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We wouldn't have been able to get this screenshot without our secret agents infiltrating TOW's ranks. Note also the lulzy Chris Hansen reference.

Huggle, along with twinkle, is TOW's main way of getting rid of the massive, massive amounts of vandalism from 13-year-old boys across the globe, but mainly in the developed world, because the child in Africa actually wants to play on the streets instead. The program loads up a recent changes feed, and the slave to the wiki who partakes in this form of humiliation is taunted with profanity, nonsense, threats of violence, memes and spam with the occasional good faith edit slipping in. The Huggle user is then given a choice whether to let the edit slip by or to revert it as vandalism. Most Wikipedos who use Huggle only do so so that they can up their edit count, to improve their hope of becoming a sysop. They also actually like blatant vandalism of Wikipedia because it means that they have more edits when they revert it, and they often try to beat ClueBot to the job whilst huggling. If they are unsure whether something is vandalism or not, they will not revert it because they care more about their wiki-reputation than the encyclopedia itself and we all know that potential Wikipedia admins are expected to be perfect.

People who have used Huggle are numerous. Sceptre used to use it before he had his rollback denied by MBisanz, and Urban Rose did too before she realised that editing Wikipedia is a completely pointless fucking waste of your time, because what's fun about re-wording what others say when you can write whatever you fucking feel like and laugh at it and the people who are offended by it?

Like Twinkle, Huggle has a gay name. It is thought that anti-vandalism tools being named after gay bears and twinks hugging each other whilst having buttsecks is a deliberate form of humiliation developed by the Wikimedia Foundation who secretly get off on the fact that these losers are brainwashed fucking slaves to the dogma spewed out of Jimbo Wales' mouth (although he always gets someone smarter than him to write his public announcements).

To pretend you are using Huggle while vandalizing, add "(HG)" at the end of your edit summary.

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