yourself. State one different opinion than Hoshi and the "anonymous volunteers" had and all your samefagging and avatars would be revealed. That was the law that went down, and it damn well worked. Despite 8chan being a buggy, slow as shit website some people were brainwashed into liking 8chan more than 4chan; all apart of Hoshi/Asuka's master plan. To make a long story short, it was a hugbox out of fear where nothing fun or important (besides the rare shitshow like the one involving Rin deleting a game thread or Junko and Ilya's catfight) ever happened for nearly three months until...

November, 2015 - present: >Newfags

Hg newfag run this shit.png

.../trash/ was unlocked by 4chan's new owner Hiroshima Nagasaki. Global Rule 13 was not enforced when it was opened to the public, so people flocked back to a site that didn't crash every 30 minutes. However, some retards actually wanted to stay on 8chan. But /hga/ was practically dead, so they moved to /ofh/: a cancerous OOC place and Hoshi hateboard that took the hugbox one step beyond by having a whitelist. /hga/, which was inhabited by 2 people at the time, experienced a "Cleansing" on December 30, when a few volunteers got bored and decided to delete fucking everything except the sticky threads. At the time, it seemed like /trash/ would be a perfect safehaven: being there wouldn't get everyone banned and server issues wouldn't be as common as they were on 8chins. Everyone knew each other, and things would be dandy. Good games like Nepgear's and Endo's slowly faded away as more and more shitty hosts came in to take their places, like Spy's garbage TF2 games.

March, 2016: /sanc/

This shit is too gold to put into words. tl;dr: Oldfags circlejerked about how to Make The Games Great Again -- hilarity ensued.

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