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Honorary Ed Lolington

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Sheneequa presiding for Lolington in Arbchat. Pictured are Cyndre and his wife, arguing over who can use the nick "Cyndre".
His reaction to banning mudkipz

Da Judge, Honorary Ed Lolington, is the ED judge and a graduate of liberal arts at Banne Towne University. He is present in all Internet court cases.

The Younger Years

Honorary Ed Lolington was a smart boy, born in a rural farm town in Sussex, England. He was top of his class and always enjoyed observing how others around him would throw frivolous legal threats at each other. In High School he was captain of the Rugby and Debate team. In 1978 he moved to Concord, New Hampshire to get a law degree at the University of New Hampshire School of Law. He dropped out after two years after hearing the news that his Grandmum had suffered a serious stroke.

The Middle Years

In July of 1981, he embarked on a legendary trip to Brisbane, Queensland, where he would become friends with rich American oil tycoon, The Man, and get his diploma at Bantown in Queensland. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, alongside Yasser Arafat and Bill Nye the Science Guy. He currently lives in Sydney and owns the two Mudkips able to survive his Banhammer.

Edward in 1973, while in Sussex
Edward c. 1998 during Miller v. Albright

The Internet Years

Ed's long time friend The Man presented the Internet to him in 1996. By 1998, Ed was already mediating legal battles on the net with the creation of Maddox's Hate-Mail Page.

Great Scott!!!!!


—Ed Lolington, upon 10 minutes into the Internet

Ed has often described the early online forums he visited as "a bright and innovative belt of engaged minds at work, sharing ideas, opinions and debating with one another." When asked for his favourite website in 1999, he answered with "Newgrounds", but has since changed it to ED.

Ed Lolington, then acting Mayor of Montpelier, VA's famous line, threatening the use of banhammer during the YouTube Furry War


The Hon. Ed Lolington gets called out

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